Bauer playing his part in a successful season for LA Dodgers

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It has been a successful season for the Los Angeles Dodgers followers as the team has gone on a stunning run of form. One standout so far has been the performances of their number 27 Trevor Bauer, who has caught the eye of pundits with a string of stunning solo efforts, inspiring his teammates to victory.

Traders at the leading Las Vegas sports betting sites price the LA Dodgers as favourites to win the World Series. The main dangers to the Dodgers title challenge are expected to come from New York Yankees, San Diego Padres and New York Mets. Manager Dave Roberts hopes the hot streak of Bauer continues, and the pitcher can launch the Dodgers to an eighth world series title.

“LA Dodgers” by  Kevin Jairaj/USA Today Sports is licensed under CC BY 3.0

The offence continues to blow hot and cold

The 30-year-old born in North Hollywood performed worthy of winning any Major League Baseball match when slipping to a heartbreaking 2-1 loss against the Brewers at American Family Field. But Bauer’s efforts and will to win wasn’t matched by many of his teammates, especially the Dodgers’ offence which, once again, fell flat.

The offence has blown hot and cold this season, showing fleeting glimpses of what they are capable of. Fans saw the best of them when Los Angeles Dodgers demolished Cincinnati in later April when in a free-scoring mood. The offence took their chances and built on the solid foundation offered by a consistent Bauer. When in such a menacing mood, it’s easy to see why LA are the darlings of the betting industry this season.

However, there are two sides to the same coin, and we saw the negative during that narrow but deserved 2-1 defeat versus the Brewers. They suffered nine hits in that disappointing match and drew a blank against Eric Lauer. Despite heading into the game with high hopes, the confidence quickly drained from Dodgers, and it was apparent from quite early on in the game that it wasn’t going to be their day.

Bauer keeps pushing

The offence may have cost LA a much-needed victory – that result meaning they have won only three of their last 10 – but it wasn’t through a lack of trying for Bauer. He demonstrated his quality and class even in defeat. The poor performance from his team helped shine the spotlight on just how talented Trevor is. Fans of the pitcher will know he is fast becoming a World Series winner. The timing is the only thing in doubt.

He struck out six in what was a challenging game and conceded two runs in eight innings of hard work. The scoreboard was against him, but he didn’t stop pushing, believing in his ability to help turn things around. It was an example for any young player watching the sport and dreaming of, someday, playing in MLB.

There was more hurt for the Dodgers as they got back to the locker room to find they had slipped from pole position in the set for the first time since the opening weekend of the season. LA must battle back and quickly if they are to regain top spot in the National League West. To have any chance of that, they must address their recent sloppy form, which reads 3-7. Not the run of a team you’d expect to be challenging for the World Series later this year.

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