The ABC of Electronic Visa Processing:


What you need to know about Electronic Visa processing

You might wonder, “what is an electronic visa (eVisa)?” and how is it different from a regular Visa? The difference is simply this- an eVisa is one that you can apply for on your own through a country’s visa website. They are no different than other types of travel visas. The only difference is that you can complete the application online.

Traveling abroad has certain requirements you will need to fulfill the entry requirements from the destination you’re planning to visit. It might be complicated depending on your nationality, which means it would take some time to complete. One of these required documents is the typical visa that most people hate because of the complex procedure and the time it takes to obtain it. Thankfully, countries worldwide have implemented technology and created a brand new document: Electronic Visas

Obtaining this type of travel document can be arduous, especially if you are inexperienced with the ambiguous language usually used. Fortunately, you can apply with, a travel agency that helps thousands of tourists and is the best alternative to avoid headaches in this type of process. They have designed a short application form that you can fill out from the comfort of your couch in just 10 minutes, and their experts will take care of the rest.

The standards are constantly changing throughout the world so make sure to keep up to date with evisa-news as not all countries accept electronic visas. Most countries will require you to complete the process before the trip, while some others will allow you to complete the e-Visa upon arrival.

Frequently asked questions

What are the specifications for printing the e-Visa?

The documents must be printed on a sheet of blank A4 white paper. Double-side or reduced printing will not be accepted.

How do I apply?

  • Select the country to which you are requesting the visa
  • Select the type of visa and read the instructions carefully.
  • Select Apply Now
  • Fill in the application form
  • Pay using a Visa Card, Mastercard or other debit card.
  • Await approval via email, then download and print the e-Visa from your account.
  • Present your printed e-Visa to the immigration officer at the port of entry.

What should I do if my e-Visa is lost, defaced or damaged?

You may reprint the e-Visa in your email account. Alternatively, you may retrieve and reprint the e-Visa by using your iVisa account.

If my eVisa is approved, does this guarantee my admission to the country I am applying for?

All visas grant travelers the permission to travel to a country’s port of entry. Whether you are granted entry or not will be at the discretion of the Immigration Officer at the entry point.

What kind of visas does iVisa process? offers two types of Visa: Electronic visas (e-Visas) and traditional paper visas, based on your destination. In addition, they also offer the following services/documents that are required by certain countries: ETA (electronic travel authorization), Tourist Cards, Visa on Arrival pre-registration/approval form, Tourist Invitation Letters, and Embassy Registration service.

Does the processing times for a visa include shipping times?

Most visas (e-Visas) are sent via email upon approval so shipping times will not apply.

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