Don’t Make These Mistakes If You’re Selling a House During the Pandemic


Selling your house in the current pandemic may not seem like the most straightforward task, but it all comes down to the market trends and your requirements. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the realtor industry, there are a couple of factors that may work in your favour as the seller.

Thus, it may not be the worst time to sell your property after all, during the current pandemic. Keep in mind that in good and bad times, the essentials of selling your property and receiving the correct price hardly changes.

So, to get the best out of your pandemic home sale, you have to avoid making the following home selling mistakes:

Setting Impractical Asking Prices

Listing any property with the right asking price is vital to a successful and timely home sale. The house may stay in the market for a prolonged period if you include an incredibly high asking price. In the end, you will have to lower the price.

Whenever this takes place, most prospective buyers will assume there are a couple of things that are not going according to plan with your house. Here is where hiring a realtor agent comes in handy as they give their opinion regarding the current market value. Usually, it’s based on the most recent sales of similar properties to yours.

Selling the House Without a Real Estate Agent

You might think that selling a property without a realtor agent representing you is a smart move. Indeed, you will not pay for the agent commission fees, so you end up making a lot of money, right? Well, this doesn’t seem right.

Due to their marketing platforms, negotiating competence and industry expertise, selling a house via real estate agents will generate more money than selling it yourself. In addition, the house will sell fast, and that is why you need quick sale property buyers services.

Failing to Provide a Virtual Tour

A few years ago, video tours were seen as inventive ways to sell properties. Now, with the global pandemic bringing new norms, providing quality home photos and videos to prospective buyers is inevitable.

With countless applications making it easy for buyers and sellers to interact with one another, there are no reasons why you should not embrace virtual tours. The good thing about virtual tours is that they significantly lower the virus spread as you don’t have to meet physically.

Failure to Disinfect Before and After

Even if you put on masks and gloves, there may be few situations when the virus can spread during the viewing process. Due to this, you have to clean and disinfect your house before and after the prospective buyers views it.

At the very least, you need to pay close attention to the high-touch surfaces, like door frames, switches, handles, knobs and water faucets.

Overlooking the Curb Appeal

The first impressions are vital. You will be at a high disadvantage when the potential buyers fail to love what they see from the outside. You have to utilise the curb appeal to make your property stand out against the rest. For instance, some touched up the landscaping, and freshly painted front door may be what you need to make your house sell fast.

Trying to Rush the Entire Process

You have to remember that the coronavirus pandemic has slowed most things. Loan approval rates and interests’ rates are declining, while the credit score requirements and minimum down payments are on the rise.

On the other hand, social distancing requirements are throwing a spanner into the work. As a result, it may be pretty tricky to book an inspection or appraisal. If you combine this with the fact that most potential buyers are worried about a prospective downturn, you will note that the entire selling process will take a little bit longer than it did in yesteryears.

Disregarding the Pandemic Etiquette

The first impression is everything, and you can boost your chances of closing the deal by putting on a smile on your face. Although a mask covers your face, wearing it properly when meeting cautious buyers will make them trust you. The same applies to handshakes; you need to avoid them as much as possible.

In the end, the house selling process can be an uphill battle, particularly during a global pandemic. Regardless, keep in mind that you can experience a successful property selling time if you have a reputable real estate agent on your side.

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