Arctos Portable AC Reviews (Warning) Is Arctos Air Cooler Worth The Money?


Arctos Portable AC is a currently trending portable air cooler that works much like an air conditioner, but is portable and doesn’t consume as much electricity. It also doesn’t require sophisticated installation or maintenance.  

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Instead, Arctos Portable AC is ready to use right out of its box, requiring you to do nothing but fill the water container and switch on the device. All this means there’s less upfront investment cost, less installation and maintenance cost, and less use costs with the reduced electricity consumption.  

Have summers been widely unproductive as you worry about how it could get this hot? Truth be told, it’s not your fault. Research confirms that you need to be working at a lower temperature than what we have in the summer for doing your best work. Chances are, you have an air conditioner to save the day. Except, it fails to save you since everybody uses the same room to protect themselves from the heat. The solution? Arctos Portable AC.  

arctos portable ac

Arctos Portable AC Review  

As its name suggests, Arctos Portable AC is a portable air cooler that helps you remain cool through the summers. It comes armed with a filter that clears bacteria, pathogens, and other external particles so that you can enjoy not just cool air but clean air. You can use it both as a cooler as well as a humidifier.  

For cooling, Arctos personal space air cooler depends on evaporation technology instead of consuming electricity. This way, it is cost effective to use – making it budget friendly to invest in as well as use. Not to mention, the unit doesn’t require any professional installation or maintenance. Therefore, cutting costs in these departments too. What’s more, it doesn’t eliminate noise, adding to the reasons why this air cooling unit is useful for you. 

On your part too, there is minimal work required as you just have to fill in the attached water tank. Arctos uses water from the tank and employs the evaporation tactic to cool it. You’ll just need to change the filter manually every 3-6 months or so.  

To top all of these incredible features is the fact that Arctos is currently available at a discount price. If you plan to order more than one unit, you are in for more luck. Why? Because bulk order packages that bundle several units together offer more discounts.  

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Arctos Reviews – What Exactly Does Arctos AC Do?  

As per the official website, Arctos Portable AC works much like an air conditioner. However, they are several key differences that include:  

  • It is portable  

An air cooler is a personal cooler. This means it is best for individual use and doesn’t require everyone to share their room. It also means you can shift the device from one room to another – basically wherever you sit, you can take the cooler with you. By doing so, you can keep cool and the air cooler makes summers bearable for you without costing you too much in electricity bills.  

  • It uses evaporation technology  

Arctos air cooler doesn’t use too much power as an air conditioner does. The chief reason behind it is that the method used by an air cooler to promote cooling doesn’t consume as much electricity. This means you can use it all day if needed.  

  • You need to fill the water tanker  

Another key difference is the fact that you need to fill in the attached water tanker. This doesn’t take long. And, once you are done, you simply need to turn on the device and let it do its thing.  

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Arctos Portable AC Features  

According to, several key characteristics make Arctos Portable AC worth your investment. Top of all of these is the compact design and light weight that make it portable. It is also noise-free so you don’t have to be concerned about loud buzzing every time you turn it on.  

There’s a filter that’s present as well. It ensures that the air blowing toward the user is clean. It removes any impurities from the air so you can enjoy clear and cool air. It is also what makes this device suitable for use by seniors and toddlers.  

Speaking of which, you can change the fan setting in the device. Choose from the three available options as per your need. This means if a toddler is sleeping, you can select a lower setting to prevent too much cool air.  

The different settings also mean you can use Arctos air cooler in other seasons like early autumn and late spring when you need a mildly cool fan – not an AC – for a pleasant atmosphere. 

  • Noise-free technology  
  • Budget-friendly pricing  
  • Sleek and compact design  
  • 3 fan speeds for uber ease of use  
  • Portable so you can use it in anywhere 
  • Convenient to install, use, and maintain 
  • Energy efficient (doesn’t consume much power) 

With all this out of the way, there’s also more good news: you can use the air cooler as a humidifier. This helps in two ways. One, it is suitable for use for everyone including those who have allergies. Two, it moisturizes the air. This means you can use it not just in summers, but also in autumn when the weather starts to get dry.  

The latter point increases the return on your investment in Arctos AC. Why? Because it extends the use of this cooling unit as you can use it for a longer time – not just summers.  

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How Does Arctos Air Cooler Compare to an Air Conditioner?  

By now, you’d probably have a rough understanding of how an air cooler and an air conditioner compare starting with the differences in sizing and use cases.  

Let’s elaborate these differences and more:  

  • An air cooler doesn’t cost as much as an air conditioner 

On the surface, there is the major difference of costs. An air cooler like this one is way more friendly for your pocket than an air conditioner. But if you scratch the surface, you’ll find out that the cooler is still budget-friendly.  

For one, the Arctos Portable AC doesn’t require any professional installation as an air conditioner does. Use it right out of the box and you’re done. It also doesn’t require professional servicing frequently. You just need to clean it externally and occasionally, clear or replace the filter – things you can do all by yourself. Therefore, in both of these areas, you can save money.  

  • An air cooler doesn’t consume as much electricity as an air conditioner  

You may also save money on electricity costs with Arctos AC. This is a very important difference. Using an air conditioner requires several people to make their ends meet. This is not the case with an air cooler as it doesn’t eat up as much power as an AC does.  

  • An air cooler is portable, but an air conditioner is not  

Admittedly, an air cooler is for individual use and an AC is for family use – it can chill an entire room. However, an air cooler cools its individual user’s surroundings only, but this is an advantage in itself as you can have your own private space.  

Thanks to its compact size and design, Arctos personal AC is also easy to move from one room to another. You can take it wherever you go – be it your home office or the basement.  

arctos reviews

How to Set Up and Maintain Arctos Portable AC 

Arctos Portable AC is ready to use right out of the box. Unpack it and fill the container with water. Then attach it to its designated place and you’ll be good to go as soon as you turn on the device.  

Note that the set up didn’t require any external help. That’s because it doesn’t take a professional to set it up for you as is the case with an air conditioner.  

At the same time, maintaining the air cooler also doesn’t take a lot of time, effort, or money. Simply be sure to wipe the exterior with a soft damp cloth to keep it clean. Each time when the unit is not in use, make sure you remove the filter and leave it and the unit to dry.  

For optimal performance, it is crucial you replace the filter every 3-6 months. This doesn’t need any professional help so you can do it yourself easily. The device comes with a use and care manual. Refer to it for any more care-related questions that you may have.  

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How To Use an Arctos Air Cooler? 

Using Arctos Portable AC doesn’t take a genius – the set up is a piece of cake. You simply have to turn on the device and position it to face you. That’s all.  

For optimal results, however, the official company recommends positioning the unit close to a window and on a flat surface. This ensures that there’s less risk of the device falling down, whereas, an open promotes cooling by evaporation.  

That said, the manufacturers also recommend you use one unit per person. So if you are a small family of four, it’s best you get four units of the air cooling device to enjoy personal space and cooling. Similarly, if you share an apartment with a couple of your mates, order a device for each person so everyone can enjoy summers to the most.  

Arctos Portable AC Price, Discount Offer and Refund Policy  

The good news is that Arctos Portable AC is available at discounted pricing. Hence, whether you are ordering one unit of the device or four, you can get a reduced price. As a rule of thumb though, the more devices you order, the more money you can save.  

Here are your available options:  

  • 1 Arctos air cooler unit for a discounted price of $89.99 – down from the original price of 138.45, which gives you 35% saving.  
  • 2 Arctos personal space air coolers for $178.89, down from the price of $276.89. With the “too cool” deal you save 35%. 
  • 3 Arctos personal space air coolers in a recommended deal that costs $201.99, down from $415.34. You get a whopping 51.25% in savings.  
  • 4 Arctos personal space air coolers for a price of $246.99 only instead of the actual price of $553.78. This gives you a grand discount of 55.31% savings   

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Note that all payment options are safe. Plus, you can pay using any of the prominent options – be it PayPal or payment via credit card.  

Once you share your shipping address details, you’ll get the product delivered to your home. For any more questions or queries that you may have, consider email to the following address: [email protected] 

Arctos Air Cooler Money Back Guarantee  

The good news is that purchasing Arctos Personal Space Air Cooler isn’t a one-time investment that you can’t reverse in case you aren’t satisfied. Instead, your money is safe and locked for return for the first 30 days, approximately, a month of investing in the device. This is thanks to the money refund policy in place.  

It works pretty simply – if you aren’t content with the unit(s), you return it to the address the manufacturers provide as you apply for a refund. Once the unit(s) is received, the company will return your amount as soon as possible.  

This means you can simply make an investment, knowing your money is safe and you can get it back if you aren’t satisfied. It also makes placing a bulk order easy. Most of all, you get nearly two months time from your date of purchase to decide how you like the unit and whether you need a refund. Check out the complete return policy on the official Arctos AC website –  

Should You Buy Arctos Portable AC in Bulk?  

It’s a great idea to order the Arctos Portable AC in bulk. More importantly, it’s an economical order to do so. Why? Because the more units you order, the greater the discount you can get, therefore, saving more money. 

Besides, if you live in a joint family or with friends or have a big family, you’ll want to consider buying the device units in bulk. The reason: these units are best used for individual cooling and enjoying personal space in the dead of the heat.  

It also makes sense to place a bulk order so in case you are satisfied, which you will be as per the reviews on this product, you wouldn’t have to wait till more units are delivered. There’s also the fact that you wouldn’t have to deal with the headache of placing an order again and again.  

That being said, our suggestion is to order a single unit first and try it out. If you like its results, then you can consider buying Arctos AC in bulk.  

Where Can You Buy This Air Cooler? 

The Arctos Portable AC unit is currently only up for grabs on the official website of the device – visit to place your orders. This means it is not available at any third party sites including Amazon and other related names. If you see any third party sites claiming they can offer you a better price or discount, beware that those are scam and are probably selling you the wrong unit under the name of this air cooler.  

That said, it is essential to mention here that the air cooler is available in limited stock currently. This means that if you are interested in placing an order, you better rush to do it just in case stocks are finished.  

What’s Included in the Package of Arctos Portable AC?  

You will get the Arctos Portable AC device itself and an instructions manual. It’s wise to take a few minutes to read this carefully and thoroughly so you can get all the details on how to set up, use, and care for this air cooling unit.  

How To Keep Cool This Summer?  

Here are some tips to make the most of these hot summer months:  

  • Keep your curtains closed 

During peak hours in the day when the sun is high in the sky, it is best to keep your window curtains closed. This prevents heat from getting into your house and settling. For ventilation reasons, open windows after sun down in the evening. This way, you can encourage air circulation and freshness while keeping the heat out.  

  • Wear light colored clothes 

Light and bright colors reflect sunlight instead of absorbing. It’s why they keep you cool and comfortable during the summer. So if you already haven’t, consider jazzing up your wardrobe with light colored dresses.  

  • Paint your walls a light share 

This has the same reasoning as wearing light colored dresses. Because dark toned walls absorb more sunlight during the day, they emit heat at night, leaving you feeling uncomfortable. Hence, consider painting your walls a bright shade this season.  

  • Load up popsicles  

Get buckets of ice cream and popsicles alongside cold beverages. This keeps you cool. Although it’s a no brainer, people tend to forget the cooling impact of a cold class of soda. So load up. Besides, bulk buying means you can usually get a good discount deal.  

  • Divert your free time to learning a hobby 

This could be anything from learning a new language to learning to code. The idea is to keep busy so you aren’t focused on how hot it is. It’s also a good way to make the most of summers in a productive and mind-engaging manner.  

  • Get yourself a personal air cooler  

This way, you can be your productive self without sweating buckets. A personal cooling unit like Arctos air cooler is not only budget-friendly but gives you the opportunity to enjoy your personal space.  

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Can You Trust Arctos Portable AC?  

A couple of factors speak in favor of the Arctos Portable AC and its credibility. Foremost of all, this includes the fact that the product is backed with positive customer reviews. This is solid social proof, which reveals that other people like you are using the device and are finding it useful. In fact, they are enjoying it so much that they have taken the time to share their thoughts online.  

There is also the fact that there isn’t a prominent negative review on the air cooler so far. Typically, when making an online investment, it is a good idea to research the product before you make up your mind. Now, a quick research shows there are no big negative claims against the product. This makes one thing clear: it isn’t a scam so you can trust it for that.  

What’s more, the manufacturers provide sufficient details to gain your trust. This means that they have shared their address as well as contact details so you can get in touch with them for anything or any question that you may have. They’ve also taken the necessary steps to provide you with safe and secure payment channels.  

To top all of this, there is a money back guarantee in place as well. It ensures that in case you aren’t content, you can have your money back by applying for a refund. All these steps taken on part of the manufacturer to gain their customers’ trust. Of course, this translates to the fact that only someone credible takes the needed steps to gain their audience’s trust.  

Arctos Portable AC Reviews – Final Verdict  

All in all, Arctos Portable AC is a wise and pocket-friendly investment. It cools like an air conditioner but it doesn’t cost like one and, definitely, doesn’t consume electricity like one. It also employs noise-free technology, servers a humidifier, filters impurities, and doesn’t take much in maintenance as well. Best of all, there’s a money back guarantee and discount in place that make it easy to invest in the device without having to shell out a large sum.  

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