CHP closes I-5 at Parker Road due to snow


California Highway Patrol officers closed the Interstate 5 at Parker Road around 8 p.m. Monday, in response to snow at the summit of the Grapevine. 

“(Officers) actually closed the Grapevine not long ago due to snow and ice, poor weather conditions there,” said Lisa Phillips, meteorologist for the National Weather Service, noting temperatures in the Grapevine area ranged from 27-36 degrees, and there were 20+ mph wind gusts.  

She described it as a weak and not particularly wet storm front, but one that could linger into the early morning hours Tuesday. 

It’s not known exactly when the gate will be reopened, according to Josh Greengard, spokesman for the CHP-Newhall Area Office, who added that officers are prepared to work around the clock to ensure safety due to the forecast. 

“We requested additional resources from adjoining offices, we are prepared to go through the night,” Greengard said Monday evening, shortly after the closure. “When the storm stops and the roadways are safe, we will begin escorts and open the freeway.” 

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