How To Set Realistic Fitness Goals Which You Can Achieve


In so many years of my life, I have set several goals and diet plans but I have always failed to stick to the diet plan I make. I spoke to a dietician friend of mine and a nutritionist and they told me that I was doing it all wrong.

I was left in distress, I started thinking how will I be able to make up to the targets? Or how will I actually reduce my weight? My fellow dieticians said that this is not how it works, it has to be a plan which you will be able to keep up. Hence, it becomes important that you make one goal at a time and make the goals realistic so that you are able to achieve the goals that you set.

 How to Set Realistic Goals?

There are some very simple ways in which you can set your goals easily, here I will discuss with you the very simple ways.

Set One Goal at a Time at Focus on Them

There is no point in making many goals and trying to achieve them all at a time, hence, I would suggest you talk to your fitness trainer and sort out which goal you need to set first. Then make that goal and start working on it, do not do everything all of a sudden that might make you weak.

If I explain in a much better way, than I would say that as you know for the correct fitness, you need not only do the correct workout but also you need to eat the correct food. Having said that I would also say that do not do everything at the same time, like don’t just stop eating to start eating the correct food or do not just start doing all working just one day suddenly.

Amidst everything, make sure that you get a sleep of at least 7-9 hours and that is actually very essential in order to get the best kind of result of your fitness goals. Again when it comes to workout, do not do push-ups and pull-ups and weight lifting and everything all together on the same day if you are starting off with fitness goals. Just start with a few sets of each of the workout styles.

Customize Your Own

It applies to both the kind of food you must eat and the kind of exercise that you must do. Most of the dieticians give a diet chart which is very common for most people, but you need to ask for a customized one. It is a very bad idea to start with the standard diet chart, because then if you are allergic to certain food products and you do not know the supplement for that then you will lack the diet. Hence it is important that you talk to the dieticians and ask him or her to give the food that you eat and how to do your work out.

You must personally take advice from your trainer about how you should take care of your fitness training. Often in the gym or other such workout places, you are guided generally. Make sure that you discuss your goal with your trainer and seek his expertise about how to lose some weights.

Measure the Result

Now after you have everything ready and when you have already started to follow the guidelines, then you can not just let the habit go, you must measure the result. You must make goals that you can easily track and this is how you must track your improvement from time to time.


I can just show you the way, but you need to make the effort if you want the best result. This is very similar to learning about new things like cryptocurrency trading. If you wish to know more about how you can lead a healthy and financially fulfilled life, you can visit bitcoin loophole. If you have some questions about the article, please feel free to write them down in the comments section.

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