Covid-19: Better alternatives to control coronavirus spread being analyzed


There’s no doubting that humanity as a whole could be doing more to control the spread of coronavirus across the globe.

Although the ultimate goal is to reach a critical number of vaccinations, there is more that can be done by governments right now to prevent its spread and ultimately save millions of lives in the process.

In this guide, we go over some alternatives that authorities are using to control the spread of coronavirus and discuss how their process optimisation will save lives.

Wearing face masks or bandanas

Face masks were never intended to be a 100% effective barrier against the spread of coronavirus.

However, wearing face masks or bandanas does provide a level of protection that is proven to limit the spread to those more vulnerable.

It’s important to remember that face masks aren’t primarily worn for your own protection, but actually for the protection of others.

Viruses affect each individual differently and while you could be walking around unaware you’re infected, someone else could have a life threatening reaction.

Higher rates of testing

One of the biggest problems is that there are huge numbers of people who don’t realise they’re infected and therefore contagious with coronavirus.

The only way that this problem can be solved is by increasing testing rates throughout the entire community.

You see, when it comes to testing the population for coronavirus, it should be viewed as purely a numbers game. The more people that get tested, the more positives you’re going to get.

If more positives aren’t viewed through politicised glasses and instead seen as what’s best for society as a whole, then the more the better.

Positive tests allow you to see the full extent and limit the spread of the virus through contact tracing and quarantine initiatives.

More efficient contact tracing

Contact tracing refers to the ability of authorities to backtrace the steps of confirmed positives in order to see who they’ve come in contact with while infectious.

Potentially high risk contacts can then be tested and isolated before they’re able to spread the virus on again.

Contact tracing is one of the best tools for controlling the spread of coronavirus because of its proactive, rather than reactive nature.

By getting ahead of the virus, an effective contact tracing system has the potential to reverse the trajectory of total infections and ultimately the death rate.

Public compliance with quarantines

But all of these alternatives designed to control the spread of coronavirus, are only as effective as the population allows them to be.

In order to work, they require broad public compliance and a true buy-in from the community as a whole.

Convincing people that they need to give up short term personal freedoms for the long term good of society as a whole, is no simple task.

The job of politicians shouldn’t be about spinning numbers so they’re viewed in a favourable light, but instead helping people see the big picture.

Vaccination programs mean we can now see light at the end of the tunnel, but by using these alternatives in the meantime, many more unnecessary deaths will be prevented.

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