Best Tips to Protect Your House From Pests


If you’re wondering how you can keep your house free from pests, then this article’s for you. Below are 10 ways on how you fight against pests even before they occur.

1.    Find All Entry Points

The first step to making your house unavailable to pests is identifying where they can come from. Especially now that pests are more aggressive with restaurants closing down, your home is their next target. Using a flashlight, look for holes, cracks, or any other access points that these pests can come through.

Usual entry points of pests are:

  • Cracks in the exterior foundation
  • Holes in the roofing
  • Vents and screens

Immediately repair any parts of the house that make you vulnerable to infestation. Always check any materials that are not correctly installed or those that have worn over a period of time. Keep your protection by properly maintaining your home.

2.    Seal the Entry Points

Once you determine where these pests might get through, seal and lock them out. Take note of parts of your house that need maintenance and repair, even those that are not fitting well.  If you want to install screens, go for those that have 200 holes per square inch.

Be fond of weatherstripping, so your doors and windows are always appropriately sealed, and no gaps can be seen. You can also fill holes with copper mesh and expanding foam sealant.

3.    Install Ultrasonic Pest Guard

This cruelty-free technology has been gaining popularity because of its ability to protect the house from all kinds of pests. These devices are also available online like those from that you can check out.

4.    Scrub Spills Immediately

Especially when the liquid contains a high dose of sugar — like juice and sodas, you need to scrub the spill area as fast as you can. Wiping it down will usually be enough if you have a surface that doesn’t absorb the spill, but if it was knocked over wooden furniture or carpet, be sure to brush the surface thoroughly. Pests will find these surfaces with remaining stains and might even make it a breeding ground.

5.    Dispose of Your Trash Properly

Pests are attracted to garbage, and letting your trash lie around is an open invitation for them to come into your home. Having a simple black bag for your trash may not be enough, so it’s best to invest in bins with tight-fitting lids.

The area of your house where the trash lies should also be regularly cleaned. It being a designated place for litter doesn’t mean you can just leave it. Make sure to tightly tie garbage bags and wash the bins after removing the trash before putting it back inside your house.

6.    Wash Your Recyclables

Keep your recyclables in a separate bin, preferably one that also has a tight lid. You can also leave it in your yard or garage, so it doesn’t stay inside the house. Before doing so, it’s recommended that you at least rinse them first so that the remaining food in the containers is removed.

7.    Trim Your Plants

Plants became popular when the pandemic dragged on. Aside from regularly admiring them, make sure that you trim them appropriately. Don’t let any loose clippings scatter around the house. Also, don’t overwater your plants. Your plant will not absorb the excess water, and this can attract other insects such as mosquitoes to lay their eggs there.

8.    Clean the Drains and Sinks

Upon washing your wares, debris and other gunks are left in the drain. Over time, the debris will accumulate, and it’ll be the perfect breeding ground for pests such as small flies and cockroaches. Have a schedule of when you can look at your drains and sinks to be sure that there is no muck waiting for you. You can buy drain cleaners from your local markets to fix the clogs. A simple mixture of baking soda and vinegar can also do the trick.

9.    Use Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are not only for garnishes or food preps. They can also wield away pests and can even act as a DIY mosquito repellant. If your family loves watching the stars at night or backyard camping or maybe having a small barbeque party, you can put some sage and rosemary along with the coals.

Other DIY mosquito repellants concoctions are as follows:

  • Apple cider vinegar and essential oil
  • Mouthwash and beer
  • Tea tree oil and coconut oil

10. Provide Another Food Source

Since pests visit your house because it has food, why not give them their own food in their own space? In a separate place, fairly far from your abode, you can control the pests that try to invade your house by setting up feeders. Be careful, though, as this is not a method you can always rely on. Some wild animals can wander and eat the feed before the pests can.

Keep Your House Pest-Free

There are many ways you can try to prevent pests from invading your home. You can even combat them when they show up unannounced. However, when you find it hard to control them, you can refer to professional exterminators. Keep your house safe and be pest-free.

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