Garden Сare — Golden Rules for Proper Plant Watering


To protect your plants from drying out in summer, you need to water them well. But what is the best way to water garden trees? How often and how much water do they need? And what is the best way to water? In this post, we will share the most interesting facts about watering plants and give useful tips to you. Keep reading how to take care of your garden trees without hurting them.

Rule # 1: Maintain Soil Moisture

The health of most plants depends on keeping the soil moist. However, you should let the soil dry out a bit before watering; this will ensure good root growth of the plants. Use the 50 ft expandable garden hose to water a large garden area.

Rule # 2: Water Less Often but More Intensively

For a flower bed, 1-2 waterings per week are usually sufficient. It is better to water less often but use sufficient amounts of water.

Rule # 3: Water Plants in the Evening or Early in the Morning

When you irrigate the cooled soil in the evening or at night, less water is evaporated compared to watering during the day. Plants can freely absorb the required amount of moisture before the upcoming hot day.

Rule # 4: Don’t Water the Foliage

As a rule, wet leaves can later become diseased. During the night, wet leaves are exposed to certain risks, while they can get a sunburn during the day.

Rule # 5: Water with Just the Right Amount of Water

Sufficient watering means that the root system needs to get enough water. If the volume of water is not enough, then it will only saturate the soil by a few centimeters without reaching the roots. This is often the case if the soil surface is covered with mulch. Adequate watering is especially important for vegetable crops.

Rule # 6: Don’t Waste More Water Than Necessary

Use as much water as necessary during watering. Controlling water consumption is much easier and more convenient using an automatic irrigation system with a soil moisture sensor. The sensor can be placed anywhere — in a flower bed, on a balcony, or on a lawn.

Rule # 7: Avoid Waterlogging

Waterlogging suppresses the access of air to the root system of plants. As a result, the roots die off from the lack of oxygen in the soil, which is no good.

Rule # 8: Use High-Quality Enriched Clay Soil

The soil enriched with clay minerals ensures the best growth of plants and retains moisture better and more evenly. In rainy summers and winters, this soil provides good drainage, avoiding waterlogging. Therefore, it is critically important to fertilize it regularly.

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