The Three Ingredients of a Happy Motorist, Camper or Explorer


Do you want to experience life on the move, but are worried that your first time on the road is going to be a disaster? It most likely will be, but you can take some measures to make your trip a little more pleasant, even if you feel you’re still unprepared. The absolute worst that could happen is you having a really rough, yet memorable time. 

But with the right conditions, you’ll have a wonderful time traveling the country or seeing different corners of the road, regardless of where or when you’re going.

Stay In Top Shape

Living on the road or camping out in the wilderness is a lot more different to what you’re normally used to in your cozy home. Pretty much everything that you do routinely at home with the greatest of ease is made a little more complicated and sometimes even much harder by simply being on the road.

The simple act of washing up in the morning would require more effort. And over time all this effort will take a lot out of you. Which means that you need to be physically prepared to put in a little extra energy into everything that you do. To make sure that you don’t run out of this energy, know your body as well as what you eat and how much of it.

Nowadays you can find a store pretty much on any corner of the map, but there are so many areas with wide open wilderness and nowhere to resupply. You’ll have to stock up on resources before you head out and make sure to get the kind of things that will keep you strong and healthy, from food to medication. Staying in perfect shape, 

Protect Your Gear Equipment

Personal health is obviously the most important aspect of any good trip. You don’t want to be behind the wheel with a sore throat and headache. But your own health and wellness greatly depends on how you treat and take care of your car and traveling equipment. 

I’m not only referring to your coat and boots, compass and flashlight: keeping your gear and equipment safe includes everything you need to stay on the move. You don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road in the middle of winter. Keep your vehicle safe with a proper vehicle protection cover, designed to take on the harshest weather. Keeping it covered  will not only prevent it from getting dirty, but keep it protected from all kinds of negative weather elements.

Your car is super susceptible to corrosion and rusting when left soaked outside for days. If you get an all-weather car cover you won’t have to worry about any damage coming to your car from the weather, regardless of how hot or cold it may be outside. This is a great way to shield your car and keep it safe on your travels when you’re not at the wheel. 

So whether you’re staying at a and have your car stations in the parking lot or are camping out in the middle of the wilderness with no solid cover to park your car under, a car cover is one of your best tools to protect not only your vehicle, but also all your other gear and equipment. without them, you wouldn’t be able to get very far.

Know Your Road

Sure, finding new corners of the planet and exploring places no one’s been to in years do sound exciting. But for a first time traveller, what you need to do is know your route. Again, that may ruin the fun of not knowing where you’re going, but inexperienced travellers may find it much harder to navigate through areas they’ve never seen before.

So, if this is your first time travelling through completely new parts of the country, consider going through areas that you’re relatively familiar with, or at the very least, areas with enough civilization. In case you get lost or need some emergency supplies, you’ll know that there are people nearby who can help you out.

The rest is up to you on how long the trip will be, how far you’ll go and what you’ll take with you. But if you take into consideration these three aspects of travelling and motoring, you’ll have a very memorable trip and a wonderful time on your journey.

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