Retiring In South Carolina- 12 Best Places For Retirement


Retirement in South Carolina is said to be like winning the jackpot. With a low tax rate, low median property value, and affordable living costs, it is the perfect package for any retirees. To add to that, you can stay near the Atlantic, enjoy the sunny weather and fresh ocean breeze; all the while getting yourself indulged in the famous southern hospitality. When your sole purpose of relocating after retirement is to find a quiet place for a peaceful life, South Carolina won’t disappoint you. However, South Carolina also has some thriving cities full of adventures and activities for those who want to get more out of their retirement. Let’s read on to know the best places to retire in South Carolina that can offer you both a relaxed and active post-retirement life.

Myrtle Beach

If you have a dream of owning a large beachfront property with low tax then  Myrtle Beach is for you. Although known as a popular tourist destination, Myrtle Beach goes beyond a traditional travel landmark.  Myrtle Beach is an option that is hard to turn down for any retiree- with an active community, excellent healthcare facilities, low tax rate, and affordable living cost, Myrtle Beach is the winning combination. The average price of real estate in Myrtle Beach is around $245k.


If you want a charming laid back suburban life, you will enjoy Newberry after your retirement. Because of its pleasant climate, natural setting, and affordable living, Newberry has been recognized in the list of 100 best small towns in America. Apart from the distinct old town charm, Newberry also has some vineyard, winery, and golf courses to add some adventure to your life. If you want to pursue academics after your retirement, Newberry College can be an excellent option.

Murrells Inlet

Murrells inlet is a small fishing town that will offer you a suburban lifestyle. Its proximity to Myrtle Beach also makes it a convenient tourist spot. Murrells inlet is also known as the seafood capital of South Carolina- with an abundance of seafood, fishing and boating facilities, it is the heaven for fishing enthusiasts. This quaint community founded by the Waccamaw Indians can be a perfect retirement place in South Carolina.


Greenwood is a perfect college town with some great natural features. With Greenwood Lake, farms, and festivals, this town can offer you active post-retirement life. This small town becomes especially charming during the flower festival in June and the South Carolina discovery festival in July. With a railroad historical center, uptown farmers market, and emerald farm, greenwood also has a very distinct culture.


Spartanburg is a historic town with amazing architecture and museums. Located at the foot of Blueridge Mountain, Spartanburg is adorned with nature; nature lovers will love the numerous parks of Spartanburg. The transportation facility from Spartanburg is very convenient and you can easily travel to other parts of South Carolina from here. The low cost of living and median home price also makes it an attractive option for retirees.


Anderson has 19.7% of its population as senior citizens, making it a viable option for retirement. Apart from the laid back community, Anderson also has one of the best medical facilities in South Carolina. The transportation facilities make Anderson a convenient educational and industrial hub. The relatively low cost of living also makes it an excellent option for retirees.

West Columbia

West Columbia is a thriving urban hub with all urban facilities- culture, education, restaurants, and museums. Although west Columbia won’t provide you with a relaxed suburban life, it has some other perks that are hard to ignore. West Columbia will be an excellent place to retire for those who want an active life after retirement. However, being an urban hub, west Columbia has a surprisingly low cost of living.

Little River

If you want a place near the beach and the ocean without the hustle-bustle of tourists, Little river will be the perfect place for you. Located near Myrtle Beach, it has a small town appeal. The namesake, little river running between north and South Carolina, makes it convenient for fishing. The close-knit community of Little River is very ideal for starting a post-retirement life.

Seven Oaks

Seven Oaks is a historical city with a distinct college town vibe. The low cost of living and its proximity to Columbia makes it an attractive option both for retirees and new families. With various sports facilities and parks, Seven Oaks can offer you active post-retirement life. The majority of the residents of Seven Oaks are homeowners, making it an active neighborhood.


Located between Charleston and Columbia, the small community of Orangeburg is a great option for retirees.  This garden city has a very active senior living community. If you want to pursue post-retirement studies, Orangeburg has some great colleges with diverse programs.  This agriculture-based town can offer you an all American lifestyle.


Sumter has been recognized as one of the most tax-friendly cities in South Carolina. With a myriad of cultures and activities, Sumter can provide you an active lifestyle. With plenty of hunting, fishing, golfing, and water sports activities you will never be bored in your retirement while in Sumter. If you are an aviation lover, Sumter has an air force base that you can visit.

Sullivan’s Island

Sullivan’s Island is a small fishing town located in Charleston County. This quaint town is ideal for people who want to get away from buzzing city life. However, its proximity to Charleston and Mount Pleasant makes it possible for occasional adventure of city life. Living in Sullivan’s Island will provide you a simple laid back way of life.

On a final note, retirement in South Carolina can offer you a new opportunity. There are many viable options with different quirks and facilities. Make sure you find a place that goes well with your postretirement planning and lifestyle. Making a wise decision now can ensure you a peaceful life after your retirement.

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