Possible flash floods, rain showers next week in SCV weather forecast

SIGNAL FILE PHOTO: Rain wets the street as traffic moves along The Old Road in Valencia on Thursday, 012821. Dan Watson/The Signal

The National Weather Service warned Santa Clarita Valley residents that local flash floods could occur between late Thursday afternoon and early Friday morning. They also stated Thursday might not be the last rainstorm to hit the SCV in the next few days.

A flash flood watch is put into effect when they believe the local rain rates could exceed 0.75 inches per hour, according to Lisa Phillips, a NWS meteorologist.

“We issued that for the general area just because we’ve been seeing some higher rainfall rates and getting some reports of flooding in Santa Barbara,” said Phillips, adding that the same storm system over Santa Baraba would be approaching the SCV through Thursday night. “The main rain band is moving into Ventura County right now, and so we’re just looking to see if that will move into your guys’ area tonight.”

Phillips said the Thursday night to Friday morning storm could bring a total rainfall of anywhere between 1.75-2.5 inches, after which time scattered showers could be a possibility heading into Saturday.

“It should be dry for the weekend but then there’s another storm for Monday night to Tuesday,” said Phillips.

The NWS said that areas of the Antelope Valley, Los Angeles County Mountains, and the San Gabriel Valley could experience the storm alongside the SCV between the hours of 4 p.m. Thursday and 4 a.m. Friday.

Significant mud and debris flows could occur around a number of former wildfire sites, such as the Lake Fire, affecting vulnerable roads and structures.

“Residents in or below the recently burned areas are urged to take the steps necessary to protect their property,” read the NWS news release. “Persons in the watch area should remain alert and follow directions of emergency preparedness officials.”

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