Stormlikes vs. other Instagram follower providers: here is how they compare


Stormlikes vs. other Instagram follower providers: here is how they compare

Social media changing the technology every day. Before 2010, we didn’t know about Instagram, and today 500+ million daily active users (DAUs) globally as per the data provided by backlinko in 2021.

Instagram is more than a social platform, it’s more become influencive marketplace and business hub. People inclined to gain more attention towards the community. That’s the reason growing Instagram statistics is one of the popular race nowadays.

How many Instagram follower providers do you know?

I know Stormlikes and a few others. Maybe you know more than I do. Or you don’t even know any at all.

Anyways, in this article, we want to compare Stormlikes against some of the most popular Instagram follower providers in the industry.

Our aim?

We want to show that you’ll be making a mistake not to buy Instagram followers from Stormlikes.

Note: When we talk about Instagram follower providers, we’re talking about companies that sell Instagram followers to people. Some of them, like Stormlikes, sell real Instagram views, too.

Top providers of Instagram followers

  1. Stormlikes
  2. SocialEmpire
  3. InstaMama
  4. Social Viral
  5. Famoid
  6. SocialPlus
  7. Socials Growth
  8. MediaMister

A brief overview of the top Instagram follower providers

  1. Stormlikes

Anytime anybody wants to get more Instagram followers online, one of the first few names they’ll find is Stormlikes. Whether they go online, ask their friends, check online forums, or read online reviews.

The reason for this popularity and acceptance is because Stormlikes provides Instagram followers in ways others don’t.

For example, not only do they sell real human Instagram followers, but they also ensure that each purchase is custom-tailored to the demands of the buyer.

So, let’s say you’re in the U.S., and you want followers strictly from Texas. Stormlikes will give you exactly that. The same thing holds for niche markets, too. Let’s say you need followers (people) that like the type of content your profile/brand publishes, Stormlikes will bring you exactly that.

That is, if you’re a makeup artist, you get followers who like cosmetics and makeup stuff. Same thing for sports, home décor, finance, real estate, electronics, lifestyle, tech, agro, and other niches you may think of.

What’s more?

Stormlikes does all these despite boasting the cheapest price in the industry!

  • SocialEmpire

Another interesting name in the industry is SocialEmpire.

And as the name suggests, SocialEmpire is, indeed, an empire for all things social media. In addition to Instagram followers, they also sell Soundcloud downloads and offers to promote clients’ pages on Twitter and Reddit.

That said, what really makes SocialEmpire such a lovable service is their promise to always refill any lost followers. That is, if you buy followers from them, and you notice a reduction in the number of followers over time, they will automatically send you a refill.

On the downside, this does show that their service might have a less-than-impressive follower retention tendency.

  • InstaMama

InstaMama’s biggest perk is its follower retention tendency. They pride themselves on the fact that their followers come with a high retention rate, which means that when you buy followers, they don’t disappear over time.

Additionally, their services get delivered within a timeframe of 2-24 hours, depending on the quantity of purchase.

  • Social Viral

Social Viral is one of the oldest names in the industry. And they’re best known for the interactions of their followers.

Their pricing is also a fairly competitive one, with only providers like Stormlikes boasting better pricing.

What’s more?

Social Viral gets your order delivered within 12 hours. Although that’s pretty late when you compare with Stormlikes instant delivery service, it’s still fairly decent enough.

  • Famoid

You can also buy Instagram followers on Famoid.

Unfortunately, there’s little guarantee that the followers you buy will stay and not disappear over time.

Over the years, there have been stories about people buying followers from Famoid and losing them over time.

The good news, however, is Famoid now offers an auto-refill feature for lost followers. This means that if you buy followers from them and discover a drop in your numbers, you can contact them to get a refill.

  • SocialPlus

Another popular option is SocialPlus. Users can buy as many followers as they wish from this channel.

To buy a thousand followers, for example, from SocialPlus, users will have to fork out $17.95. This is quite expensive when compared with some other providers on our list.

  • SocialsGrowth

Social Growth is the places to go when you need freebies in addition to your package.

For example, their website says you get 1k free followers when you buy up to 6k followers in one go.

Tasty, right?

I strongly doubt that.

Nobody will ever give you genuine and active followers for free. If they’re offering to give away 1k followers per 6k followers purchase, then chances are the free followers are bots.

  • MediaMister

Media Mister is home to all social media tools. They sell services for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Quora, Twitch, Vimeo, Pinterest, etc.

As far as their Instagram follower service is concerned, they claim to offer genuine and active followers.

But after scouring their website from top to bottom, we couldn’t find their privacy policy anywhere, which leaves more to be desired of them.

Also, their service is the slowest on the list.

For example, it takes them approximately two working days to deliver 50 followers and may take up to 50 working days to deliver 50k followers.

How the various Instagram follower providers compare

S/NName of ProviderPrice for 1k followers ($)Follower Retention RateDelivery durationEase of Purchase
2SocialEmpire14.494Takes 12-24 hours5
3InstaMama28.505Takes 2-24 hours5
4Social Viral13.995Takes 12 hours5
5Famoid15.954Takes 5 minutes3
7SocialsGrowth29.995Takes 2 hours4
8MediaMister204Takes 2-20 days3

Note: Metrics such as follower retention rate and ease of purchase have been deduced based on our first-hand experience with each provider’s service. That is, we entered each provider’s website, navigated through, made some purchase, and rated our experience.

For example, a provider with a 4.0 retention rate must have shown during our analysis a tendency to retain approximately 800 followers from a 1k followers purchase. And a provider with an ease of purchase score of 3 must have had a less than impressive website UX as compared with the rest.

Our verdict

Our verdict is that the best place to buy Instagram followers is Stormlikes.

And we have good facts to back this up.

  1. Their website has one of the best UX (ease of purchase) on the list. Along with others like SocialEmpire, InstaMama, and Social Viral, of course.
  2. Out of the four providers mentioned in #1 above, SocialEmpire’s 4.0 retention rate score is the lowest. Meaning, there are only two other providers on par with Stormlikes at this point – InstaMama and Social Viral.
  3. Finally, Stormlikes beats Social Viral and InstaMama in terms of affordability. As you can see, its service is $15.51 less than that of InstaMama and $1 less than that of Social Viral for 1k followers. Although this might seem like a small difference one can easily overlook, it becomes a big deal when we start talking about a large number of followers. Say, like 20k followers.

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