Bitcoin: An Overview of a Unique Digital Currency


Bitcoin users can pride themselves on the fact that they engage on the largest cryptocurrency network in the world. Since it was first introduced, it has grown absurdly and its influence can be felt at the far reaches of the globe. It is a highly volatile cryptocurrency with fluctuations in its market value. 

To simply put, every Bitcoin is a computer file that is kept in a wallet on your smartphone or personal computer. You can send Bitcoin – or a fraction of one – to your digital wallet, and you can sell your Bitcoin on several trading platforms. Each transaction is recorded in a public ledger, referred to as Blockchain. 

This ensures that it is possible to track transaction history in a bid to prevent people from spending coins they do not own or carry out other illegal activities. The Blockchain technology is extremely secure and all transactions are safely protected.

The creation of new Bitcoins

There are certain people that work on transactions for every active user in order to ensure that the Bitcoin network continues to work. The next question at this point is: How does this work? This will be explained shortly.

This is done through Bitcoin mining. This is an extremely crucial component of the development and maintenance of the network. This is performed by a group of bitcoin users – called miners – with the use of sophisticated computers to solve a very complex mathematical problem. Miners are incentivized since they are rewarded with new Bitcoins. This is how Bitcoins are created. 

This is also a factor that contributes to the changes in the price of Bitcoin – as observed after halving occurs. This implies that the amount of Bitcoin created into the system is reduced by half. As a result of the diminished supply of Bitcoin, the demand rises – so too will the price. 

Computers are used to solve very difficult math problems, and this consumes a lot of energy. As more miners join the network, the computational problem becomes more complex, and this increases the cost of production of Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Anonymity

Despite the fact that every Bitcoin transaction is registered in a public ledger, the names of sellers can never be revealed. The only detail that is shared is their wallet ID. Besides ensuring the privacy of their transactions, it also allows them to purchase or sell anything without easily being traced back to them. This is another quality that attracts potential users. 

Bitcoin trading

There are several platforms – called exchanges – where users can easily trade their Bitcoins, with the use of different currencies. For a UK trader, while choosing the best British trade platform, it is crucial you consider the security of the exchange. 

As mentioned earlier, it is a highly volatile cryptocurrency. Because of this, its fluctuating price – which might feed the doubts of inexperienced traders – is seen as an opportunity by trading professionals to build their wealth since it takes experience and skills to predict the market value of a highly unstable cryptocurrency. 

Yet, you can gain so much knowledge by taking appropriate crypto trading courses. They are not only helpful in ensuring that you enjoy the full benefits of joining the Bitcoin network, but the skills gained can also help you make huge profits.

Bottom Line

Bitcoin is not the biggest cryptocurrency in the world by chance. Valued at over $36,000 – as of the time of writing – it has seen incredible growth since its inception. With the enormous potentials the network shows, it is safe to affirm that it can only keep expanding in popularity and adoption. 

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