How To Make a Wedding Anniversary Video with Music


Do you want to create the perfect video to keep the memory of your wedding anniversary? What about a video telling your partner how much you love him or her? Whether it’s for your wedding day or anniversary, making such a video can be very exciting. There are a lot of tools, tricks, and tips out there to help you to create a fantastic video. You just have to look for them. Now, let’s get down to know how to make a wedding anniversary video!

How To Make a Wedding Anniversary Video?

It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur in video editing. There are a lot of guidelines that you can follow to create your wedding anniversary video with music. However, there are professional video production houses from where you can get everything ready-made. Here is a checklist of some of those steps one should follow while making a wedding anniversary video-

1. Create A Romantic Environment

Set up the place before the event day. Get all equipment together. You can use white color in decoration. Because white makes the mind fresh. Besides, use purple and red to make the environment more romantic. You can place candles to create an elegant glow in the place.

2. Shoot Clips Properly

Shooting videos at a proper angle also plays a vital role during video editing. You may not think it necessary, but it does add a sense to your videos. So it is important to take clips from the right angle and distance. You need to be sure that all the clips you take are of high quality; otherwise, the video will end up as a compilation of poor shots. Use a tripod to take stable videos. If you have to shoot moving objects, you can use different gimbals. Gimbal helps to take moving videos stably without jerking. 

3. Edit Your Video

Here comes the important part of making videos. After shooting images and videos, now it is the time to create something valuable. Things you can follow in this step-

i. Delete unnecessary images and videos. These are not important and make your storage bulky. So it is better to gather all the perfect clips in one folder. You can arrange those footages in a particular way for better efficiency.

ii. Choose a romantic title for your video. Use the title as an opener of the video. Design it with beautiful images and clip arts, and make it engaging. Because the first impression is always the best impression. You can also include a romantic quote below the title or around the image.

iii. Now, it is the important section of editing. You have to assemble all the videos and images in your video editor software now. It is essential to assemble the footage according to perfect order. If any footage is misplaced, it will break the flow. For perfection, you can divide the footage into segments like entry clips, candlelight dinner, etc. It will also create a story through the video. You can use past images and videos in your anniversary video also.

iv. Don’t forget to use music in your video as well. If you are having trouble, use the internet to find appropriate songs that you can use in your video. When choosing a song, you need to make sure that it fits the mood of the video. Remember, you want the video to show how special your partner is to you, so choose something romantic. Use different types of quotes and captions under every clip. You can use your voice also. You just have to record the story you want to say through the video. This will make the video even better.

v. Another important thing is the use of transitions. Transitions are used to make a clip appear to move or change from one part of the clip to another. You will find lots of suitable and perfect video transitions for your videos in the editing software. The results can be amazing if you can place them properly.

vi. The last part is saving your video. Don’t forget to save your video every time when you make a change in the project file. Otherwise, you can lose everything accidentally. After the final edit, you can save the project file and export the main video. There are lots of video formats. Better to export in formats like mp4, avi that supports everywhere. You can also export your video for specific platforms like youtube, Facebook, etc. 

Things to Remember

Make the video more romantic by highlighting memorable events like the first date, the first proposal, the marriage day, and many more. It is a good idea to engage your family in the video also. Try to express the story of your love and relationship through the video, make the video sentimental with some creative touch.

These are just some steps that you can follow when making your wedding anniversary video with music. A video diary is an excellent way to share the special memories and the special time you shared with your love. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to make such a video. It totally depends on you how you are going to make it.

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