Best Websites for Food Lovers

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1 America’s Test Kitchen/Cooks Illustrated

As you may know already, America’s Test Kitchen and Cooks Illustrated is an excellent source of cooking instruction videos, cookbooks, and Recipes, and much more. They also have taste tests, buying guides, equipment reviews, and cooking science. ATK does offer a free 2-week trial offer to watch all their videos and have access to recipes, but after that, you’ll have to subscribe to their online magazine.

Cooks Illustrated is a separate website but is directly linked to America’s Test Kitchen and essentially offers the same kind of cooking information. Cook’s Illustrated has a fun section that is meant for kids. What you’ll find with either of these sites are the entertaining videos that have been going on for years. You’ll find everything from main courses, side dishes, and soups. There are also deserts, bread, and pastries of all sorts.

As far as being at the very top of this list, America’s Test Kitchen is about as popular as you can expect. Since they actively try out the latest recipes that are simple and easy to learn, it’s nice to know that cooking is still considered a valuable life skill.

2 The Food Network

Here is another well-known recipe website that is centered on informing people how to cook. It’s loaded with lots of videos and recipe information which makes preparing meals faster for everyday folks. The nice part about this site is that all of their recipes tell you in advice what the prep time and cooking times are going to be at a glance. Not only do they have plenty of celebrity chefs preparing meals their tips in cooking videos are entertaining.

They have inspirational recipes and competitions that give this site an advantage over others. Not to mention they’ve formed a type of religious fan base that follows their TV shows and episodes. They’ve expanded their views with their online magazines, and podcasts too. Since being introduced in 1993, they’re one of the older sites that are still going strong due to their television success.

No matter what your level for cooking may happen to be they cater to both the classic and modern recipe styles out there today. But this site does tend to be a bit slower than others since there is so much content loaded on their site. They also don’t add new content so often, but with so many options available already, this doesn’t take away from the wide range of recipes.

3 Epicurious

This recipe site that’s also been around for a while is very popular despite not having an enormous amount of recipes. This website does put more emphasis on the quality of meals that you can prepare. It’s also easy to navigate and you can find recipes that relate to holidays and special events. Of course, all of their recipes have been tested and cooking techniques from partnered websites at Bon Appetite and Gourmet magazine.

When it comes to learning culinary secrets and getting expert tips, Epicurious delivers without a doubt. Being that they’ve been around since 1998, they have an appeal with younger people that take a lot of pride in their cooking skills. You can be sure that these recipes are all hand-selected from their partners are highly trained chefs and cooking professionals.

One of the unique aspects of this site is that it also allows members to submit their recipes that they want to share with others. Since these recipes are tested by their partners, they put a lot of quality on their recipes. For the folks at Epicurious, they put more into the quality of quantity. This gives every recipe more appeal since they cover so much territory for holidays and seasonal favorites.

4 Delish

Here’s another epic site that’s been around since 2008 and features more selection for gourmet meals. There are more classic recipes presented here making Delish the ultimate go-to website that are as popular as they were a decade ago. You’ll also find plenty of instructional video recipes that are fun to watch. Each video posted offers some of the best recipes that add more culinary style.

You’ll also find great articles on all the latest food trends and what’s happening in the current culinary world. You’ll find lots of photos of how these recipes will turn out. The details of how to prepare each recipe are also laid out with easy-to-understand instructions. One of the cool parts of this site is navigating it using just a simple keyword. This makes it easier if you want to find a recipe that’s linked to any kind of ingredient.

The only downside is that the food photos don’t always match up with the recipe you’re making. Aside from that, it does give you a good idea of what you should be looking to create based on the recipes. You can also mix and match recipes to create entertaining and fun meals that are certainly hip for gourmet food.

5 Cookware Junkies

While not exactly on the top of the list, this recipe and review site does an excellent job at being comprehensive and helpful. Cookware Junkies do have a very good selection of recipes and videos but where they really shine is through their produce reviews for kitchen gadgets and cooking utensils. They take and compare the competition and related products, showing the strengths and weaknesses before you spend your own money.

While they could expand their product reviews to include more recipes, they do share plenty of tips on how specific appliances work best for cooking. They also have a Youtube channel that features many of their best reviews for all sorts of time saving gadgets and cooking utensils. What they lack in overall content is followed-up with lots of information and helpful tips.

If you want to find out how something will improve your life in the kitchen, this is a great place to get informed before you buy the wrong kitchen appliance. They’re also updating and adding new info very often, making it ideal to get recent updates that are clearly listed.

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