How to Give Your Partner the Ultimate Facial Massage



There is no doubt about the immense benefits that you get from a facial massage, whether you decide to have it done by a professional aesthetician, or you use a gua sha tool to treat yourself at home. But one thing that you probably don’t know is when you do a facial to someone you are intimate with.

For one, giving a massage to your partner or receiving one from them helps you to form a deeper connection not only physically but also emotionally.

Giving each other a rubdown is also a perfect way to demonstrate your deep and selfless love for your partner. Experts also say it fosters trust, improves communication, and expresses vulnerability when done with the right products, and we will be showing you a top one from Anfisa Skin. In this article, we will show you a complete guide to giving the perfect facial massage to your significant other. 

Make the Environment Perfect for Your Partner

Because you are doing the massage at home, I would assume you don’t have a massage table already. But don’t let this bother you so much because it’s possible to create a temporary sanctuary for relaxing the mind and the body.

Make sure the massage space is comfortable and easy to move around. That means removing furniture as much as you can. We suggest you do the massage on your bed, which also has the benefit of leading to great sex afterwards.

Choose the Right Massage Oil

While massage oil isn’t an absolute a must, it is a standard procedure in most professional facials. This is because it makes it easier for hands to glide smoothly even over tight muscles. 

Anfisa Skin’s Lilou Hydra Balm pairs wonderfully with a gua sha tool from the same company. You may also add an essential oil scent that you love.

Lighting is everything.

The importance of good lighting cannot be overemphasized. Fortunately, all you need is a couple of simple touches and you will transform your massage room into a spa-level zone.

Reduce the brightness and ensure that you have a comfortable temperature. 

Use a blanket where necessary. Also, consider using light candles and burn incense or some Palo Santo sticks. Another alternative is to set the mood and tone with a room spray. 

Find out the Pressure Preference of Your Partner

The saying “different strokes for different folks” is just as true for facial massage as for anything else. Therefore, do not make assumptions regarding where or how your partner wants to be rubbed. 

Some people prefer gentle touch everywhere, while others prefer being pressed hard. Asking your partner to tell you exactly what they prefer can be the difference between painful and unsatisfying results, and a perfect massage. 

We suggest asking your partner on a 1-10 scale, where 1 is too light and 10 is too heavy. You could ask something like, “how is the pressure here?” Your aim should be getting a 6-7 in depth.

The key is to slowly rub your partner slowly and ask them if they prefer more pressure or less on a specific area. Also, ask your partner to say if you do something great.

You could use terms like lower, higher, right, or left? Once you hit the magical spots, remain there until your partner tells you to move onto some other areas.

Targeting specific areas of the face- Maybe you don’t have enough time and would want to concentrate on specific areas? If that’s the case, here are a few simple facial massage techniques to try on the go.

Depuffing the Eyes– To achieve this, gently press and roll your ring fingers along your partner’s brow bone. Make sure you do this from the inner corners to the outer ones. Also, ensure you use light pressure. Do the same under your nose.

Smoothing the Forehead- the massage is best achieved when you use your middle and index fingers and press them firmly between your partner’s brows. Next, slide your fingers up their forehead until you get to their hairline. 

Move outward until such a time that your partner’s entire forehead has been covered. You may repeat as needed. 

When your partner complains of congestion press and then hold the part between their brow some more.

Defining their Jawline- With both hands making a peace sign, bend them to form “air quotes”. Start at your chin and then cradle your partner’s jaw between your fingers. Next, slowly draw them in a sweeping motion toward their ears.

Sculpting Cheekbones– The same movements that you did for their jawline should be repeated here, only that you will need to locate your fingers below their cheekbone. To finish off, lightly pinch the apples of their cheeks to boost blood circulation in their face. 

We advise on choosing a top-notch gua sha tool for those that prefer at-home facials. Not only does this guarantee you instant results but also, with regular use and the right facial product from Anfisa Skin, you will keep their skin in perfect condition. Also, it delays aging and also supports the tissues. 


Gua sha involves scraping a rose quartz stone or a flat jade over the facial skin in firm strokes. When you choose the right gua sha tool, it will relax stiff muscles and also promote tissue drainage. So what’s the one important thing you should always remember about gua sha? It is to always begin at the sides and the back of the neck and at the forehead. The aim is to create a clear route for the drainage of the facial fluids. The beautiful thing about a gua sha tool is that it enables you to give your partner a spa-level massage right at home. When used with an appropriate facial product, for instance, Lilou Radiant Hydra Balm from Anfisa, giving your partner a facial massage can be the best way to show your selfless affection and love. 

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