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Nowadays, several artists, creators, and brands have started purchasing likes, views, and followers to boost engagement on various social media accounts for better reach and visibility. This has led to the rise of several companies and websites and helped the social media growth and management industry to flourish. But there’s also been a negative side to it as several fake sites and companies have cropped up which tend to scam their clients by delivering fake followers and bot accounts, thereby putting clients’ accounts at the risk of being suspended or banned.

Before we dive into a detailed review of, here are some alternatives that you can consider for safely purchasing authentic likes, comments, views, and followers for various social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and countless others without getting your account banned or suspended due to malicious activity.

Review of

If you are new to Instagram and don’t know much about then here’s a detailed review to save you the time and money, so you can confidently decide whether it’s worth your time and investment or not.

  • Overview 

The site only allows you to buy Instagram likes, comments, and views whereas others in this industry help you with overall growth by providing you engagement across various other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, LinkedIn, etc which makes it easier to manage your social media presence and saves you the trouble of getting in touch with multiple service providers to get the job done.

  • Bad User interface’s website has a very basic look and style which shows that they haven’t spent much to provide the best user experience or provide an interactive user interface to its potential clients.

Unlike most sites out there, its customer support is only available for limited hours and they don’t have any form of live-chat which is a huge blow to their credibility. We have a hard time trusting a site that won’t even talk to it’s own customers!

  • Fake Automation

If you take a moment to review the website; they even admit to using “automation” on many of their offerings. This is an immediate red flag as Instagram’s TOS prohibits such engagement, meaning this purchase can potentially derail your entire account and even get it deleted or perm-banned from the platform. 

This is another big reason why we have a very hard time trusting this site with any account you actually care about, which makes it a no-go for brands or influencers.

  • Not so informative FAQ section 

While client feedback plays a vital role in determining the authenticity of a site and the quality of the service it provides, the very first red flag that we came across was present in the FAQs section of 

Other than multiple claims of being, “the best social media service provider” the FAQs focus on very generic topics like how to post quality content, how to monetize your account, what to keep in mind while generating Instagram content, etc instead of giving more details related to how it delivers likes and comments on posts. If they are not willing to discuss how it works, how can we be confident in using them? The lack of transparency is a big red flag.

  • Delay in Delivery time claims to deliver all orders instantly whereas other sites take up to 3 days for the same, which makes us wonder how it manages to deliver such a large number of likes or comments in such a short duration of time. With such rapid delivery speeds it’s definitely going to put your account in danger as Instagram’s algorithms might notice the sudden hike in engagement and suspend your account for malicious activities. A real website won’t be able to manage such speeds as promotion takes time in the forms of hours and days, not seconds.

Last but not least, the prices offered for a larger number of likes, comments, and auto likes are on the higher end as compared to other sites which means that isn’t easy on the pocket for first-timers and small business who are trying to boost their social media growth on multiple platforms as they can’t subscribe to a trial pack to test the water before ordering in bulk on a regular basis.

  • Customer reviews and feedback 

There aren’t many reviews or much feedback present online to decide but the ones that are actually present seem to be fabricated as these reviews don’t provide any insight or highlight any special service that they especially seemed to like while dealing with

This implies that these reviews might be fabricated by the company and there are several negative feedbacks which point out various issues they faced while purchasing Instagram comments and likes from which range from absence of protection against a drop of likes to high prices of packages which make it a bad choice for startups and individuals hoping to make it big on Instagram.

Anytime a company has only positive reviews; you should be aware that something is not right. Even major fortune 500 corporations have some unhappy clients, it’s part of business. So we have to give extra scrutiny to them on this point since it appears they engage in censorship to keep bad reviews away from potential customers’ view.

  • Bad Refund and refill policy

One of the most important things you need to check before buying likes is whether the site Some customers even pointed out that the retention rate is not high which means that the likes or comments they provide tend to be removed after some time and the customers don’t even get refills on the same. This is a concern as authentic sites provide protection against a drop in the likes at least for a month but if the same happens with the likes or comments delivered by your money might end up being wasted as you can only shoot out mails and hope for them to provide a solution for the same. 

Moreover, we could spot any mention of a refund or refill policy on’s website which probably means the clients won’t be offered any such protection and can’t claim for a refund in case they are not satisfied with the service or the ordered form of engagement is not delivered. 

  • Fake Policies

Every authentic site in this industry has a proper website with a section dedicated to its policies. Besides refund and refill policy, these social media growth management sites also bring attention to the privacy policy and terms and conditions under which it deals with its clients.

This section is entirely missing from’s website, hence you can’t be sure if the data you have shared with the site (password, credit, and debit card details, etc) are in safe hands. This crucial data might be leaked and might even result in your social media account or bank account being hacked in case of a data breach. 

  • Payment methods 

The site mentions that one can pay using credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and Bitcoins but does not include some very common forms of payment such a PayPal. The absence of these basic modes of payments might be troublesome for clients who don’t have many options on their end to make payments and is one of the reasons why it isn’t the first choice of influencers and brands looking to purchase some Instagram likes and comments from third-party services. 

Alternatives for

We’ve done some research on our end and made a list of some of the best sites out there you can rely on instead of to buy different forms of engagement for social media to ensure higher engagement on your social media pages and accounts in no time!

Viralyft - Buy Instagram Likes

Viralyft is a company that helps its clients with all their social media needs. This means that they can help you with several platforms on the internet like Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter. It offers the clients the best pricing strategy, as well as desired results in the form of increased engagement so that you don’t have to look after your social media marketing growth and can instead focus on creating quality content for your followers!

The site claims that it has the best security measures in place in the form of safe checkout gateways, where you can pay safely through their encrypted payment gateway and a secure HTTPS website which means that Viralyft co. will not share your personal information with others and will only use your email or contact number to get in touch with you regarding updates related to transactions or change in their policies. If you have any queries, you can visit Viralyft’s website or get in touch with the 24/7 customer support for further assistance.

Coronavirus has changed the life of every person as we all know. Almost every business has gone online during this pandemic as we are facing lockdown in our country. But due to all this, social media has become a valuable platform in many ways. Content creators are obsessed with these platforms as their whole day goes in making content for their profile, and while they are busy creating original content to entertain their followers someone needs to manage their engagement and statistics and that’s when sites like come into the picture.

Sometimes it is not possible that new users get better engagements on their content, so for them, they need a little boost for growth on social media platforms, and paid likes, comments and views serve this purpose very well. GetViral provides services across various social media like Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc, and has many packages to suit the needs of influencers, startups, well-established brands, and all kinds of creators so you can pick the package of your choice without any hassles. It even has a refill and refund policy in place so you can be compensated in case you lose the purchased likes or want a refund when the services aren’t up to the mark.


ViewsExpert is among the best social media service providers in the industry these days. With years of experience, this website ensures to deliver high-quality and authentic traffic to boost your social media accounts’ growth and presence. It offers promotional services across a wide range of social media networks at reasonable prices that suit the customer’s budget. Using this website, influencers, brands and businesses can buy social media engagement that includes platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

ViewsExpert offers a specialized marketing system for doing YouTube promotions and is known for providing premium engagement on YouTube. Besides YouTube subscribers, likes, views, and comments, you can also buy targeted USA YouTube views at an affordable price! With ViewsExpert, you get premium quality services and immediate delivery starting within a day of making the payment.

It also helps in enhancing your Twitter followers and offers four major packages to buy Twitter followers. These packages start from 500 Twitter followers for $15 and rise up to 3000 followers for $77. There are some other platforms where ViewsExpert helps in boosting your followers like Spotify, Instagram, Sound cloud, TikTok, etc so make sure to visit ViewsExpert’s website to know more about the packages and services offered.

socialpackages is a complete package of social media hub to provide expert solutions for growing your social media significantly. It is the top-rated social media marketing service provider, this website is literally so helpful that if used wisely, it can help you become famous in a split second! The countless customer reviews on its website and other review platforms speak volumes about SocialPackages’ credibility. Social Packages provides genuine, quality, and authentic audience just like it claims on its website.

It offers services and packages for every budget and social media platform. Social Packages is a one-stop destination when it comes to social media marketing as it offers packages for Instagram followers, likes, and views that are not merely in numbers to flaunt on your profile. It also provides YouTube views, subscribers, and comments from real YouTube accounts and you can rest assured that these users will like or subscribe to your YouTube channel or other social media accounts by discovering them from the explore or trending section, based on their preferences, which means your account won’t be suspended for using unfair means.

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