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Whether you’re playing new and exciting games or learning new tasks, online activities can be a fun and engaging way of coping with staying in while the spread of COVID-19 is still out in full force. Online activities are an ideal solution for parents seeking to occupy their kids’ attention while simultaneously spending quality time together. Not to mention these activities are great tools to help both kids and adults develop and practice healthy habits.

There are more than enough fun online activities for families to have a good time playing. We can think of a few interactive (and fun!) activities that can help families strengthen their bonds, sharpen their skills, and—most importantly—enjoy themselves!

Check out our top picks for activities you and your family have to try out:

❖ Try to Learn A New Music Instrument

Great news, parents: because of the many benefits of music, music-learning apps have gained serious momentum. In fact, some apps are good enough to replace traditional and expensive in-person classes—and for the kids, they provide an attractive way to learn without it feeling like a chore.

Your family members can take turns trying and playing new tunes. For those who are brand-new to the music world, you can use an app or even YouTube tutorials to learn the basics of the instrument of your choice and pick up helpful tips along the way.

Most apps offer some form of free trial before you commit to a paid plan, making this activity the perfect choice to kickstart your learning without breaking the bank.

❖ Play Board Games

As a parent, it can be overwhelming to choose from an ocean of online games. Where to begin?

For starters, you can try board games—such as the online versions of all-time classics like Scrabble or Monopoly—or even some more modern and innovative board games.

You can also play online trivia games and learn something new while engaging in healthy competition. Automated online trivia games leave little to no room for cheating and make for a more objective, educating, and memorable experience for the whole family.

❖ Host a Virtual Party

Hosting virtual parties is a great way to gather your favorite people around your favorite games.

That’s right—you can host a virtual party with your close relatives or friends, and even use Skype or Zoom to host more than one virtual party. It will also give your kids a chance to become more tech-savvy in a safe and controlled environment. You can talk about games you played earlier—or really anything you want!

Similarly to online parties, you can also create group family video and audio messages. The medium allows you to build another fun activity where your family makes shared audio and video messages for close friends and family members.

Of course, you can also record the video messages just for fun. No matter how many audio and video messages you create, online video editing software will help you to create a fun family video with music. With Zoom or Skype, you can conduct as many sessions as you want.

❖ Sing with Online Karaoke Games

Singing along through online karaoke is probably one of the best ways to spend quality time together as a family. You can use dedicated karaoke games with a variety of songs and choose the ones you want to sing together as a family.

Later on, you can use an online free editor to add background sounds and visual graphics and tune the image quality to keep it as a family memory. Using a smart device, you can even connect it with an app as a karaoke machine. Add in some snacks and you’ve got yourselves a good old-fashioned karaoke night!

❖ Netflix Time

Another fun online activity for the family is to watch a film or television show on Netflix. Sure, you can watch countless videos together on YouTube, but there is something special about having a full-length movie night together.

Connect the Netflix app to the TV or a monitor and start a movie that you know your kids will love. Choose a film or TV show that will make a memorable experience for the entire family—there’s no shortage of options.

You can also install a Chrome extension and invite close family members and friends to join your watch party. Netflix’s Party features allow people to replicate the atmosphere of going to see a film in a real movie theater.

Playing Fun Games as a Family: Why It Matters

Parents should consider participating in family activities online as a time to lean back and enjoy the time you have with your kids. Shared participation in family games allows parents to learn more about their kids’ likes, dislikes, and general interests. Fundamentally, online activities strengthen family ties and improve the foundation of the relationship.

Final Thoughts

There are countless varieties of affordable and free apps for families to try out whenever boredom strikes. Parents have the responsibility to enrich their kids’ experiences and perceptions of the world and guide them through the chaos. Even after pandemic regulations have lifted, parents and kids alike can continue to make the most of fun virtual activities.

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