How technology is helping businesses survive during the present crisis


The pandemic made it necessary for companies to embrace technology. Tons of ventures stayed afloat or found success thanks to their ability to switch to online operations. 

During the last months, everyone has talked about how small businesses can pivot towards offering online services. Technology providers talk about providing solutions to help companies to engage with customers and support online team collaboration. Studies reveal that more companies have started offering services online during the pandemic. Non-essential businesses had to close their land-based facilities and switch to internet-based services and operations to stay afloat. For some brands, this switch brought extra revenue streams because it allowed them to reach a broader audience. Some companies had less than 48 hours to change their business models and provide their clients with safe services. 

Are there people who still wonder why is IT important for businesses nowadays? Functioning in a fast-paced environment makes it challenging to succeed without technology integration. Below you’ll find more about why technology is essential for companies that want to stay afloat. 

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The role of technology in business

Over the last two decades, technology has changed all aspects of life, from the way we interact with each other to how we shop and work. Nowadays, technology is essential for businesses because it improves operations. From advertising to security, everything works better when technology is integrated into processes. 

The role of IT is prominent in all industries, but let’s focus on the ways technology changes modern ventures. 

Communication – Technology makes it easier to communicate, whether you need to stay in touch with your employees or clients. For a small business, IT is the ideal tool to improve internal and external communications. Internal communication means interaction conducted within the company or different departments of a business. Ventures need to keep up with the latest communication used to share the news with employees and project information on social media platforms. External information means communication with partners, clients, and the general public. 

Business growth and business – Today, much of a business’ marketing is down digitally. Digital marketing requires the use of technology and software to automate processes and improve performance. Technology is imperative for the success of a digital marketing campaign. Concepts like search engine optimisation, social media targeting, website development, and blogging wouldn’t be possible without the existence of technology. Technology does more than providing your business with the needed tools to promote the brand; it also equips it with the necessary software to measure the results. This allows you to plan, adapt, and grow. 

Decision making – Technology streamlines the decision-making process. There are countless ways to keep track of resources, market conditions, employee performance, and financial resources. But with technology like Timesheet Portal software, you can automate the processes and make it easier to evaluate the company’s effectiveness to figure out what decisions have to be made to improve performance. With top-notch technology, you can access essential data for the decision-making process. It makes it easier to determine what steps you need to take to improve operations and reach your goals. Digital data collection eliminates time-wasting processes, human errors, and other issues that can influence decision making. Over time, technology can help a venture advance monumentally.         

How technology can help companies during the pandemic

Remote work

Organisations around the world had to shift most of their employees from an office location to their homes in a couple of days, so they could keep the pipeline open, handle the flux of inquiries, provide customer support, and process orders without the pandemic restrictions to affect their clients’ experience. Creating a new workspace wasn’t a simple task for the majority of businesses because they needed to provide their employees with everything from devices to applications and work guidelines. Luckily, technology and the Internet made it easier because they could use software and applications to complete their tasks as if they were at the office after equipping them with devices. 

Mobile devices

During these last months, they had to rely on mobile devices to keep the lines of communication within businesses. Also, mobile devices are the key to improving remote work effectiveness because they provide workers with the needed applications and tools to complete their tasks no matter their location. Most businesses deployed tablets and laptops to workers so they can set work stations remotely and stay in touch with co-workers. 

Digital applications

Many organisations continued to function during the pandemic by adopting new physical distancing rules and using technology to keep their clients safe. Their ability to provide their customers with personalised services makes the difference between successful and in-danger-of-bankruptcy businesses. Digital applications allow customers to sign up for appointments and ensure they respect physical distancing rules when they visit land-based business facilities. Before the pandemic, there was no need for these apps, but now they’re crucial for the excellent functioning of businesses like banks and other essential businesses that have to welcome their clients in their physical offices. These organisations are looking for solutions that allow them to expand their ability to provide new services to their clients. 

Improved security

The new normal business world requires some unique ways to function. With most employees switching to online work, cybersecurity threats are higher than ever. This is the ideal time for the bad actors looking for profit. The world wasn’t ready to switch to complete remote work, and both organisations and individuals lack the needed tools to work safely and guard their information. Technology provides the solutions required to improve cybersecurity, but it takes financial efforts for internet users to upgrade their online safety. The business world should remain laser-focused on protection against email-based spam and attacks, secure remote access, safe internet browsing, and multi-factor authentication that are essential to protect workers and companies against hackers and other cybercriminals. 

The bottom line

 The pandemic brought a new normal for businesses. Technology makes it possible for companies to move online, and everyone depends on it to survive in the present competitive and oversaturated world. 

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