10 Best Toys for One-Year-Olds


Everything is simple. Best toys for one-year-olds look too primitive for smart adults. But the simplicity that seems boring can be an ON button to the important and effective process of a babe’s imagination developing. Every ideal toddler toy should be safe, lightweight, comfortable for little hands, and made from organic materials only. Psychologists advise minimizing the number of toys with popular cartoon characters, as well as ready-made playsets in the early childhood period. Alternatively, give your babes simple and creative toys that allow their imaginations to run wild. These can be sandbox toys, bricks, sculpting supplies, or wooden toys. There are many reasons why wooden toys are trending now.

Wooden toys advantages

  • Safety.

Wooden toys are hypoallergenic, smooth to the touch, and 100% safe even in the troublesome case of trying to taste it.

  • Essential skills’ development.

Wooden cubes are essential for spatial thinking and motor skill development. Imaginary adventures will keep the kid’s fantasy running at full power when the leading character is a favorite wooden dinosaur, for example.

  • Longevity.

Wooden products are extremely difficult to damage. Traditional wooden toys can be passed down from generation to generation and become part of your family history.

There are no electronic components and prompts that tell the baby what to do next. He solves the problem himself by looking for a clue in the process of playing. This is how logical thinking develops. The opportunity to listen to your baby’s adorable voice instead of an annoying sound will be a gift for parents.

  • Environmental friendliness.

Getting rid of harmful plastic materials remains an urgent problem of our time. It is necessary to involve a child in the process of protecting the environment from an early age.

Examples of the best wooden toys for one-year-olds.

  1. A wooden rocking horse is a classic. There are other popular riding toys, such as numerous walking elephants, dogs, and even ladybugs. But dear old rocking horse remains with us forever.
  2. Block set is one more must-have. Simple blocks train color recognition, coordination, as well as cognitive skills. Rainbow pyramids are good for improving the child’s attention and memory.
  • wooden tree toy is a fragment of a wonderful fairy-tale world through which small figures of animals and beads can move. This tree will perfectly fit into any playset and children’s interior.
  • A wooden 33mm camera is a very cute toy that will encourage your kid to play outside. Looking for beauty in surroundings from an early age is a way to develop aesthetic taste and imagination.

Nowadays, there is no limit to the variety of wooden toys, from a miniature car to a railroad. Returning to classic simplicity during the multimedia entertainment era may seem out of place for some parents. But any mother will confirm nothing can replace natural and safe things for a baby. After all, your kid has plenty of time before a real necessity to use a smartphone comes into his life.

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