Are contacts better than glasses?


On one hand, glasses are easy; they can be stylish, and they can help you see. On the other hand, they’re easily lost or broken, they get dirty, and they can give you headaches if you don’t need to wear them so often. Contact lenses are a great alternative – they’re easily storable, you can get one day lenses, and they’re not something that can fall off your face all the time. However, they can be concerning due to their intimacy, and forgetting to take them out can be a hassle. But how much better are they?

As someone who does wear glasses and hasn’t made the switch just yet, here are my thoughts on why contacts are generally better than glasses based on my personal research into the topic before changing.

1. Contacts are far less clumsy

Glasses can be broken easily. Like, really easily. And they can be expensive to replace or repair. This makes them a nuisance, and if they’re constantly falling off your face, they can get chipped. Contact lenses, although they’re small, don’t get broken easily or lost, and won’t fall out.

2. Contacts are less painful!

Glasses can give you headaches. I know when I got mine, I would get headaches around the bridge of my nose and around my eyes because they were heavy. I still occasionally get this. Contact lenses rarely cause headaches and they rarely get uncomfortable. Also, they don’t make your nose sweaty and greasy!

3. Contacts are environmentally friendly

Contact lenses are generally causing slightly less plastic waste. Reusable contact lenses are available all over the country, and glasses aren’t generally recycled. The frames are a waste of plastic, even if they’re only changed once a year. So in this respect, they’re a bit of a no-brainer.

4. Contacts are more hygienic

They’re more hygienic than glasses. They have to be sterilized when you take them out, and think about it – you put your glasses in your hands, on the side, they might even go on the floor, and then you put them straight back on your face around your eyes. Think of how much bacteria you must be putting on your face every day? The only downside to contact lenses in this respect is that if you don’t clean them well enough, you can get an eye infection, but it’s an easy and non-time consuming process.

So those are my points on why contact lenses are probably a better choice than glasses, based on my own research.

Glasses are good, they are handy and easy to look after, but multi-use contact lenses are more progressive and more hygienic and are far less wasteful. They are generally better for adults and teenagers than younger children, as they require a little more responsibility and personal management.

So are contact lenses better than glasses? In my opinion, most definitely. However, before making the switch, I would suggest doing extensive research to make sure they are the right choice for you!

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