5 Common Laptop Problems and How to Repair Them


Are you among the many who struggle to contact your customer support every time your laptop faces issues? Well, even if you have successfully reached out to customer service, there is very little chance of your issue getting resolved on time.

What if you actually had the skill to resolve your laptop’s issues on your own? You need to accept the fact that irrespective of how gently you use your laptop, it is bound to face certain issues after a period of time.

Rather than getting frustrated by customer support or expensive repairs, you can just stay aware of a few common laptop problems and their best possible solutions. Isn’t it interesting?

1. Laptop starts overheating

Well, this is one of the most common problems faced by many laptop users after a few periods of time. Overheating is one problem that can affect your laptop performance which can ultimately lead to system crashes and freezing. This problem of overheating can be due to their smaller size or lack of ventilation. Excessive dust might clog the air vents and deprive your system of cold air to cool off.

Solution: There exists a simple solution to this common problem and that is, by simply cleaning out the air vents with a smooth cloth or a keyboard cleaner. You can also go for placing a piece of filtered cloth over the inhalation vent to prevent further dust clogging. Updating your system’s BIOS also helps as it directly controls your laptop’s hardware.

2. Laptop’s battery does not last for long

If your laptop’s battery does not last for long as it used to when you bought it then it is not your problem. Regular use of laptops leads to lithium-ion batteries losing the ability to hold a charge. They will not be able to last only for a fraction of the rated runtime.

Solution: There is only one way out of this problem and that is battery replacement. If you have enough money to spend then you can go for the batteries manufactured by your laptop brand itself. You can also get in touch with seasoned laptop repairs in Australia as they can get you new batteries at much cheaper rates.

3. Laptop’s screen gets black

In this problem, you need to be careful of the fact whether your laptop is showing signs that it is on, such as lights or sounds. Here the screen remains blank whereas the rest of your machine appears to be functional except for the screen.

Solution: You can try unplugging your laptop from its power source and then remove the battery. Then press and hold the power button for about a minute before plugging it back in and restarting your laptop. Finally, replace the battery and restart the laptop again. There can be possibilities of memory failure as well. You might want to check whether the memory modules are making contact with the slot.

4. Laptop does not turn on

This is also a major common issue faced by many laptop issues especially after a few years of use. You press the power button and nothing happens and ultimately leaves you without access to your important files and programs. Even after a lot of trials, if you do not get any response from the laptop and it does not make any sound or light up, then you might go for a solution.

Solution: Before you go for anything, you need to make sure that your computer is charged. There are chances of your AC adapter might have failed. You can get it tested using a voltmeter or test via a new adapter. DC jack might have also failed, keeping power from your computer or it could have been a motherboard failure.

5. Laptop makes weird noise while working

Struggling with weird noises from your laptop? Well, this is another very common problem faced by many laptop users. This problem is more evident at times while you are working on your laptop. There can be multiple reasons for this.

Solutions: You would want to check the cooling fan once to make sure if everything is working fine. There are chances of noises coming from the hard drive as well and you can back up your important files and data before getting it replaced.

Over to you…

Now that you are aware of solutions to common problems you might have already faced or will be facing in the future, you do not need to worry. There are many shops for laptop repairs and you can get in touch with them for cheap hardware for replacement.

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