A Guide on What to Wear on A First Date


Imagine you have a date with the guy of your dream. You have finally set a date to meet on, and you have to get ready for this big day. The first date can be stressful as it needs quite a lot of effort to think about so many things. You want to look perfect in every aspect, and you choose what is really best for you. You should style your hair beautifully for the first date, your makeup should be different from your everyday routine, and you should feel confident in yourself. The tricky and worrying part is that you cannot decide what to wear for the big day. 

As you all know, the first impression is pretty much the last impression; you would want to have an amazing impact on the guy you are going on a date with, and you would definitely want him to ask you again. In order to do so, make sure that you pick the best outfit that looks classy and flirty at the same time. 

Below is the complete guide to help you out choosing the best outfit for the date and all the necessary information on how you should pull off your look for your big date day. 

Things to Consider for The First Date

  1. The outfit should be good enough to leave behind the impact. 
  1. Nice choice of fragrance
  2. Good accessories that will also compliment your outfit 
  3. The makeup look should be subtle and different from your routine makeup look 
  4. The outfit and everything you choose should reflect and resonate with your personality, and you should feel confident in yourself. 

Things to Avoid in Style 

  1. Do not choose apparel that is too revealing. It can be a major turn-off for the date. Being simple is always good for the first time.
  2. Avoid heavy makeup look. Look subtle and sober. 
  3. Do not overdo the accessories; stay in balance and keep everything in accordance with the outfit. 

First Date Outfit Rules 

Pick a Color That You Are Most Comfortable With 

For the first date, it is recommended that you do not experiment with new things. When you go pick an outfit for the date, make sure you choose the color that you think suits you the best. 

Lisa Morrison, the dating expert, has stated, ‘Choose a color or outfit that you’re often complimented on.’ 

So, be in your comfort zone and choose the outfit that you are most comfortable and confident in. If you try something new, the chances are that you will stay confused and not confident enough. Confidence beats everything else. So, whatever you wear, stay self-assured that you are looking pretty. 

Moreover, you can always check how custom retail packaging service has models wearing different styled outfits on the boxes to give customers an idea of how to pull off a certain outfit. You can take inspiration from them and then choose how you will look best. 

Choose the Bottoms First 

Bottoms are the foundation of any outfit. It is suggested that you choose what you want to wear for the bottoms. If you are going to have the first date in the warmer area, then you can wear the skirt with a loose top. If it is a colder area, then you would want to wear jeans. Pick a good pair of jeans which can be complemented with any top that you choose. And which you also wear anytime afterward. 

The Next Step; The Top 

As we have mentioned earlier, that your outfit should not be revealing enough. You should pick a shirt or a top that compliments your bottoms and look decent and pretty. If you wear a top that is too short, then it should have long sleeves. Similarly, you are planning to wear something backless; then you should pair it with jeans or a maxi shirt. Also, make sure that whatever you choose to wear on a date should not be too loose or too tight. Sure, the outfit should show your figure but do not go for the too-tight top. 

It is necessary that you line up the accessories that you may want to wear for the date. If you are a person who wears too much jewelry, then you should go for the top that is neutral in color and not too eye-catchy. It should be simple and not too popping to the eyes. If you are not a jewelry person at all, then go for the top that offers more design and colors. 

The Bottom Line 

The perfect date day can be the beginning of something special and a long-term relationship. You would not want to lose that opportunity and look your best on that day. Choose everything that you wear, including makeup, the outfit, and the accessories, very sensibly to leave a long-lasting impact on the guy of your dream. 

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