Could Discord Soon Disrupt the Social Media Hierarchy?


Discord has only been in existence since 2015, but it has already attracted more than 250 million users. The social platform seems to have come about at the right time, aiming to attract users who may have become jaded with Facebook. The concept is slightly different and is geared more towards close circles of friends rather than wider groups of acquaintances. This places it as a firm option for a go-to online socializing tool between friends and family groups. The social media giants may need to take notice of this platform, as it is threatening to upset the established hierarchy.

What Exactly is Discord?

Discord is not quite the same as traditional social media sites, as it is geared towards more close-knit communities of users. Anyone who joins the platform is able to set up private chats and online groups. They can then send private messages, arrange conference calls, and share media through these channels. It means that people have close control over what they share and who can see it, meaning it will appeal to people who are uncomfortable with the openness of Facebook.

Discord was started by Jason Citron, a businessperson who already had an online gaming platform called OpenFeint. He created Discord as a way to have a reliable means of communication with his friends when playing collaborative online games like League of Legends. The platform initially went down well in the gaming community, thanks to the company’s relationship with several influential Twitch streamers.

Since 2020, Discord has been looking to expand outside of the world of gaming to attract a wider user base. To do this, the company changed its motto to, “Chat For Communities and Friends.” It had previously been, “Chat for Gamers.” Discord has worked to improve the user experience and has begun to gear its content to a much wider demographic. This could see its popularity skyrocket further over the next few years.

How Can Users Establish Online Communities?

The concept of starting online communities with close friends is one that will appeal to a large number of people. The main stumbling block in these early days, though, is the lack of knowledge about how to get started. Luckily, there are online guides with clear explanations about how to set up a discord server. Some would say it’s even simpler than downloading the app itself. All you have to do is follow the straightforward instructions that are clearly visible within the app.

Users are able to create and be a part of as many communities as they want, so the option is there to be involved with different friend groups. It could even be used as a way for staff at workplaces to keep in contact with one another and collaborate on projects.

With Discord only having recently shifted its marketing, it could be a few years before it really blows up. But the early signs suggest that it has the potential to upset the social media hierarchy and change the way people socialize online.

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