The Importance of Essay Writing Skills for a Future Career


The ability to write well is paramount to an enriching and fulfilling career. A skill that is introduced in grade school and developed throughout college and beyond, strong essay writing serves as a solid foundation upon which highly valued skills, such as communication and teamwork, can develop. Professional writers from BeeStudent, a well-known writing company based in the U.S., have achieved success by making writing the central pillar of their careers. Even individuals in other professional sectors—such as public speakers, stand-up comedians, data scientists, physicians, entrepreneurs, elected officials, and influencers—have leveraged the power of essay writing to share research results, build brands, distribute ideas, and clearly communicate with an audience. The best career opportunities are often achieved as a result of skillful writing and its distribution.

Well-written essays (i.e. argumentative essays, theory of knowledge essays, Toulmin essays, etc.) are a demonstration of clear writing, and clear writing is reflective of a clear mind: one that can organize the sensory overload that it encounters on a day-to-day basis through digesting information and absorbing the incredible complexity of its ever-changing surroundings. The process of essay writing itself embodies the action of information management and communication. By working with a well-established note-taking system, birthing new insights, and translating these insights into clear and concise written work, writers are constantly cross-pollinating ideas and organizing information. Even a task as simple as sending an email incorporates this process. Individuals who can write clearly have mastered the art of information processing, allowing them to be more creative and innovative with their work. Moreover, a professional with strong writing skills often has clearly defined career objectives and goals, which directly translates to increased levels of productivity.

Writing additionally enhances one’s ability to speak clearly. The success of interviews, presentations, and dialogue with co-workers relies on oral communication. Writing allows speaking to flow naturally in the context of these scenarios by forcing the mind to distill thoughts and synthesize new ideas. Many prominent public figures and speakers have blogs, including an astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson and a philanthropist Bill Gates. It is likely no coincidence that their eloquence is related to the frequency with which they write.

Furthermore, advanced essay writing abilities generally enhance one’s candidacy by increasing reputability. Recruiters may ask to read a sample of written work, such as a research paper, before deciding whether to interview a candidate. A writing sample can reflect a prospective employee’s level of expertise within a specific field, reveal whether he or she can clearly communicate, and provide recruiters with an idea of the applicant’s specialties. Because strong written communication is one of the highest-ranked skills sought by employers, assessing one’s writing abilities may be the first check in the hiring process.

Most importantly, writing introduces opportunity. In an age where written media can be distributed at no monetary cost to the writer, writing publicly can make an individual more known within his or her respective professional circles. In an academic context, publishing research papers in scientific or literary journals can increase recognition; however, writing at a more informal level, such as blogging, can also introduce serendipity into one’s career. For instance, Chief Operating Officer at Ritholtz Wealth Management Nick Maggiulli acquired his current position through achieving recognition in the finance industry as a result of posting regularly on his investment blog for several years. By publishing written works, the modern young professional can reverse the conventional hiring process by attracting recruiters.

Now more than ever, developing a strong set of essay writing skills is essential to demonstrating one’s candidacy and crafting a desirable career. After all, the personal website or blog might be the resume of the future.

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Paul is a writing tutor at and educational platforms aimed at helping people with their writing and research needs.

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