A Look at Some of the Best Date Spots in and Around Santa Clarita

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Although the global COVID-19 pandemic has made dating quite a bit harder, there are still ways to find love, or keep an existing relationship going strong, when you use some smart strategies to come up with exciting date ideas. And the best part is that Santa Clarita is filled with great places where you can enjoy a first date or where you can spend time with your significant other to have some fun.

Below, we take a look at a few of the top date spots where you can enjoy each other’s company. Use these recommendations to come up with new ideas that will make it easy to have a good time while getting to know someone better.

Drive-In Movie Theaters

If local movie theaters are closed, you might think that a date night that involves dinner and a movie is off-limits. But there is hope: you can search for a drive-in movie theater, where you can enjoy the experience of viewing a great film safely with your date. Some examples of drive-in theaters include Definite Media and Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In.

Head Outside

One of the best ways to date during the COVID-19 pandemic is by setting up daytime dates in the great outdoors, where you can both enjoy some much-needed fresh air and sunshine. And the good news is that Santa Clarita has a variety of beautiful parks that you can choose from. Some of the top places to explore and have a picnic include Almendra Park, Bouquet Canyon Park, Northbridge Park, and Creekview Park.

So Many Incredible Restaurants to Choose From

Whether you are heading out for a lunch date or you hope to have a romantic dinner with someone special, Santa Clarita and the surrounding areas have no shortage of incredible eateries where you can indulge in delicious cuisine. Some of the best places to consider for a dinner reservation include Piccola Trattoria, La Cocina Bar and Grill, and Kabuki Japanese Restaurant. 

Remember, You Can Always Set Up a Virtual Date, Too

If you are really concerned about being exposed to the coronavirus, or if businesses are closed because of the pandemic, there are steps you can take to remain connected with others, and to meet new people. Dating apps, such as those that can help you narrow down your search by location, are a great tool that you can use to discover like-minded singles, whether you’re hoping to meet singles on dating site in Indiana, US or anywhere on the east coast of west coast. In other words, these apps can suit everyone’s needs. 

Even if your search for love is really specific, you might be able to find love on an app. For example, you can use https://meetville.com/catalog/us/page/382-native-american to find a single Native American, or you can use a dating app to find seniors in your area who are also looking for love. So, just because we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, it doesn’t mean you need to put your love life on hold.

Enjoy Your Time in Santa Clarita by Booking the Perfect Date

Whether you live in the Santa Clarita area or you are checking it out during a day trip or getaway, there are a host of places to see and things to do. And if you’re hoping to plan the perfect date, you have more options than you might realize at first.  

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