Vouchers can help to achieve customer loyalty


Attracting customers can be one of the biggest challenges for companies that are just beginning to establish themselves on the market. However, through the right kind of advertising they can achieve loyalty efficiently and without any hassle whatsoever.

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Advertising developed by a team of specialists is one of the most efficient ways to raise awareness of a brand and achieve that much desired customer loyalty. The figures show that offering free giveaways is one of the best ways to attract new customers, even more so than the adverts that can be produced on a wide variety of platforms.

An article published in Forbesentitled “Five Ways Coupons” highlights that in 2019, 92% of consumers used vouchers when making a purchase, according to a study produced by Statista with 1,000 people. Using vouchers and free giveaways doesn’t only increase results in search engines, but it is also one of the most efficient tools for achieving customer loyalty. It also provides an effective way for new customers to discover the brand and increases the number of transactions made with a company throughout a particular period.

It is currently simple to access vouchers thanks to technology. Online vouchers are vastly different to the ones that were used by our parents, which were generally given away in the Sunday newspaper. And another feature of online vouchers is that they allow you to use a wide variety of customer demographic information digitally.

How to carry out a successful campaign

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According to Forbes, one of the best ways to carry out a successful voucher campaign is to follow the tips below:

  • Use a wide range of different voucher platforms: by using a variety of different voucher platforms, such as Discount Reactor, you will be able to attract a larger number of customers. It is estimated that approximately 40% of buyers search for digital vouchers before making any kind of transaction.
  • Limited time offers: Another resource commonly used on the market is offers that are valid for a limited time only. This helps to awaken the interest of the target consumer base and also qualitatively increases customer loyalty in the long term.
  • Design is what matters: An attractive image is without a doubt much more eye-catching than a simple logo with plain colours. Graphic design will make a voucher significantly more attractive and properly convey the message to the target audience.
  • Take advantage of technology: Technology is probably one of the most popular tools today for reaching the largest number of customers in the shortest time and for a low cost.

In summary, using vouchers to achieve customer loyalty is one of the most popular advertising strategies available, and this has remained the case throughout the years as it continues to be a highly effective method.

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