The Most Popular Activities of Canadians


What do Canadians do? Do they just sit by the fireplace during winter? Apart from playing online slots for free or real money, there are many things to do in Canada.

As a multilingual and multicultural society, there are many things that Canadians do that the world could only dream of doing. Canada itself is lush with natural resources, and its culture can be traced back to different ethnicities and religious backgrounds. Today, let us take a look at the list of popular activities that Canadians do.

Ice Hockey

Indeed, ice hockey is the most popular sport in the country. It is also the sport that the country supports the most at an international level. This is the reason why Canadian teams are popular globally. On match days, it is not unusual to see people flocking to sports bars to watch the results. People eat and drink at the sports bar to watch and bet while the live broadcast is going on.

Ice hockey is popular because Canada is a wintery country. Kids learn how to ice skate at a young age, and they can either become an ice ballerina performer or an ice hockey superstar.

Ice hockey is also a difficult game. While balancing yourself on the ice, you have to hit the puck with your hockey stick. The thing is that there is a guard at your net, and this is what makes it really difficult to score.

Hiking and Camping

Canada is a beautiful country with marvelous landscapes. The mountains and the weather provide a perfect balance to do camping and hiking. Indeed, the wooded mountains here are unique—they invoke a feeling of being one with nature.

Hiking and camping in Canada are not as dangerous as you think. There are many wooded mountains here, and there are existing trails that you can take. You do not have to make your own trail. The environment is a sight to behold, and the camping grounds are really managed well.

On top of that, there are more lakes in Canada than all the lakes in the world combined. There are 47 national parks in the country, and you are missing out on an amazing experience if you do not do this.

If you ever visit Canada, you have to consider hiking. If you cannot climb mountains, just use a car on the trail and stay in the cabins. Under the stars, even the usual pastime like playing Amatic slot games online will induce absolutely different feelings.


Curling is a sport where you slide a stone on ice to make it reach a target area. These stones are heavy, and they are made of granite. Typically, there are only two teams competing, and each team is comprised of four people. These stones are sometimes called rocks.

There are eight stones for each team to drive to the target. They must not touch the stones. Instead, they have to polish or scrape the ice, so the stone moves in the right direction. The goal to get higher points is to drive the stone as close to the target as possible.

Why is curling popular?

Curling is popular because it is fun. While the players look like they are merely mopping the ice, there is really a strategy. They have to scrape the ice the right way to lead the rock to the goal, which is often called the “house.”

Curling did not originate in Canada. It was created in Scotland, and the oldest curling stone was inscribed as far back in time as 1511.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Yes, there is a Thanksgiving dinner in Canada, but it is not celebrated in November as the Americans do. Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated every second Monday of October. Like Americans, they eat turkey, and this is followed by servings of delicious pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is an extra day off. During this time, there are festivities and parades. Football is oftentimes the game played, but it is different from how the pilgrims did it in historical accounts of the game.

Canada is a country that is rich in natural resources and culture. In fact, multiculturalism is a thing here. Canadians support different ethnicities, and one does not have to worry about racial bigotry. Because of the weather, nice people and the country’s natural resources, Canada is one of the most important and fascinating places that you should visit.

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