Top 3 Factors That Necessitate Roof Sagging


Sagging is a common roofing problem that homeowner tends to overlook. Worst still, even new roofs seem to experience sagging issues, thus raising the question of the real causes of the sagging roof. If left alone, sagging can lead to a severe problem with your roof’s performance, as well as its structural integrity. If you notice any form of sagging, don’t hesitate to notify your roofing contractor to have it repaired to prevent further damage. But before you rush to fix the roofing, it is ideal also to understand the possible causes of the sagging issue. Here are common causes of roof sagging you should know:

Excessive weight of the roof

Roofs can only accommodate a specific weight beyond which can result in sagging. During the roof repair Los Angeles, you have the laxity to choose between a roof-over and a tear-off. However, the majority of homeowners prefer a tear-off since it allows professionals to repair underlying roofing issues. 

Adding new shingles on top of the old ones can increase the roof’s overall weight. Hence weakening the structure and causing it to sag. That’s why you need to remove debris buildup on your roof or call the expert as soon as you notice a roofing issue.

The age of the roof

The more the roof gets older, the more it is likely to sag. It’s normal for roof materials to weaken and deteriorate as it becomes older. A sagging roof can indicate that the roofing material is rotten and that it needs urgent replacement. 

You need an expert to determine whether you need a roof repair or an entire replacement. About 15 years is the typical life service of the standard roofing system. Is your roof more than 15 years old? If that is the case, then the smartest solution is a roof replacement

The rafters and other roofing components tend to deteriorate after attaining 15 years of service. Regular inspection and addressing issues immediately are the sure way to slow down roof aging to put unnecessary stress on your roof.

Poor Installation of roofing materials

If your newly constructed roof shows signs of sagging, the chances are that there was faulty installation. Therefore, before choosing any roofing contractor, you should know whether they are dependable and the most reputable roofing expert in the area. 

As mentioned earlier, overweight can lead to a sagging roof. Same way performing several re-roofs can make additional weight. Additional layers of roofing material can be a recipe for deterioration and can weaken the structure even faster. Hence before installing a new roof, make sure you remove the old one to allow for a sturdier framework.


Understanding the cause is the first step towards finding the right solution for sagging roofs. The sheathing is the main problem in truss-frame roofs. You can replace the old sheathing and install bigger rafters if your roof needs replacement. However, frame-related issues are best handled by experts. Many forms of roof repair Los Angeles are best left to experts because trying to do the work yourself may only cause more problems than the solution to you and your roof.

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