A Look Back at Football’s Greatest Record Breakers


Over the years football has managed to encapsulate millions around the globe like no other sport. The passion, loyalty and raw energy that the sport enthuses in people is second to none. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the player, managers and clubs which have consistently provided top quality entertainment throughout the globe for the fans to spectate. There have been highs and lows throughout modern day football but one thing is for sure, there are some truly memorable moments and people that will struggle to be competed with. Indeed, some records over the years have been outrageously good. We are going to have a look back at football’s greatest record breakers to see who tops our bill.

Messi/ Ronaldo

The most prolific record breakers of our time are both legends in their own right. You could never have gambled or bet on either of them becoming what they are, but have most likely bet on them or their team to win, whether its a single, double or even predictions on the Super 6, they are always a good choice. Year on year they continue to smash records that are hard to believe. As a bettor you could look to Ronaldo or Messi and be safe in the knowledge of sticking them on to score, that they would be pretty secure in doing so. Ronaldo has gone from strength to strength with Juventus taking them to a Serie A title and scoring heaps of goals in the process. He has beaten yet another couple of astonishing records this year, none more impressive than becoming the first player to win 400 games in a top 5 European league. His bitter rival, Messi has defied all the odds time and time again. He is now regarded as one of if not the best player to play the game. Towards the end of 2020, Messi was thought to break Pele’s record of goals scored at one club as Messi scored his 644th goal for Barcelona. Santos would later dispute this but regardless of the intricacies this is an outrageously amazing achievement for a sporting legend. One thing for sure, make sure your next bet includes ‘Messi Goalscorer at any-time’, because he is consistently a banker on a Saturday coupon.

Most red cards

Some records in this game are truly astonishing and mindblowing, others are just downright silly – quite literally. When it comes to records, this one is of the silly variety. During a 2011 Argentinian match between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas a referee gave out 36 (yes thirty-six, yes I do mean 3-6) in one game. This as you can imagine is a world record for most number of red cards in any one game. It stemmed from a fight breaking out on the pitch which turned into a bit of a mass brawl. Including fans, technical staff and coaches along with the players, the referee sent off 36 people and the match was duly abandoned. How good would that feel? Handing out that many red cards in a game – that referee must’ve gone to his bed happy that evening. As for the punters who had a points-card bet on, well they will have been rubbing their hands together at the sweet profit coming their way.

Most expensive player

As with any sport in the 21st century, football has been consumed by money. It has literally taken over. Transfer fees are through the roof to the point where they are sort of unimaginable at this point. The TV deals, sponsorship deals and the vast wealth which the betting market has provided the sport has facilitated an almost endless supply of cash in the game. What used to be world transfer records of £5 million for Maradonna in 1984 now wouldn’t even get you a top-quality goalie in this day and age. One transfer has topped the bill recently as being the most outrageous and biggest ever. Neymar’s move from Barcelona to PSG cost the French side a massive £198 million in 2017 and stands as the biggest transfer deal to date. It is an unimaginable amount of money for one player and don’t get me wrong, he is good. But is he that good? I guess as long as fans keep watching, gamblers keep betting and clubs keep performing the money will keep rolling.

That’s our top 3 greatest records in the game but this expansive and divisive game has many more moments and records like this.

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