Your Silent Sanctuary: 7 Inspiring Ideas For Your Bedroom Upgrade

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It’s in 2021. And perhaps you had a rough 2020. And right now, maybe you want to start all over again. Maybe this time, you want to invest in yourself and prepare yourself for bigger things and better opportunities. But of course, to achieve these goals, you need to start somewhere.

And that somewhere may mean doing anything practical. It could be a bedroom upgrade. It is worth remembering that our bedrooms are our sanctuary. It’s where we’re supposed to acquire peace of mind to plan well, relax, and recharge. Hence, you may want to try the seven inspiring ideas listed below for your bedroom upgrade.

But again, the primary rule that before you begin upgrading your personal space like your bedroom, you need to declutter first and remove everything that no longer contributes to your life’s positivity and productivity. Thus, here they are:

New Bed

What is a bedroom without a bed, a comfortable and warm bed at that? Indeed, the bed is the heart of every individual’s bedroom. It is somewhat reasonable to invest in mattresses. Thus, to get better sleep at night, reduce back pains, and overindulge yourself with comfort and relaxation, you should look for and buy the best bed in a box.

You were already so stressed out in the previous year. So why not get yourself some heavenly present? Getting yourself a new bed is equivalent to prioritizing yourself this time around. And indeed, you won’t regret any bit of it.

Memory Wall

Creating a memory wall in a bedroom set-up is another precious corner that can be found in your room. You may display or hang photos that remind you of your happy memories, that when you look at them, you feel most living.

You may also place your dream board for 2021 to remind you of your life aspirations this year. This way, you’ll feel more excited to wake up and work for your dreams.

Fresh-looking Wallpapers

Wall paints are more commonly used than wallpapers. But aren’t you tired with its monotone look? If yes, then it’s time for you to replace it with fresh-looking wallpapers. Be bold with wallpapers. The good thing about it is that there are various selections to choose from since there are several beautiful designs, breath-taking colors, and dazzling patterns.

Moreover, they may serve as an expression of yourself. It’s 2021 already, and it’s about time for you to try new things, add more color to your life, and enjoy your personal space at home by seeing these nice wallpapers. And practically speaking too, wallpapers can last up to 15 years and beyond, which will save you a lot of money.

Good Lighting

Investing in good lights can add a lot to improving your room’s overall color and theme. The lights will undoubtedly soften your wallpapers or the paint color of your ceiling, thereby adding more elegance to your room’s entirety.

Further, it will illuminate your bedroom’s critical areas like your walk-in closet or some space where you dress up or change clothes. Providing your bedroom with good lighting is always a wise investment because, without it, all other astonishing decors in your room will be rendered useless.

Cozy Curtains

Your curtains benefit your bedroom by preventing dust from coming inside your room. And if you love to sleep with a pitch-black surrounding at night, curtains are your solution since they prevent even a minimal shadow or light from appearing. Additionally, curtains give you a lot of privacy. And that’s also what bedrooms are for; it’s a place where you can always have privacy.

Artificial Potted Plants

You may place artificial potted plants that look real inside your bedroom to add more life to your room. You may put it on your windows or the desk beside your bed. It’s fantastic to see more greens, especially nowadays where people are most exposed to buildings and gadgets.

Also, artificial plants are not prone to insects. They are less-maintenance too, and will surely last a lifetime without you spending your time taking care of it.

Reading Corner

Setting up a tiny reading corner inside the bedroom is not that famous since people can read anywhere they want or even on their beds.

But arranging a reading corner is one of the best ideas ever because you will be forced to use that space for reading. And reading boosts your mental health. In wanting to start all over again this year, you will be needing a lot of mentoring. And books are mentors. But before you read your books and listen to your mentors, it’s inevitable for you to arrange a reading book where you can adequately absorb every word you read.


These seven inspiring ideas for your bedroom upgrade will help you launch the new you this year. Be ready for a more exciting year and for the best things to come to your life. By upgrading your bedroom, you will realize that you are in control of your life, and things will slowly change in your favor.

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