Things to Know When Choosing LED Strip Lights


In earlier, we focus on the main things to keep in mind when buying RGB LED lighting strips for the first time. Now we will travel through the next phase; installation. The installation of its LED slides can be very simple from a very simple point of view, but only in the last instance, depending on the final result, which is to log in with its lighting system. For example, introducing a 1-meter LED lighting fixture in the kitchen of your kitchen can be much easier than using 20 meters of RGB LED lighting fixtures to equip a club and execute DMX control. Independently of what, there are some universal things that need to be taken into account, and this will guide you through some of them.

We will start with the LED belt. Consists of a wide piece of the flexible circuit board of high impact with mounting devices on the surface, the SMD, to the length of its length. There are different things to consider, including the LED by subway, the width of the LED chip, the color, and the length of the light bulb. Light bulbs are available in a variety of LEDs per subway, 30 LEDs per subway, and 60 LEDs per subway.

As the number suggests, this ultimate has the LED double and is much more brilliant than the first. They are designed to be used in an illumination context in which they are obliged to compete with the background illumination. For example, if users use a light bulb fixture, such as an escape of a tenant, or aggregate to a dwelling that has general lighting and since it is open, it must have 60 LEDs per subway as well as a salute the most needed ones are suitable for your finesse. Apart from this, a 30-LED subway shooter can operate most of the lighting fixtures, as well as club configurations, or any other place where you can compete with the backlight.


When observing the specifications of the lighting fixtures, we will generally note a series of four numbers that, for the majority of the people, cannot mean much. In fact, they refrain from the individual LEDs of the tires. For general, find 5050 chip (5 mm by 5 mm) or 3528 (3.5 mm by 2.8 mm) chips. The key difference between these types of chip is the consistency of the light that it produces. The smaller LEDs create a more irregular and inconsistent effect, while the larger LEDs have a more uniform light distribution.


Another decision is exactly the color of the light bulb that buy. In general, there are available in three varieties of main colors, including white and free white and interchangeable RGB. The first ones are to add elegant ambient illumination to commercial and domestic entrances, avoiding being slammed with the final result. If you can use aesthetics to increase the appearance of a dwelling that increases lighting in the head, the can increase the functionality of the kitchen, baths, and offices can be used as lighting to help in the work. The LED RGB is a direct substitute for the lighting of antique discos and offers miles of programmable effects. In general, it operates directly from a remote control that operates together with a red-eye sensor connected between the light bulb and the transformer. Without embargo, DMX Control is also an option. It is a form of advanced programming effects that utilizes an industry standard to control the brilliance, color, and frequency of lights.

The most important consideration of to keep in mind is the exact length of the illumination shutter required. It depends on the nature of its configuration and the complexity of its intentions. For the most part, the majority of lighting fixtures can be stored with a single sunroof. The sliding doors are available in carriages of 5 and 10 meters as they stand, but you can walk long distances to get more and shorter, as well as to your provider. You can increase or decrease the illumination of your lights.

To support a light bulb, you can simply cut the bullet in one of its points of space, spaced approximately 5 cm away from the length of the light. For one piece of wire and, for that matter, increase the length of the light, need a soldier and a cable of two nuclei. Simply suede these cables to their respective points of force more and less at the extreme of the turret of light where the court and the case are made different in the other to complete the connection. This method can be used to store a longer length, especially when the arrester is in a large path.

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