5 trends to watch in 5G connected vehicles.


Mobile phones, wristwatches, televisions, refrigerators, ovens – all our appliances of daily use and needs have become smart and are connected to the internet 24×7. And our cars are not too far behind; with the advent of the 5G technology, mobility is all set to become smarter and savvier. 

5G tech is getting into cars and cars will soon be doing more than just carry you from one point to another. So whether it is buying from a car buying website or a car driving all by itself all along, 5G connectivity is definitely going to change the transportation industry that exists today and the change is coming sooner than you think. Today, we bring you 5 trends in the auto world that you should watch out for once the 5G high-speed connectivity kicks in. 

Advanced driver assistance systems 

Of what use are all the technological advancements if we cannot utilize them to build a safer environment? Well, automakers have thought over this and they’re all working on building driver assistance features and connected services that would make mobility safer than ever before.  

Tech giants like Nokia, Qualcomm, Intel, Ericsson, etc. have shown great interest, invested a lot, and are working closely with mainstream automakers for developing driver assistance systems using high-speed 5G connectivity. Modules like V2X (vehicle-to-everything) where the car literally communicates with its surroundings are being developed and tested and those are taking us a step further each day towards a safe and secure driving environment. 

ADAS along with 5G tech will no longer just be about assisting the driver. Moreover, the connected car tech is focused on making the car less reliant on the human. 5G tech will make autonomous vehicles mainstream and this technology will get into the most common and frugal cars that you see on the roads. 

Fresh new car with every update 

The connected car will just be like your mobile or computer. Every few months, the automaker will drop over the air updates to improvise your experience. These software upgrades and releases will happen without you even visiting the service center. Right from the battery management systems to the air-conditioning modules, 5G technology will enable tweaking and upgrading all the software of your car over the air throughout the lifecycle of the car. It will further enable automakers to fix issues with the vehicles without having to make large recalls. So with every new software upgrade, your car will drive and feel better and stay in top condition. 

Data mining 

Now, a connected car won’t infringe on your privacy and there’s nothing to be worried about. However, the car will collect lots of data and send it back to the manufacturer. This data will be harnessed only to improve your driving experience and to enhance the life of your car.  

The data collected from your car will be analyzed to provide you with features like predictive maintenance; the car’s behavior will be analyzed and in case any anomalies are found, the car will alert the owner about a possible failure of a certain component of the car beforehand. That way, the owner can have the issue fixed and avoid major damage. 

Further, automakers will utilize this data to understand the needs of their owners. This data will help automakers plan future products, features, and much more. 

Optimizing routes 

Connected vehicles have the potential to put an end to traffic jams and snarls. These vehicles will automatically detect traffic on various routes once you enter the destination and optimize your route on the basis of traffic density and speed, the time needed, and the juice left in the batteries or the fuel left in your tank.  

This optimization and smart calculation will not just help you to reach your destination in the shortest time but will also help you cut down on your fuel or electricity costs. Moreover, 5G connected car tech will smoothen out traffic management and you’ll never really have to be stuck in traffic for hours together. 

Lower manufacturing times 

The impact of 5G on cars is not just limited to transforming your driving experience but 5G has also started changing the ways cars are built. With its fast and secure connectivity, 5G tech has sped up and made car manufacturing efficient. Mercedes-Benz recently dialed up Telefonica, a telecom service provider in Germany, and set up a private 5G network in their Sindelfingen manufacturing facility. Mercedes-Benz has asserted that 5G technology will help in speeding up all the production systems and machinery

Apart from these 5, the applications of 5G in cars are limitless. The introduction of 5G in cars will have a massive impact on infotainment and in-car entertainment and there already are many companies who are exploring and tinkering with 5G and infotainment. Plus, 5G will enable hassle-free smart vehicle sharing or carpooling systems that would just help us to make massive cuts on energy consumption.  

This further has the potential to alter vehicle ownership patterns and the entire auto business. While we can go on and on and on thinking about the possible impacts of 5G on the auto world, we can confidently assert that 5G will only make our driving and commuting safer, reliable, and better than ever. 

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