How to increase your brand awareness?


In the business sector, regardless of the industry you’re in, there are some vital aspects that you have to consider so that your brand is profitable. Research is key before you start investing into a new business idea. But it is also essential to do research continuously when you already have a well-established company. This is needed in order to stay ahead of the competition and up to date with your customers’ needs and wants.

So, whether your business has been on the market for a long time or you’re thinking of starting something new, you have to realize the importance of marketing your brand well so that people will remember it and become loyal customers. This is where brand awareness comes in.

The secret, or not so secret anymore, is to have a combination of marketing communications strategies, both in the online and offline environment, to reach your audience effectively. So, if you’re thinking there is only one right way of increasing your brand awareness, you might be missing out on some valuable opportunities. 

Social media presence

In the last decade or so, everyone has become more and more present on social media networking sites. In the beginning, social media platforms were mere connecting tools or photo and video sharing platforms. Now, they have become the proper medium for businesses to reach their audiences better and easier. Being able to interact with the visual content through the comments section, liking and even sharing it with your peers, has allowed businesses to grow more than through traditional word-of-mouth.

So, don’t refrain from building a solid online presence. It takes time, but growing organically on social media will have financial benefits in the long-term. People will be inclined to follow you if the content is high-quality and is something of their interest, and it will make them stay for more. For instance, fashion or beauty brands offer various styling tips or make-up tricks in their visual content. This way, you bring in new customers, while your older ones remain devoted to your brand.

PR magic

Public relations strategy is an excellent way of increasing your brand’s awareness through earned media. As it is considered the most organic method of reaching your target audience, PR employs efficient storytelling to build customers’ trust in the brand. As it isn’t a form of paid media, your public will see it as more credible. To work in the PR sector, you will have to be able to appeal to the brand’s audience in a subtle way and write content that they find relatable. Once you have thoroughly researched your audience, you can write press releases or blog posts that are of interest to them so that you can create a connection between your customers and the brand organically.

Apart from writing content on external, relevant websites, a PR specialist could help you increase your brand awareness through your website as well.

Regardless of the type of business you have or its size, creating a website is of the utmost importance. This is where possible clients can access all the needed information, buy your product, and find more details about the business, such as your mission statement and what you stand for. An effective strategy to drive more traffic to your website could be to create a designated section for blog entries. Depending on your area of focus, a PR expert could write relevant articles with helpful tips or interesting facts, which your customers will appreciate.

Influencer marketing 

With the rise of social media platforms, a new type of marketing has seen a lot of positive effects on building and increasing awareness. The emergence of bloggers into, more famously known, influencers or content creators has created an entirely new way of advertising your product or services. Influencer marketing works because these content creators can build a much closer connection with their followers, as their entire life and job take place in the virtual environment on social media.

Businesses can take advantage of influencers’ well-established relationships with their large audiences on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, to reach their customers more intimately. Influencer’s content can be highly creative and of high quality, employing a combination of audio and video creation, not to mention they take the time to speak openly with their follower base. 

For this reason, an influencer who strongly believes in your brand’s message and product will be able to promote it in a way that is different from the advertising you do as a company. Their trusting followers will be more inclined to try your product and service, and if they are satisfied, chances are they become loyal customers.

Events and experiences

The online is vital for a brand to remain relevant in today’s digitally-driven environment, but the offline shouldn’t be ignored. People value experiences more and more, and if you can offer them something interesting, there is little doubt they will forget your brand’s name quickly.

Integrating the online and offline channels is an efficient method of interacting with your customers in more than one way. For instance, you could create an event on social media where your next product launch or new store opening will include VR technology. People might remember a brand better, as an immersive experience can remain in someone’s mind for a longer period of time. Your target audience will be more prone to come back the next time.

Paid advertising

It is highly essential to realize the importance of paid media. While earned media, where your audience grows organically, is also incredibly needed, it is the long-term method. It takes time until you start noticing the results. So, investing in advertising can be beneficial for your brand in generating cash flow. Well-targeted ads reach the consumers with higher buying intent which can increase your business’ sales faster than the more organic methods of advertising. 

It is important not to focus on paid advertising only, as your customers might see this as you not trusting your brand’s potential and being unsure of what you are selling. Having a balanced strategy of paid and earned will help increase your brand awareness.

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