The Role of Transcripts in Marketing Research Tactics


Marketing is an integral part of any business and a vital necessity. You may produce the best things in the world, but it will be worth nothing if you don’t research the market and don’t deliver your goods to the customers the right way. Marketing research is the daily routine in all companies, including Transcriberry, so we are very well familiar with the benefits of quality transcription service in such cases.

In this work, modern digital tools are vital. They help to gather the information and process it. Also, they remove tiresome routines, letting the specialists use their knowledge and creativity to find the right solutions. How can transcripts help here? Let’s see.

The essence of the market research transcription

Let’s start with the basics. Marketing research is the process of collecting data from the target customer audience to define the prospects of the new products and services. The primary goal is to understand what is needed on the market, how it should work and look, and what it must bring to the users. Then, the business determines whether it is feasible to get into that niche and starts the product development cycle.

What the transcripts have to do with this? They have a direct connection to the methods of data collection. Very often, marketing research is conducted through interviews, discussions, etc. You get many hours of recorded speeches. It was convenient for the target user groups to provide their feedback that way. However, it is very problematic to process these records further. It takes too much time and effort. You need all those records transcribed. 

Transcripts become the most robust materials for analytical tools. They are much easier to process, compare, and analyze. Then, the results of an in-depth marketing analysis define the business plans. They explain their customers’ needs, preferences, and pains.

How the marketing research transcriptions help in practice

Time is the main treasure that any business possesses. The primary goal is to reduce the time spent on routine tasks and to increase the quality time. The transcription services help to accomplish this goal. They are advantageous in many aspects, and each of them touches on some essential research areas.

Notes and reports

Whether you are conducting your research as a personal interview or analyze some records prepared for you, you will make notes. It is impossible to remember everything. Besides, you need accurate notes, as you can’t afford to make errors. In marketing research, mistakes lead to severe financial and reputational losses.

Voice recorders are reliable devices for keeping everything you’ve heard. However, then you need to transcribe audio to text for further work. Would you do it manually? You can do it, but it won’t be fast. In modern business, when time is priceless, your manual transcribing the speech is a time and money waste.

Instead, using the transcription services changes it all. An accurate and detailed text transcript provides all the information. You can review it, define the most crucial details and ideas, highlight them in the text, and add more personal notes. From this start, your team gets the most valuable results.

Slightest details

What if you have to listen to many hours of audio records very attentively? It will be a challenge. In many cases, the quality of the source material is far from perfect. Add such common cases as audio records with many participants who can interrupt each other or speak simultaneously. Add different accents and speech issues. If you can’t catch difficult words and understand everything pronounced clearly, you are losing important information. It can cost you much.

If you are a trained transcribing specialist, you will most likely overcome this problem. Unfortunately, most marketing specialists don’t have such training. It is natural – their job is different. They have to research and analyze and not transcribe. Still, the audio-to-text transcription of high quality does not have any such drawbacks.

The verbatim transcription exposes every word in a phrase. You can understand at once who says what and why. Even the slightest detail won’t escape from your attention.

A library of research transcripts 

Transcripts are documents. You save the materials obtained from your researches in the most accessible way. The information is accurate and available to all specialists working on the projects. Moreover, you keep this data categorized in the correct order. You can search for some details in that library and compare different sources. This data makes the foundation for the conclusion, providing unbeatable arguments.

Note that keeping a library of transcripts does not mean eliminating the library of voice records. You may save both, link the audio files to their text files, use cross-references, and compile a functional database. This content archive will grow and help you in your researches and analysis.

SEO benefits

One of the standard tasks of marketing teams is creating and optimizing different content. Those interviews and other discussions can be a priceless source of the content – unique, informative, and highly relevant. However, if you have the materials in audio format only, you will have to convert them into text first. And it again means time, nerve resources, and all the other issues we mentioned earlier. With audio transcription services, the task becomes much faster and simpler.

You may take an interview transcript and turn it into an excellent blog article. Or, you may use quotes and statements from different records to use in other posts and support your author’s opinions. One more area is making running official documentation for your company. Relying on the text transcript of audio content is always more comfortable than dealing with audio-only.


The success of the marketing research is determined by your communication with customers. When you know the right questions to ask, you get valuable answers to interpret. After that, you will use your knowledge and experience to go further and turn the information obtained from your customers into a workable strategy. Transcription services help you to do it faster and more efficiently.

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