Will Floersheimer Shows How Wall Street Can Give Back


Though many people believe the current working generations show a predisposition for self-involvement, individuals like Will Floersheimer are proving this stereotype to be untrue. As somewhat of a prodigy in the financial world, Will Floersheimer continues to use his understanding of finance and business models to support nonprofits and drive philanthropic efforts. Despite the fact that he could be spending his time managing the portfolios of wealthy individuals, Will Floersheimer is using his time and expertise for the greater good.

Will Floersheimer’s early life is where his interest in philanthropy and community truly began. Born in New York City, Will grew up as a resident of the suburb of Greenwich, Connecticut. It was there that Will Floersheimer and his two siblings were able to live the idyllic American childhood—one of safety, security, and family values. By the time he was ready for school, Will was enrolled at Brunswick School of Greenwich, a prestigious and well respected all-boys school. Will Floersheimer is the grandchild of Stephen Helmuth Floersheimer, who founded the Floersheimer Center for Constitutional Democracy.

The Brunswick School ensured that Will Floersheimer had the space and support to grow into an independent and motivated child. During his time at the school, Will excelled at sports, especially lacrosse, soccer, and paddle tennis. Further diminishing generational stereotypes, Will’s talent on the field did not come with a decrease in his academic proficiency. In fact, Will Floersheimer graduated with honors from the prestigious school, had developed a fluency in Italian and Spanish, and was adored by teachers and students alike.

Unlike many students his age, Will Floersheimer developed an incredible interest in philanthropy during his time in high school. He went above and beyond service standards to create a foundation to help Israeli kids his age who were facing impoverished conditions. This foundation quickly gained acclaim and according to the Emerald City Journal was branded The Blue Blazer Fund.

The Blue Blazer Fund involved selling old school blazers and other high end clothing items for a small profit, which was then donated to groups in Israel who were facing opposition and educational hardship. These results were hard-earned, and Will took special care and time to ensure that the funds were directed into the right communities. He and his fellow philanthropists even traveled to Israel to monitor their donations and ensure that their Israeli peers were receiving the support they needed.

High school was only the beginning of Will’s success. After graduation, Will Floersheimer enrolled in Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. With his passion for business and finance, Will honed his skills at school and absorbed every bit of information available to him. However, his work did not stop at the classroom.

During summers in college, Will enrolled in several prestigious financial internships. Internships included spots at JP Morgan, Van Eck Global, and Golden Tree Asset Management, where he was able to learn invaluable industry experience that propelled his career forward before he even graduated. Though he spent a significant amount of time on his education, he still managed to give back and have fun. He pledged a fraternity and quickly rose in the leadership ranks through his continued philanthropic efforts. In his rare downtime, he continued to play lacrosse and supported school teams in other sports as well.

JP Morgan offered Will a position following his graduation, and Will jumped at the chance to return to his home region. Building upon his internship experience, Will was quickly promoted to the position of associate. As an associate, Will Floersheimer managed a portfolio of over $70 billion dollars, advising clients on how to invest new assets, monitor markets, and manage existing assets for maximum returns.

His time at JP Morgan gave him an incredible reputation within the financial community, as he quickly gained the respect and trust of clients and coworkers alike. Fortunately for the citizens of south Florida, Will now devotes the same attention and wealth of experience he once gave the finance world to a brand new philanthropic effort.

Despite his incredible success in the financial sector, Will Floersheimer has recently refocused on his passion for philanthropy. Will serves as a volunteer at The Lord’s Place, an organization that supports people experiencing poverty in south Florida. Will devotes an enormous amount of time training new volunteers at the company’s thrift stores, helping them to learn how to sort and tag items and how to operate within a retail merchandise environment. 

His enthusiasm has turned the organization around, and has had an incredible impact on the community. Because he has such extensive finance and business experience, Will is eager to help the organizations with numerous fundraisers and events. Because of his efforts, The Lord’s Place earned over $11 million dollars in 2019 and continues to expand its outreach efforts.

It is absolutely refreshing to see a talented, bright individual such as Will using his abilities for the greater good. No matter the next step for Mr. Floersheimer, you can be sure that the community will benefit as a result.

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