21 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (Quality Likes)


Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to promote your business or personal brand online. With millions of daily users, it is literally a goldmine if you know how to strategically draw in the pool of your target audience and engage them. One of the ways to do so is to buy Instagram likes or generate them organically. That’s because Instagram likes are the direct measure of your Instagram engagement. The more the engagement, the more the Instagram algorithm favors your content. As such, your content becomes more visible on the platform and might get you some conversions as well, in terms of sales. 

Do you want to get more attention and engagement on your content? Do you want to feature in the sought-after Explore Page on Instagram? And do you want to make your posts more likable? If yes, then check out the following best sites to buy Instagram likes followed by some tips to get Instagram likes organically, that will do precisely the task for you. 

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes


Best site to buy instagram followers

Give your Instagram account a literal ‘viral lift’ with this exclusive Instagram marketing website that provides real Instagram likes. It makes your Instagram content go viral by expanding its reach and visibility on the platform. Further, by bringing real and active Instagram users to view and engage with your posts, it makes sure to add value and credibility to your profile. In effect, your content not only gets more exposure, but also the metrics to become influential on Instagram. 

Viralyft delivers rock solid results fast by bringing worldwide likes to your account in just 24 to 72 hours. From here, you can buy Instagram likes and auto likes with prices starting at $2.89 for 100 likes and which go higher to $270 for 40000 likes. They also allow the option to split these likes on several Instagram posts. Further, Instagram likes packages from Viralyft also increase the number of video views on your Instagram channel. If you want to boost your reach on Instagram and get the engagement that it takes to go viral. Then, Viralyft is the right destination to achieve this goal. 


If compromise is not in your dictionary, then social media marketing services from Get Viral are meant for you. With Instagram growth services that make a difference to your account, this website brings real likes from real Instagram users. This means that with Get Viral, you need not worry about fake profiles, or bot accounts spamming your account. As such, Instagram likes from here are organic likes which add value, credibility and engagement to your posts. 

At Get Viral, you can buy Instagram likes and auto likes in cost effective budgets starting at just $2.89 for 100 likes. Further, all these likes are from worldwide users, meaning that your content is bound to get global visibility. However, they do not provide any option for targeting the audience that you want to see on your profile. But, with premium quality likes, fast delivery and a refill guarantee, they have you covered. If you want to make your Instagram account ‘get viral,’ then head to this website without further thought.  


Effective and reliable, Views Expert is truly the expert at what it does, that is Instagram growth and promotions. It helps your content reach its target audience by utilizing their vast network of websites, ad placements and social media. As such, your content garners more attention from Instagram users who are actually looking for it and gets more likes organically. Trusted by thousands of Instagram creators, Views Expert provides genuine services by creating customized campaigns. 

They get your content relevant exposure so that you can do what you are best at, that is – create awesome content for your Instagram followers. Packages to buy Instagram likes from here, begin at just $2 for 100 likes and go up to $266 for 40000 likes. All these likes are from high quality, active Instagram profiles, which will get delivered in just 1 to 2 days. Further, with refill guarantee and 24/7 customer support, Views Expert is just what you need to become popular on Instagram 


One of the best sites to buy real Instagram likes, Social Packages brings a suite of Instagram solutions for your brand. With worldwide Instagram likes, it helps to get international exposure for your content. Further, Instagram likes from Social Packages, you not only get the metrics to display as social proof. But, these likes also add value and engagement to your Instagram profile thereby, improving search rankings and amplifying visibility. 

At Social Packages, you can buy Instagram likes at prices that would not break your bank. Packages begin at just $2.50 for 100 Instagram likes and go higher at $267 for 40000 likes. Delivered fast and risk free, likes from this Instagram marketing provider are from real, high quality and active Instagram users. Further, they come with a refill guarantee which means that you can rest assured if at all, there is a drop or fluctuation in the number of likes. After placing your order, you can watch your account grow, starting in just 1 to 2 days. 


Just like its name suggests, Fastlikes is one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes fast. This website takes your Instagram content to reach thousands of new Instagram users who might be interested to see it. As such, you not only get more Instagram likes but also more followers. Whether you are an Instagram influencer, a digital marketer or a business looking to expand your reach on Instagram. Fastlikes brings genuine and real Instagram likes to make your profile and content trending in literally no time. 

Packages to buy Instagram likes from this website begins from $3 for 300 likes and go up to $63 for 10000 likes. All these likes are delivered to your selected posts within 1 to 3 days of placing an order. Besides rapid delivery and premium quality, Instagram services from Fastlikes are completely secure and risk free. They do not require access to your Instagram account. Instead, you simply need to provide the link to the post on which you want Instagram likes. 


If you want Instagram marketing done right, then Famups is the ultimate destination for that. It helps to boost the reach of your Instagram account by implementing organic ways to amplify engagement and visibility. By leveraging advanced methodologies and digital roadmaps, they direct targeted traffic to your Instagram accounts. In effect, more profile visitors convert into your Instagram followers and eventually, long-term customers. 

With reliable services and on time delivery, Famups offers a range of plans such that there is something for every budget. Instagram likes packages from Famups range from $4 for 200 likes to $65 for 10000 likes. All these likes are generated using meaningful campaigns, targeted at audiences potentially interested in the niche of your content. Therefore, Instagram likes that you get from here are retentive, authentic and engaging. With deliveries completing in just 1 to 6 days, Instagram likes from Famups is your ultimate road to social media success. 


Are you brainstorming easy and effective ways to become famous on Instagram? If yes, then go no further than Famoid, which is one of the top providers of Instagram growth services. They offer packages to buy real Instagram likes that come with profile visits, reach and impressions. All the Instagram likes from Famoid are generated through targeted advertising campaigns with absolutely zero fake profiles or spamming bot accounts. High-quality, real and active, these Instagram likes make a difference, not just in the Instagram metrics, but also improve engagement. 

With more engagement, your content lands greater chances of featuring in the sought after Explore page on Instagram. As such, signing up for services with this website comes with additional benefits of improved search rankings, greater visibility and real impact. At Famoid, you can buy Instagram likes or auto likes with prices starting at just $2.95 for 100 likes. These prices go higher to $168.95 for 25000 Instagram likes, delivered to your account almost instantly.  


This is one of the top sources to buy real Instagram likes that does just what it claims, that is – make your social media accounts viral. It helps to boost influence by making your content garner maximum engagement in the form of genuine Instagram likes. Fast and affordable, this website brings immediate and long lasting results at a price that you do not regret to pay. 

Social Viral offers packages to buy Instagram likes and auto likes beginning at only $1.49 for 50 likes. The prices go as high as $69.99 for 10000 likes and $999.99 for 10000 Instagram Auto Likes. These likes do not simply amplify your popularity online, but also help to convert audiences into your customers. Further, what makes this provider unique, is the ability to customize packages. With this feature, you can choose whether to get your Instagram likes fast, or at a natural pace. Also, you can split the likes on multiple Instagram posts. 

Slick Socials

Whether you are an influencer, or business, boost your digital presence with one of the best Instagram growth services. It helps to take your Instagram account to the next level with authentic likes that render your account famous instantly. With top quality profiles and consistent high quality services, Slick Socials aims to fire-up the engagement on your Instagram posts. As such, you not only get the metrics for displaying social credibility, but also the necessary interaction.  

Slick Socials offers ultra-competitive prices to buy Instagram likes starting at only $0.99 per like. Further, they offer a wide range of packages that caters to every budget, starting from packages to buy 100 to 10000 Instagram likes. From here, you can also buy Instagram auto likes at a fixed monthly cost which begins from $12.99/month. To buy a package from Slick Socials, register for a free account, add funds, pay for a plan that fits your budget and that’s about it. After this, you can simply sit back to watch your Instagram content become viral. 

Social Boss

True to its name, Social Boss is your one stop social media destination to become the ‘boss’ on Instagram. With packages designed for every budget, this website brings expert services to boost your presence on Instagram. They do so by directing worldwide likes to your posts such that your content gets global visibility. With quick, real and affordable Instagram likes, Social Boss amps up your influence fast, without compromising on the quality. 

Packages to buy real Instagram likes from here, start from just $2.97 for 100 likes increasing to $299.99 for 100000 likes. All these likes are delivered to your account with 100% safety at a natural speed. The orders from Social Boss typically complete within 1 to 10 days depending on the number of likes that you buy. Their Instagram likes services are suitable for both individuals as well as businesses. Further, they ensure that your experience is hassle free and provide 24/7 customer support, even after the delivery of your order for resolving any queries that you might have. 


One of the best sites to buy Instagram likes, Venium is an all-rounder when it comes to scaling Instagram promotions. Whether you are an influencer, a startup or a local business who wants to sell online, Venium can be your expert Instagram marketing team. Using their services, you can buy real Instagram likes that are 100% active, authentic and which skyrocket your popularity. Further, with this platform, you can already say goodbye to automated bot accounts or fake profiles. 

What makes Instagram marketing services from Venium unique is that they guarantee the highest retention rates in the industry. So, should you see a fluctuation in the Instagram likes you receive, they will replace the selected number of likes with a completely fresh batch without any extra charges whatsoever. Moreover, with high quality Instagram likes from worldwide, their services are backed with a complete money back guarantee. Also, you can live track your order anytime after processing the payment. Packages to buy Instagram likes from Venium begin from $9.99 per 1000 likes delivered to your profile instantly until complete. 


If you are looking for quick yet genuine numbers to display on your Instagram posts, then BuyIGLikesFast is just where you should be. At this website, you get the promise of high quality Instagram services at reasonable prices while ensuring absolute privacy. Whether you want to buy Instagram likes for marketing posts or simply for increasing your influence and engagement on the platform, with specialized services for Instagram growth from this site, you are covered. 

Packages to buy Instagram likes from BuyIGLikesFast start at only $1.99 for 50 likes. The prices go higher up to $54.99 for 10000 Instagram likes. You also get the option to split the Instagram likes on 2 – 12 Instagram posts. To buy a package from BuyIGLikesFast, simply select a suitable plan, enter your Instagram username and pay for your order. After this, you will get the likes dropping in on your Instagram posts almost instantly. With fast delivery and total money back guarantee, this website is your ultimate destination for best selling, real Instagram likes


Likes.io is a specialist provider of Instagram services. Their high quality services are targeted to bring real Instagram likes to your posts. Further, their smart targeting feature allows you to target specific audiences based on hashtags and demographics such as location, gender and interests. As such, with real likes on your Instagram posts, you can boost interaction and engagement. Therefore, your Instagram account will grow organically and get improved search engine rankings as well. 

From Likes.io, you can buy Instagram likes and auto likes in prices starting at $3.49 for 50 likes. The prices increase to $9.99 for 50 Instagram auto likes. You also get the option to split the likes on multiple Instagram posts. Further, with this website, you can choose how you want to receive the Instagram likes that you buy – at a fast, or gradual speed. With real likes from real people, this website is where you will get real organic growth with zero compromises on quality. 


Are you looking for targeted Instagram likes that will build engagement and bring more followers to your account? If yes, then look no further than Stormlikes, where you will find nothing but, real organic growth driven by industry experts. It ensures to bring Instagram likes that are from 100% real and active Instagram users. Further, if you are selling a product locally, or promoting your brand to people of a specific nationality or gender, then Stormlikes has you covered. 

It offers options for audience targeting based on country or gender, and generates traffic from the locality of your choice. Therefore, your content reaches the target audience that you want. From Stormlikes, you can buy high quality or premium Instagram likes starting at $1.39 and $3.49 for 50 likes respectively. You can also buy auto likes for Instagram at a price of $9.99 for 50 auto likes. With the option to split the likes and receive them at fast or gradual speed, Stormlikes is your destination for increasing engagement with the click of a button. 


One of the very few genuine places to buy real Instagram likes, Growthsilo is the one stop destination for authentic Instagram promotions. With Growthsilo, you can grow your Instagram audience with real, targeted likes and absolutely zero bots or fake followers to worry about. They provide organic, manual Instagram growth through fully managed services, meaning that a human will be at work to grow your Instagram profile. As such, they will bring only those audiences that could be interested in your content and can potentially convert into your customers. 

With Growthsilo, you are not only buying Instagram likes. But, you are also getting more engagement and reaching potential followers which enable you to monetize your Instagram content. To buy Instagram likes from Growthsilo, choose your preferred plan first, target your audience and pay for the order. Now, simply sit back and let their experts take care of the rest, while you watch your content attract more favorites than ever. You can get Instagram likes by selecting from two basic plans. These are – Launch, priced at $49 per month and Accelerate, which is priced at $99 per month. 

Follower Packages

When it comes to buying Instagram likes, Follower Packages is one of the popular websites. Backed by over 50 years of experience in the industry, this site brings real, high quality Instagram likes to level up your posts. Whether your goal is to improve engagement metrics, or to attract more audience to your profile. With Instagram likes from Follower Packages, you are already a step near to meeting your goal. 

Packages to buy real Instagram likes from Follower Packages start from $10 for 500 likes and go up to $95 for 10000 likes. You can split these likes on up to 12 Instagram photos or videos. Besides, what makes this website unique is the Optimization that they provide. This includes top ad placements and the momentum that it takes to become viral on Instagram. Whether you are an individual influencer or a business, contact them to experience unknowable Instagram growth in a totally authentic way. 

Social Plus

If you want to build authority on Instagram, by displaying social proof, then Social Plus is the right choice for you. It brings real and high quality Instagram likes to your profile to help you build authority on Instagram faster. These likes are not simply numbers to add on your Instagram posts. Instead, they generate profile impressions to convert visitors into your engaged followers. Further, they study the Instagram algorithms and update their packages accordingly to provide only the best results. 

Instagram likes packages from Social Plus range from $1.95 to $79.95 for 100 to 10000 likes. All these likes are from high quality Instagram profiles and display high retention rates. Moreover, by buying Instagram likes from this website, you amplify the visibility of your content, thereby kickstarting organic promotions. Social Plus also offers a Free Trial so that you can test the validity of their services before actually spending your money. With safe promotions and secure payments, Social Plus is your ultimate solution to gain all the Instagram influence you need to grow your brand. 

Plenty Gram

Plenty Gram is one of the best sites to get more Instagram likes organically at the cheapest industry prices. With nothing less than the best, this website delivers exactly what it claims – that is, real Instagram likes from real Instagram users. They do not simply amplify the numbers on your Instagram posts, but also increase engagement, boost your online presence, and build a real, solid community for your brand. Also, they make sure that the number of likes matches the number of views on your posts or videos in order to maintain authenticity and credibility among your followers. 

Packages to buy Instagram likes from Plenty Gram begin from as low as $2.99 for 100 likes and increase to $79.99 for 10000 likes. These likes can be distributed on 3 to 12 posts depending on the number of likes you buy. With instant delivery starting in just 12 hours. Plenty Gram is your one stop destination for 100% real, quality Instagram likes with no hidden conditions. 

Socials Growth

No Instagram growth service provides authentic and authoritative services better than Socials Growth – your ultimate Instagram marketing companion. It provides real Instagram likes that bring immediate growth to your account. Generated completely organically, these likes are aimed at multiplying the engagement on your content and attracting more followers to explore your profile. By increasing engagement, they also increase the chances of getting your posts featured in the Explore page on Instagram. 

Socials Growth offers packages to buy Instagram likes and auto likes. The prices begin from $14 for 500 likes and $150 for 20000 likes. For buying Auto Instagram Likes, the packages start from $35.99 per month for 80 automatic likes per post. Organic growth is the secret to success on social media and Socials Growth does precisely this. It brings real likes from real people through targeted campaigns tailored exclusively for your account. With lifetime retention and superior quality services, your key to growing your brand on Instagram lies with Socials Growth.


This is undoubtedly one of the best sites to buy Instagram likes because they do not trade merely in numbers, but provide real value and real Instagram growth. Here, you can buy real Instagram likes of the most genuine and highest quality that are former real accounts with a history, posts and stories. Krootez delivers Instagram likes with an extraordinary speed and therefore, turns the entire process into a matter of minutes! 

They simply do not deal with bulk bot accounts liking your Instagram posts. Instead, they only direct Instagram users who will genuinely be interested in your content to your profile. For this reason, their prices of Instagram likes are a little higher as compared to other sites that sell Instagram likes. Instagram likes packages start from $2.49 for 20 likes and go up to $59.99 for 10000 likes. All these likes are splitable and are delivered instantly or naturally as per your requirement. If you want to conquer Instagram with impactful likes that matter, then Krootez is your ultimate destination. 


Get the best marketing for your Instagram account with top, premium quality likes provided by Trollishly. They offer a variety of packages for Instagram likes to give you the best value for your money. Services from Trollishy bring real Instagram likes, reels likes, automatic Instagram likes, IGTV likes and more from a worldwide audience. All the traffic directed to your Instagram account by these likes will be from authentic Instagram profiles that will genuinely be interested in your content. Therefore, they will show a higher retention rate as well. 

The prices to buy real Instagram likes start at only $1 for 100 likes that go up to $50 for 10000 likes. All these likes are purported to ace the Instagram algorithm and put your content in the spotlight and get even more likes organically. With fast 1-minute delivery, lifetime replacement guarantee, cheapest prices and a promise of high quality, Trollishly is your ultimate, expert solution to get the exposure you deserve on Instagram. 

Instagram Likes Guide: How to Get More Instagram Likes Organically?

Getting more Instagram likes is direct proof that your followers are finding your content useful and interesting. As such, they make your brand appear more credible and in effect, attract more audience organically.

However, if you are a startup, or beginning your journey as an Instagram influencer, getting real Instagram likes might be a real challenge. Check out the following effective and creative, organic ways to get more Instagram likes and build engagement on Instagram:

  • Host Contests, Quizzes, or Giveaways

Instagram contests and giveaways are a great way to gather likes from your Instagram followers and other users as well. This is because more people tend to participate in contests in the hope of winning a voucher, goodies or simply a mention. You can ask your Instagram followers to like your posts, and tag their friends, or simply respond to quiz questions.

In exchange, you can feature selected winners on your profile or even send them gifts and goodies. In this way, you not only get more Instagram likes, but also boost engagement on your posts. Further, giveaways are also a proven way to build trust among audiences especially if you are a new brand or influencer.  

  • Create Funny Posts Frequently

Who does not appreciate a good laugh while scrolling through their social media feed? Well, unless your Instagram followers are stoics, chances are that creating hilarious posts will garner more Instagram likes for your brand. This is because funny posts such as, memes, funny GIFs, witty quotes and more, are highly relatable and super shareable.

As such, more of your Instagram audience will have a tendency to hit the like button and even tag or share the post with their friends. Be it asking sarcastic questions, writing witty one liners, or even taking a hilarious dig at a competitor brand or celebrity. Such posts can contribute significantly to boost engagement by getting more Instagram likes and shares. 

  • Engage with Brands and Influential Profiles

Instagram is a social platform. If you want to get more likes on Instagram, this is precisely what you should do too, that is – get social. Be it commenting on posts from influential profiles or brands or tagging them in yours. Engaging with prominent Instagram profiles is a direct way to increase your visibility on the platform.

Further, if you manage to get a mention or shoutout from that profile, it directly impacts your engagement metrics for the better. You could even tag popular locations, songs, celebrities and more, to make your posts visible to a larger pool of audiences. As such, you get more Instagram likes and might even grab some eyeballs from new Instagram followers. 

  • Create a Presence Outside Instagram

To maximize the potential of getting Instagram likes, the best way is to promote your content outside Instagram. Firstly, it helps to draw your offline customers or followers on other social platforms to your Instagram channel, thereby increasing your followers. Secondly, it boosts your reach and discoverability all over the Internet such that, all the people who might want to follow your content, will be able to discover you on Instagram.

To create a presence outside Instagram, you can cross-promote your content on other social media platforms, embed posts on your website, or even promote your page in email marketing newsletters. By doing so, you amplify your online reach. Hence, the chances of getting more Instagram likes also go up. 

  • Ask Questions, Start Conversations

Asking questions is a proven method of garnering more Instagram likes and comments. A majority of people on social media like to share their knowledge and preach lessons. As a brand looking to get more Instagram likes and engagement, you can provide them an outlet to voice their opinions. As and when more people participate in these conversations, your post will get more visibility, more engagement and your profile will attract new followers.

Further, you could respond to some of those comments to build trust with individual members of your Instagram community. Such posts are proven to get the maximum engagement from audiences in the form of Instagram likes, comments and more. You could even participate in ongoing conversations from other brands to draw attention back to your profile and get more Instagram likes. 


Take your engagement metrics from good to great with our exclusive Instagram likes guide. Get more love for your posts with the best sites to buy Instagram likes. Couple this with creative, organic hacks to increase Instagram likes. More Instagram likes act as a social proof for your brand.

They show that Instagram users care about your content and find it worth hitting the ‘Favorite’ button on. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to grab the limelight on Instagram with the best sites and marketing tactics to get more Instagram likes and get your followers talking about you.

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