Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Bar for Your Event



When planning to host a special event like a milestone anniversary, there is no doubt that you want it to be memorable for the longest time. Bar hire services ensure great food, drinks, and a bucket load of entertainment.

Bartenders for hire have many benefits, one of which is that they are guaranteed to impress your guests and avail various drinks. Because they are in charge of serving your guests, you can enjoy the party without worrying that someone will be under-served. In this article, we explore some of the main benefits of hiring a full-service bartending company.

Expert Mixologists at Your Beck and Call

One advantage of getting a full-service bar hire service provider is that they have expert bartenders for hire and mixologist coupled with top drawer customer service. Remember the most important thing is for everyone to enjoy the party, and hiring a reputable bartending service makes it possible.

At Bar Brothers Events, our servers and bartenders for hire are ready to go out of the way so you and your attendees have an event to remember. You can feel confident in the knowledge that professional, sociable, and well-versed bartenders are the ones that make drinks for your guests. It is our passion and duty to serve your guests the drinks they require and in sufficient quantities.

Personalized Experience

Although we have preset menus, we understand that you may want your guests to get a customized experience during this special event. Fortunately, we offer the customized drinks that appeal to the unique tastes of your visitors. Our drinks are tailor-made specifically for you.

Whether you are throwing a birthday party for close friends and family, a wedding, or a corporate mixer, you can trust the guys at Bar Brothers Events to have any drink for the occasion. Our highly skilled bartenders can create a unique style for your party through ingredients, colours, glassware, and service.

No matter what type of drink your guests want, we will make it specifically for them. Our expert cocktail servers and mixologists are trained to prepare drinks just the way you would want them. When you hire a top bar hire service like Bar Brothers Events, you get the following:

  • You get customized drinks made just for your event
  • Drinks that are perfectly paired with food
  • Craft cocktails made using the finest local ingredients
  • Mocktails for teetotalers or underage guests

A well-planned and executed signature cocktail can be the difference between impressing your guests or securing that business, and failing. Fortunately, we help you achieve just that.

Worry-Free Party

With time ticking towards your party, the stress can start to add up. You have to think of many things like time, organizing, and even the setup.

But hiring a top-notch mobile bar hire service like Bar Brothers Events ensures that your event will be well-planned so you don’t have to worry. That’s because we have planned and served numerous events, gatherings, and parties. One thing we do to perfection is taking the stress off our clients. With our full-service bar, we bring all the supplies needed, serve guests to the best of our ability, and do the cleanup once the party is over. In other words, you don’t need to worry when you have us. 

Enough Drinks for Your Guest

You only need to indicate to bartenders for hire the number of guests you expect and they will ensure everyone gets enough to drink. That is because these people have experience in serving guests and know the amount of alcohol and other drinks that you need to buy to sufficiently cater for your guests.

This means you need not worry about running out of drink and being embarrassed in front of your attendees. With a professional bartender, the question of purchasing little, excess, or wrong drinks doesn’t arise. 

Bartenders Serve Just The Right Amount of Alcohol

When you give your guests the freedom to serve alcohol, they run the risk of drinking too much and being disorderly. Many problems can arise because people drinking too much than it is necessary. A bartender will not just serve beer and wine, but also knows when someone has had one glass too many. They will stop serving such guests and call a taxi for them to take them home safely. This protects you from being held partly liable in case of injury to other people or damage to a third-party’s property as a result of being inebriated. 

Leave a Good Impression

Admittedly, not every party will hire bartenders. However, hiring one is a surefire way to impress your guests because bartenders add fun and fancy to a party. Your guests will be sure to find drinks when they visit the bar. It’s a guaranteed way of making your event the most memorable it can be.

They Keep the Party Moving

As your guests arrive at the party, some will go directly to the bar, and this can create some kind of a line. That’s because the bar is usually a spot for hanging out at an event. Any bartender worth his salt will work fast and accurately, and many of them boast pleasant personalities to handle the line efficiently. Lastly, they will ensure that every guest leaves having received good service.

Enjoy the Party

Because you have enlisted the help of a professional bar hire service provider, you don’t have to do much in terms of attending to your guests. This also means less pressure and more time to enjoy the party. You can give your visitors more time, so they leave knowing you set time for them. You won’t have to run up and down frantically because you hired someone to take charge of that. 

Hire Bar Brothers Events for a Flawless Party

Our skilled bartenders and mixologists have handled tens of hundreds of events and know just what to do to make innovative signature drinks. We can help in any type of event and make it the most successful it can be. You can trust our experts to serve your guests enough drinks and ensure no one over-drinks to cause problems at the party. Call us today to find out more.

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