A SCV Troop Leader’s Guide To Planning an Unforgettable Girl Scout Campout


Girl scout campouts are a source of lifelong friendships and warm memories for thousands of young girls everywhere. The scouting program teaches pre-teens valuable social skills and conflict resolution as they engage in various hands-on skill-building activities—specifically summer camping trips. Young girls of all backgrounds come together and engage in community-building activities in the great outdoors, indulging in their inner adventurer as they learn endurance and self-preservation skills.

Girl scout programs across the United States vary as different groups engage in unique character building activities and follow troop-specific values. Specifically, the Santa Clarita Valley girl scout organization offers sun-kissed outdoor walks and beach-front views when visiting popular campsites, like Leo Carillo or Malibu Creek State Park. 

As a girl scout troop leader, creating a once-in-a-lifetime campout experience should be your top priority. Singing traditional campfire songs, exploring natural grounds, and indulging in messy s’more’s antics are lovingly-held scout traditions to implement into your agenda. While in nature, teach your group how to identify edible plants, search out different animal species, and follow nature’s compass for fun-filled, enriching activities.

Above all, your main priority should be providing a safe, unforgettable summer experience. Regularly check the weather on days with outdoor activities and prepare a detailed safety plan in case of emergency. As a scout leader, you are responsible for creating an unforgettable experience for each girl you lead. With this guide, you are sure to give every girl scout the summer of her dreams.

Stock up on the essential gear

An outdoor adventure can quickly turn sour without sunscreen or proper hiking boots. Make an essential campers list for your scouts beforehand, so they prepare adequately. Don’t forget to add items like shower caddies and water bottles to their checklist, and go the extra mile by bringing along typically forgotten extras for underprepared campers.

On your end, come prepared with cooking tools, water collection units, and survival gear like a flint and steel kit or a bush knife to keep you and your campers happy, healthy, and ready for adventure.

Take advantage of the great outdoors

The best part about summer camp is spending time in nature. However, chances are your girl scouts are tired of weekly hikes up the canyon. Switch up activities by organizing a diverse range of pursuits that troops will look forward to all summer long. Consider adding an art crawl to your itinerary, and engage in a low-impact hike to observe the beauty around you.  Once back at camp, encourage troops to paint the natural scenery, recreating it in their personal style.

Make one-of-a-kind souvenirs

Chances are, your girl scouts will leave camp with beautiful, lasting memories. Leave them with a physical reminder of their adventurous time away by casting animal tracks with plaster for a one-of-a-kind souvenir. Before embarking, gather up mixing cups, popsicles, and quick set plaster to prepare, and set out to find the perfect track.

Keep an eye out for deer, moose, or coyote tracks, all popular in the SCV area. If you encounter an agitated mamma moose on your journey, maintain proper distances and engage in safety measures to avoid dangerous accidents. Once you’ve found the perfect footprint, mix two parts plaster with one part water, pour the mixture into the animal track, and let it harden, carefully removing after completely dry. Once complete, your scouts will have unique memorabilia they will cherish for years to come.

Closing thoughts

Troop camping trips are exciting opportunities for young girls looking to explore nature. Preparing your scouts with the right tools and skills will help them navigate the wilderness with ease and bring home lasting memories.

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