Local author finds passion in post-retirement hobby

Bill Lyons, author W.L. Lyons III, displays his five published books at his home in Santa Clarita on Wednesday, 033121. Dan Watson/The Signal
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There’s a popular expression among writers: “Everyone has a book in them.”

For Santa Clarita resident Bill Lyons, that’s especially accurate, as he’s going on his sixth book since 2014.

His latest work, “Gabby’s Wellspring,” which he self-published in February, explores the people in a woman’s life who have made a mark on her, while his current work-in-progress is set to examine charter schools’ impact on public education.

Lyons considers himself a blend of both his parents, as his father was an engineer and his mother was an English major and avid reader.

Artwork and covers by College of the Canyons art graduate, Jose Contreras illustrate the books of W.L. Lyons III. 033121. Dan Watson/The Signal

After retiring from a career as an aerospace engineer, Lyons began to write.

“So, I started off down my father’s path, and ended up on my mother’s path,” he said.

It’s his life experiences and those who’ve made a mark on him, such as his parents, who’ve inspired each of Lyons’ books.

“I like to write about things that I feel are important. I tend to look at what I consider to be serious issues of the day,” he said. “It’s an opportunity to express yourself in a rather disciplined way.”

Lyons tends to tackle each new book with his science brain, researching whatever topic he’s chosen to focus on, and while lots of research goes into each of them, it’s something in which he said he finds a lot of fun.

Author W.L. Lyons’ five published books at his home in Santa Clarita on Wednesday, 033121. Dan Watson/The Signal

Each of his books stands alone, and tackles a new subject.

“Predictively, two of them are about engineers, and a struggle to invent, refine, make reliable, all of that,” he added. “(Another) is a memoir, autobiographical, about life as a kid.”

Whether it be something he’s familiar with, such as engineering, or things we don’t really understand, such as the mystical realm, Lyons has delved into each book with the same dedication.

“It’s certainly an opportunity to explore new subjects,” he said.

What began as a hobby has turned into a passion project, allowing Lyons to explore life in a new way, he said.

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