15 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes (Legit & Instant)


YouTube is one of the most known platforms on the internet. The amount of traffic that it receives is huge. Hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded every day on YouTube while hundreds of millions of people watch them. If you become popular on YouTube it has a lot of perks attached to it. But to get consistent likes and views on your videos is not easy as it is a competitive platform saturated with content. So, you may need a little credibility or social proof. A lot of people buy YouTube likes for this purpose.

It makes their videos seem more credible. We have compiled a list of the best sites to buy YouTube likes if you are considering this service. We have also added related FAQs at the bottom to help you with YouTube growth. So, let’s get started.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes


Viralyft is the company that we are starting with. It is a company that can help with social media promotion and has various services for multiple social media platforms. TikTok, Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The company promises a lot of features like fast delivery, affordable rates, secured payment gateway, risk-free services. You can get different services for YouTube as well from viralyft.com. The cost of YouTube likes on this site starts at $6.99 for 100 likes. 


Getviral can help you improve your social authority on various social media platforms. You can get services for a lot of different social media channels on getviral.io. The company had 24/7 customer support for the help of its clients. Getviral had been around for over 7 years and has had thousands of clients and has fulfilled hundreds of thousands of orders.

The company claims that many of its clients return to order more because of the quality of the services provided. The cost of 100 likes for YouTube costs $6.99. Visit the site for more info on other packages. 


ViewsExpert is a company that many people use if they want to improve their social presence on social media. The company promises that you can get exposure without doing any hard work by just purchasing its services. It has ensured that the clients can always reach out to it for doubts and queries.

The chat with us button on the website helps you connect with a customer support operative. The platforms serviced by ViewsExpert include Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, Twitch, Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, and LinkedIn. There are many packages to buy YouTube likes with the cheapest package costing $5.50 and providing 100 likes to the clients. 


If you visit socialpackages.net you will see that it claims to have good-quality Instagram growth services. You can get stats for Instagram that are real and of high quality. The features of the company include fast delivery, premium-quality stats, risk-free service and 24/7 live support.

You can easily use this site to buy stats for multiple platforms like SoundCloud, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Clubhouse. The price for YouTube likes packages ranges from $6 to $177 for 100 likes to 5000 likes. 


Fastlikes is a company that promises that it will help you gain Instagram followers and grow on Instagram organically. It claims that its Instagram services are the best and real growth services. But you can also buy stats for TikTok, SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook from fastlikes.io.

There are many services for YouTube that you can purchase from this site. If you want to buy YouTube likes them you need to have at least $6.99 as a budget as that is the price of the base package and it provides 100 likes. 


The next site on this list is famups.com. The company claims that using its service it will only take a few minutes to boost your reputation in the market. Famups provides a variety of social media marketing services that can help with social media promotion. It supports users from Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud. The base package of YouTube likes on this site costs $9. It provides 100 likes to the clients. 


Appsally is a company that is featured on many lists as well. It provides social media services for a plethora of major social media platforms and also has website and search engine optimization services. Appsally has a lot of packages and combos for many social media platforms. You can go to appsally.com and take a look at them. The base package for YouTube video likes on this site costs $20 and gets you 222 likes.


Woorke is another company that provides a variety of digital marketing services including different social media services. If you are looking to stick with one company for all your social media needs then one of the companies to consider would be Woorke. There are a lot of services for YouTube on this site. There are three packages for YouTube likes and the cheapest one costs $21.99 for every 50 likes. These are high-quality likes that can improve your video reach. You can go to woorke.com and take a look at the various other services and packages to get more info on them. 


The next site on this list has services for four popular platforms. You can buy likes, views, followers, subscribers etc. for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud. The company knows that social proof is everything on social media platforms and buying stats from it can help you visit your social proof and credibility. The company promises premium-quality results with fast delivery. You can buy 150 video likes from the site for $20. That is the starting price. Visit followerpackages.com for info on more packages. 


GetRealBoost is a company that promises to provide genuine and real services to its clients. It has worked with hundreds of clients and delivered tens of thousands of orders. It claims that it is a trusted source for social media services and you can get services for YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram etc. The company provides many services for YouTube that you can buy at affordable rates. There are many packages for YouTube likes starting from 50 likes for $5. 


Venium offers different kinds of social media services that can help you improve your rankings and presence online. The company claims that by using its services you will be able to get your content all over the world and gain popularity. The company makes use of social marketing, premium partnerships, sponsored placements and premium networks to deliver the stats. The rate for YouTube likes on venium.com is $3.49 for every 100 likes. 


The next company primarily promotes its YouTube services but also supports services for SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok etc. You can buy 100 YouTube likes from ytpals.com for $13.50. The delivery is guaranteed and everything is promised to be safe and private. 


YouTubeMarket is a place where you can buy different services for YouTube. You can buy YouTube subscribers, likes, watch time, views etc. You can buy YouTube likes at cheaper rates on this site starting at the price of $1.99 for 50 likes. 


UseViral is recommended by many because of the quality of services it provides. It supports platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Spotify, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, TikTok etc. If you are looking to boost the likes on your videos the prices for packages start at $13 for 100 likes. It may not be the cheapest but it claims to have real and high-quality likes. 


This is another site that you can visit if you want social media services for YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram etc. It claims to provide active and high-quality stats to its clients. The base package for YouTube likes is priced at $30 for 250 likes. 


If you want a company that is completely focused on YouTube then StormViews is one such company. It only provides YouTube promotional services where you can buy likes, views and subscribers from this company. 


How to get more likes and views on YouTube?

Today, if you are popular on YouTube then you are like an online celebrity or an influencer. Having an engaging YouTube audience who regularly views and likes your videos can be quite beneficial. Of course, you do get more money via ad revenue but also you can drive this traffic to other platforms or sell stuff to your audience. You have seen a lot of YouTubers slowly creating their own brands and selling different products and merchandise.

But to get to that point you need to have a strategy to grow on YouTube. You need to grow a loyal audience base on YouTube and get more likes and views. We did talk about services to buy YouTube likes already so we will be talking about more organic methods in this section. We have also tried to ensure that you can try out these tips for free and do not need to have a budget. So, let’s take a look at how you can increase your subscriber base and get more likes and views on YouTube.

  • Pick a Niche

If you want consistent engagement on your videos you need to zero in on a niche. People might think that appealing to a broader audience might get them a lot of popularity but it won’t. You will get buried in the YouTube algorithm and your videos may not show up high enough in searches to be viewed. Picking a niche helps you in many ways. First, you have a good idea about what your videos will be about. Of course, you may not know the specifics but you will have an idea about what the general format of a video would be. For example, if you want to create a YouTube reaction channel then don’t just react to random videos.

Pick a genre. Do you react to comedy videos? Are you reacting to songs and music videos or are cooking videos more up your alley? Once you know this then you will know what your videos will be about. Another advantage that it will provide you with is that people who generally watch videos in that niche will get introduced to your videos and might become regular viewers.

In this day and age, people just want more content to consume and if you can provide them with it you will get more views. YouTube users keep searching for more videos in the niche that they like. So, if you pick a specific niche you will start roping in some views and likes. Of course, it also depends on the quality of your videos which brings us to the next tip.

  • Never Post Low-quality and Boring Content

This is one of the most important tips for growing on YouTube. Once you have your niche or channel theme you should focus on creating high-quality and entertaining videos. This is the best way to get more views and likes on any social media platform. People generally come to YouTube to learn something or for entertainment purposes.

If a video isn’t good enough they will move on to the next because they have a lot of options. One way to ensure that you keep getting consistent views and likes is to regularly post videos that provide some value to the viewers. If you operate an informational or educational channel then ensure that the videos provide the required information in the best way possible to the viewers. It should be visual and informative.

If your channel is more geared towards providing relaxation or entertainment then you have to create content that is funny or interesting for the users in your niche. The quality of the video should be good as well. You should record using a decent microphone and ensure that there are minimum background noises. The lighting should be good. People should be able to see and hear you clearly. If you decide to not show yourself then whatever you project on the screen should have some decent quality and your voice should be clear. 

  • Put Some Thoughts into Creating the Title

YouTube video title is one of the factors that play a role in deciding whether or not a person will click on your video. The title should be catchy and should describe the video accurately. A lot of people try to clickbait the user but it may work a couple of times but if people figure out that your titles are ingenuine and do not represent what is in the video they will start ignoring your videos. So, don’t be dishonest. If you want to put a clickbait title ensure that it has decent relevance with the video.

MrBeast is a master at this skill. His videos have some of the most ‘clickbaity’ titles and yet they represent what is actually going to be in the videos. If you want to know how you can write catchy video titles in your niche just look at the popular channels and videos in your niche. Take a look at their titles and see how you can do the same. But there’s another important part to a good title. You need to put the main keyword of your video in the title. It will help with the YouTube SEO and your video will have a better rank in the searches.

You can use keyword research tools to find out good keywords that are popular and in your league. The latter part means that given your current YouTube status can you compete for that keyword with other popular channels. Also, use keywords that you think that people may use to search for the same stuff. Though the title limit on YouTube is 70 characters, research has shown that you will get more engagement if your videos have titles that have around 30 characters. 

Do You Know About Metadata?

The next tip comes from blog.hootsuite.com. It is a popular site to learn about social media and digital marketing and promotion. Metadata includes the title of your video, the tags that you use and the description. Using optimal metadata can help in getting your videos recommended after a popular video. YouTube has designed its algorithm in such a way that people stay on the platform for a longer duration. But people won’t stay on YouTube for long if they don’t find anything interesting. So, it is the algorithm’s job to recommend videos that will be interesting or entertaining for them.

There are a lot of criteria that the algorithm based its decisions on while recommending videos while you have already started watching a video. When you click on a video you can see that on the right side of the video YouTube recommends a lot of other videos. These are either videos from the channel whose video you are watching, popular videos that have a lot of likes, views and engagement, videos based on your viewing history and videos that have similar or related metadata. So, as you can see if you want to get recommended after a video you need to have similar or related metadata.

You can take a look at the keywords used in a video by viewing the page source and searching for the keywords field. While creating similar metadata as the popular video ensure that you aren’t blatantly copying everything. Think of the viewers first. Think about how they will perceive the video. Does the video provide value to them and gives them something more than the popular video that they just watched. This will help you build a steady audience base and will help you get more likes and views.

  • Attractive Thumbnails 

Thumbnails are quite important for your videos. It is the first visual representation of your video that a person sees. Of course, a catchy title is important but you need to combine it with a nice custom thumbnail. If you do not provide a thumbnail then YouTube will just pick a frame from your video and display it as a thumbnail which is not good enough. Statistics have shown that most of the popular videos and the ones that get a lot of views have custom thumbnails. So, take some time to create a custom thumbnail for your video. While creating a thumbnail, think from the viewer’s perspective.

Since you want to grow on YouTube you must be using the platform a lot. Think about what makes you click on a video. Go to your watch history and see the thumbnails of the videos. Check out the thumbnails on your competitors’ channels and other popular videos in your niche. You can try creating similar thumbnails to these videos but keep them original enough so that people can identify from the thumbnail itself that the video is from your channel.

Again, do not mislead the viewers. Your video watch time will decrease because people will be clicking off of your video as it does not provide the stuff that they thought it would. Low watch time will hurt your video rankings and it will not be recommended by the YouTube algorithm to the people.

  • Be Interactive

A constant supply of views and likes will come if you have a loyal subscriber base. And one of the ways you can make your viewers and subscribers more engaging and loyal is by interacting with them. Even if you are just starting out, talk to the viewers. Address them directly in your videos. Read their comments and react or reply to them. You can ask them for suggestions and mention their names if you pick their suggestion. Many popular YouTubers still do this.

They often interact with their subscribers and viewers. This makes the subscribers want to regularly view and engage with the videos in the hopes of getting to interact with you. The more you can make your channel seem like a community the more is the chance of getting a lot of consistent views and likes and one of the ways to do it is by connecting with your audience at a personal level. 

  • Post Regularly

Regular posting is very much important if you want to stay relevant. You need to provide your audience with enough content so that they can get hooked on it. If you post at huge and irregular intervals then it will be hard for you to grow quickly. Even some of the biggest YouTubers post daily videos. You can do the same.

Yes, it will take a lot of effort to upload good quality videos with decent editing and entertaining content on a regular basis but you have to do it if you want to become popular on YouTube. YouTube is a platform where strategy and good content is important but along with it, you need perseverance. The one who sticks with it the longest and provides consistent efforts will end up racking in the views, likes and subscribers.

So, these were some tips that can be helpful if you want to increase the number of views and likes on your YouTube videos in a more organic way. Of course, you can experiment with paid services and if it works out for you then great. But try out these tips. These are more generalized but you can customize them and fit them to your niche and what you want to achieve. Feedback and analytics are quite important as well. You need to regularly monitor what is working and what is not working for you and keep adjusting your strategy till it is most optimized for your purposes.

Should I buy YouTube likes?

Buying likes for your videos is a way to improve the appearance of your video. The accounts from which the bought likes will come will not engage with your videos and channel in the future. They are just liking your video because you paid for it and not because they are interested. But the reason people buy likes is to attract more people to their videos. The thought behind this is that if a person sees that a video has a lot of likes and views then they may be more willing to click on that video and watch it and even like the video.

If you think that this is a strategy that can work for you then you can go for it. We would suggest you buy smaller packages first and test them out. If it is effective you can move on to bigger packages. But it is not recommended to buy a large number of likes for a single video. It might look fishy and if people find out about this, it might harm your reputation. So, even if you want to buy larger packages ask the service provider whether you can split the likes among multiple videos. 

How to buy YouTube Likes?

Buying YouTube likes is very easy which is why a lot of people do it. There are multiple sites that you can go to for this service. Though for some the number of options may be a boon, if you are just starting it may be overwhelming and confusing. But it is not that difficult. Let’s take you through it.

  • Select a Decent Website

We have provided a list of the best sites to buy YouTube likes. You can use this list for your research purposes. Finding a nice service provider is the step that is most important and will probably take the most time. The steps after that are very simple. Once you have found a service provider it will take a few minutes to order a service from them.

To find a good site you need to go to the site and take a look at the appearance of the website. Try finding information and the site and check the reviews. Talk with the customer support team. Check the responsiveness and the effectiveness of the customer support. Ask them all your doubts and queries. If you are satisfied you can consider the site.

  • Select the platform and the service

Go to the site you have selected and click on YouTube or any other platform of your choosing. You will probably get a list of services to choose from. Select the service you want, for example, buy YouTube likes. 

  • Select the package

Most sites will offer multiple packages for a service. A package will have a price and a quantity assigned to it. It will depend on your budget and strategy as to which package to buy.

Once you have bought the package you can pay for it by choosing the payment method you are comfortable with. That’s it. You are done. The site will do the rest and deliver the stats. 

Is it safe to buy YouTube Likes?

It may not cause a ban or suspension in general. The cases for this are quite rare. The band and suspensions generally occur if you upload questionable content. But still, caution is advised. YouTube is a private organization. It may change its rules at any moment. So, do not rely on purchasing stats completely. Have other strategies as well that can help you in getting likes more organically. Try to buy reasonable amounts and it should not cause many problems. 

Buying likes for your youtube videos is a way to make your video appear more credible. It can help attract more people to watch your video and engage with it. You can use our list to find sites that provide these services but remember that your video content matters the most. Also, you should not depend on these services forever as organic growth should be your goal. We wish you all the best in your YouTube career.

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