Finding a Safe and Cozy Place with Sonder during the Pandemic

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As we navigate our lives through these tough times, our daily activities and plans for the near future changed drastically. Now more than ever, how clean a place is essential to us.  After rescheduling our vacations, business trips and other travels, keeping our surroundings as safe as they can became the number one concern for many people. Our priorities changed as well. For stays away from home, where we control who comes inside, how many people there are and the social distancing are all the things people consider when they’re visiting. 

Sonder, with its website providing up-to-date information about the apartments, lofts, hotel rooms and more, offers peace of mind and easy guidance. If you’re thinking about where to stay for your upcoming trip and want a comfortable and safe experience, you can book via Sonder. Moreover, with best Sonder promo codes online, you’re going to enjoy the best hospitality at affordable prices. 

Staying in Sonder Apartments with the Best Cleaning Guidelines 

These days, it’s getting more popular to choose apartments for trips and vacations. This way, you’ll get to get your business done or enjoy the sightseeing and come back to your Sonder apartment to relax. 

Today, one of the top reasons to choose an apartment is to minimize contact with other people and be able to keep social distancing. Sonder apartments provide that and more. They are incredibly thorough with the disinfection process and open about exactly how the professional staff takes care of your future stay. 

With Sonder apartments, it has been a regular process that after each visitor the whole place is cleaned using the best products by professional staff. Now, a new set of rules are followed to maximize the safety of the customers and provide a comfortable stay.

How clean are Sonder apartments?

  • In addition to cleaning after each visitor, Sonder apartments are cleaned by following local regulations to guarantee your health.
  • The disinfectants used in cleaning are EPA registered products meaning they are protecting the environment as well.
  • Customers can easily check-in and check-out without worrying about social distancing.
  • Sonder works with professional staff in cleaning as the smallest details are looked after. The knobs and light switches are cleaned with disinfectant after every visitor. 

With Sonder, There’re no Worries or Questions

Since 2013, Sonder provides easy access to both safe and well-furnished apartments that include all of the amenities customers need. They check the places and surroundings as well to maximize comfort when you travel. 

In 35+ cities and 7 countries, they operate to expand their hospitality brand and keep their high standard of hygiene and comfort in all Sonder apartments. The staff also is one of the key elements in the Sonder family to keep customer satisfaction high. From the consultation teams to professional cleaning personnel, they correspond to a set of local regulations in addition to the Sonder cleaning process. 

During these complicated times, Sonder follows both governmental and local regulations daily to keep the Sonder apartments (just like other places) safe for their customers and continue to create homes away from home.

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