Cedarcreek Elementary, Skyblue Mesa break ground on new facilities

(Left to right) Josh Hertan, Senior Superintendent - Novus Construction; John Audap, Construction Manager – Colombo Construction; Chris Trunkey, Board Member (Trustee Area 5); Laura Arrowsmith, Board President (Trustee Area 2); Colleen Hawkins, Ed.D., Superintendent; Mary Mann, Principal; Nick Heinlein, Assistant Superintendent of Business; Peter Gayton, Director of Maintenance and Operations. Courtesy photo

The Saugus Union School District held groundbreaking events last week for a handful of new buildings coming to the Cedarcreek and Skyblue Mesa elementary schools.  

During a groundbreaking ceremony at Cedarcreek Elementary on June 2 for the new construction — which was funded by Measure EE — officials expressed how it will bring quality school facilities and spaces beyond their classrooms to explore the sciences.  

“A groundbreaking is such a wonderful time to celebrate the start of something new,” said Mary Mann, principal at Cedarcreek Elementary. “We are all so excited to begin the development of our edible school yard activities and these new facilities will allow our students great access to these activities.” 

In total, the new construction will lead to the building of a 3,240-square-foot multipurpose room with 1,000-square-foot kitchen, a 30,000-square-foot school yard/play area with outdoor rotunda, and 1,500-square-foot science lab and study room. In total, the project is slated to cost approximately $9 million.  

(Left to right) Garo Muradian & David Nazzal from Nazerian Group; Chris Trunkey, Board Member (Trustee Area 5); Nick Heinlein, Assistant Superintendent of Business; Laura Arrowsmith, Board President (Trustee Area 2); Kimberlie Humphries, Principal, Colleen Hawkins, Ed.D., Superintendent; Peter Gayton, Director of Maintenance and Operations. Courtesy photo

On June 3, district officials also attended a groundbreaking for Skyblue Mesa and its new library, science lab and classroom building, which is set to be completed in the near future. The project, funded by Measure EE and Community Facility District funds, will include six new, 1,000-square-foot rooms, 1,470-square-foot library, 1,500-square-foot science lab and breakout room, and will cost a total of $7.5 million.  

“As we close the chapter on a tumultuous school year, this groundbreaking ceremony for our new library and classrooms signifies hope and new beginnings,” said Kimberly Humphries, principal at Skyblue Mesa. “We are excited about the new building and the upcoming school year.” 

Of the new library and incoming facilities, Saugus district board President Laura Arrowsmith said she was excited that they would aid the district in nurturing a love for learning.  

“We here in the Saugus District are grateful for community support through Measure EE, which has made these important building projects possible,” said Arrowsmith. “Before long, students and their teachers will have wonderful spaces, beyond their own classrooms, to support them as they dig in to the potential and promise of the Next Generation Science Standards.” 

“These new classrooms and library space will provide our students with 21st-century learning experiences now and well into the future,” said district Superintendent Colleen Hawkins. “Thank you to our community for supporting these facilities improvements for our students.” 

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