Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Review: Truth Revealed About Blast Personal Fan


Overall, the blast auxiliary personal fan review is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 by customers in terms of it’s efficiency as a wearable fan. This review covered all the attributes, values, benefits, specifications, pros, and cons, official website, etc.  

When the weather is too hot or too cold, an ordinary air conditioner will not always be the best option. The intense heat of the summer is absolutely what no sensible person can escape without having a cooling device.

Due to this, many personal fans have been marketed recently which promises to serve as a cooling fan but end up doing little or nothing. So, we consulted our experts on this, and after hours of testing, they said Blast Personal Fan works as advertised.

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Since no one is expected to endure harsh weather conditions whether they are outside or inside, looking for a way to keep cool while still having fun in the sun has always been a pressing need every summer season. 

Enjoying the immersive blast of cool fresh air with them wherever they go has always been the wish of many.  Only few persons have been able to maintain focus on their Job while also remaining cool and warm instead of hiding in the shade or staying indoors.

When all others are sweating and panting through their clothes or boiling in the sun, this lucky set of individuals will look fresh, calm, and calculated.

The secret for their calmness and composure is the awareness of the benefits of having a portable cooling fan like the Blast Personal Fan. These lucky folks need not raise their fingers to get a full blast of fresh-chilled air, whether they are running errands, gaming, lounging by the pool, or just walking the dog.

With the Blast Personal Fan, calming coolness is assured to anyone with regards to the weather around them during this summer season. It’s a lightweight, easy-to-use friendly device that gives someone express access to the safest, freshest, coolest and personalized air available at any time, season, and weather.

With the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan on the user’s neck, the individual is assured of a cool, relaxing, and comfortable summer, free from air borne diseases and other health related issues that may be occasioned as a result of breathing bad air.

This review of the Blast personal fan as earlier stated, will inform you on the basics you need to know about the product, its features, pros, cons, customer reviews and other relevant information’s.

What is the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan? 

Conventional Fans are usually bulky, noisy, and costly. And the owner is usually faced with the challenge of keeping it in good storage condition until the next summer, a task which can be overwhelming.  However, users and owners of the Blast Personal Fan can attest to the fact that it is more suited for summer holidays and a far much better way to circumvent the conventional ones. It is incredibly personal and portable! It is so portable that the user can take it with him or her everywhere and at any time – even on holidays/ vacations! 

Unlike the traditional and conventional fans, the Blast Personal Fan’s long-lasting internal battery can simply be recharged by plugging it into a regular socket or USB port, and then can be used anywhere and at any time the user needs it. This is one of the most amazing way to live a stress-free life and I know u are with me in this conclusion.

Is the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Any Good?

The Blast wearable Fan is a comfortable and compact way to beat the heat and harsh weather conditions wherever the person might be. It empowers people to control how they want to feel. The fan’s convenient-friendly user interface and compact nature makes it ideal for daily use. The Blast Personal Fan allows one to remain cool without needing to use their local hand fans.

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Blast Personal Fan is equipped with dual output: it works as a personal fan and as an air cooler. It has a patented product with a design and technology that allows for an adjustable air flow to your neck and head. It is a high-technology cooling system that is revitalizing the unique mechanics of personalized fans and air coolers.

Blast Personal Fan Review – Specifications

In this Blast Personal Fan Review, we also covered the specifications in detail.

  • There are three modes: high, medium, and low.
  • Designed with a 120-degree positional compact air blade. Although it is designed to be hung always on the neck of the user, users can also point it towards the area or direction where they feel hot.
  • It blows and circulates a whole lot of air – 1.0 cubic feet per minute. 
  • 5-degree flex fit adaptation for all neck sizes: Men, children, and women.
  • Hair, dirt, and particles are also kept out by the enclosed fan.
  • LED Power and charging mode indicator.
  • Ionizer filters potentially dangerous particulate matter from the air. 
  • 3.7V Lithium battery having a large capacity.
  • Once charged, you can also get up to 30 hours of cell life.
  • It is light and airy, so you cannot get sore or neck cramps from wearing it!
  • Cool, lean, compact, neat, and contemporary.
  • It is a one-size-fits-all technology design.
  • Fully charged in 4 hours with a popular USB Type-C charging port.

Blast Personal Fan Features

Blast Personal fan has a lot of unique features which ranges from postionable airflow, antibacterial filters, etc.

It has Positionable airflow:

Users can make use of the Blast Personal Fan in any position or direction they want. Maybe, one person might prefer direct airflow to their body while another might just prefer to bounce the air off the shirt. All this are made possible by the unique positioning of the fan. It is solely up to each user to decide in which direction he wants air. 

It has 1.0 Cubic feet per minute (CFM):

Blast Personal Fan can direct up to 1.0 cubic feet of air per minute to the body of the individual user. It moves a substantial amount of air at a time, so the user need not worry about its ability to circulate enough air. 

It has Antibacterial filters: 

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan has in-built Anti-bacterial filters that help curb the number of bacteria in the air surrounding the user. It is just one user per device and thus, the user is assured of clean, healthy, pure, and breathable air always. No dirt or particulate matter can mix with the air the individual breathes while the fan is in motion.

Blast Personal Fan has 30 hours of battery working time: 

once fully charged, Blast Personal Fan can work non-stop for an incredible time frame of 30 hours! This means that the fan can last for one day and a half (11/2) if fully charged by the user. There is no need to worry about the battery life, It is strong and reliable. 

Blast Fan has Low maintenance:

The Blast Personal Fan device is quite easy to maintain and does not require too much time to clean. The maintenance process is not tasking at all. Taking care of this personal fan and air cooler is as easy as they come. 

It has a Built-in ionizer: 

What makes it Practically impossible for particulates to mix with the surrounding air when Blast Personal Fan is on?  If u guessed the ionizer, then your guess is right. The answer is the ionizer. Blast Personal Fan has a built-in ionizer. The job of the ionizer is to reduce the pollutants, particles, and allergens in the immediate air so that users can always get clean, purified, and breathable air from the environment.

The Blast Wearable Fan has Three-speed modes: 

The Blast Personal Fan has three speed modes users can select from depending on what they want at that time. If the heat is much, the user can choose to set the fan speed too high for maximum coolness. However, if the heat is mild, the user may either set the fan to medium or low depending on individual preferences.  

It is Affordable: 

Blast Personal Fan is a high-quality device sold at an economical friendly price so that anyone gets to enjoy cool air at a relatively low price.

It has Fast USB-C charging: 

Blast wearable Fan uses the most common type of charger. So, users can be certain that they will find the right charger whenever there may be need for it. Users do not also need to worry about the charging speed and charging port the device has. It uses the USB Type-C charging port, and it also charges amazingly fast. 

It is Easy to use:

Blast Personal Fan is also relatively easy to use and maintain. There is no strenuous process or lengthy manuals. Users need only put it around their neck, press the “on” button, and enjoy the impeccable perks of this brilliant device anywhere they are. 

It has LED light:

Blast Personal Fan is designed in such a way that users will be able to know the power and charging status of the device through its friendly user interface. There is a built-in LED light that works as an indicator of power and charging status. The user will also know the amount of power left in the device and when it is fully charged with the help of the LED indicator. 

Benefits of The Blast Personal Fan 

Individuals who want to buy this amazing personal fan will be looking forward to the benefits as covered in this Blast Personal Fan Review.

Some of the benefits of Blast Personal Fan includes:

Wireless Fan with Built-in Ionizer and Air filter: 

Users will be assured of breathing a clean air. With this mini portable fan which is compatible with an optional extra filter and ionizer that filters the air around them, individuals are sure they will breathe pure air. It is a neckband that doubles as a strong wireless fan, giving off pure, Crystal breathable air.

Enclosed fan keeps out dirt and hair: 

Owners of this wearable neck fan need not worry about their earrings, hair and clothing getting in the way. This device is designed in such a way that the enclosed fan keeps earrings, hair, and other clothing out of the way.

It has Durable Battery: 

With its exceptionally durable long-lasting battery, the Blast Personal Neck Fan can provide a continuous cooling for up to 30 hours. It is a completely rechargeable USB fan, so the user needs to only charge it once the power is down. 

Blast Personal Fan Comes in all Neck Sizes: 

The Blast Personal Neck Fan is structured to fit on every kind of neck size, keeping users cool everywhere they go with it. The Blast Personal Neck Fan circulates a cool air bubble around the users and rests comfortably on their neck like a necklace, keeping them fresh and cool from heat. For hot summer days, this is an ideal outdoor fan for persons who desire to have a wonderful summer adventure.

Portable and Reliable Fan With 3 Cooling Speeds: 

Blast Personal Fan is a portable and reliable wearable neck fan for those who obviously want to avoid the intense scorch of the summer season. As an added benefit, users can also monitor their personal cooling with three ultra-quiet fan settings: Low, Medium, and High. Set too Low for a gentle cool breeze, medium for a strong warming breeze, and high for a super icy blast. So, instead of a desk fan or standing ones, individuals are encouraged to take this portable and rechargeable neck fan with them everywhere they go.

It is Easily Carried Around: 

The Blast Personal Fan also has an incorporated easy handle that is ideal for easy carriage. It is most suited for walks, travels, sports, and any outdoor event/occasion. The fan is lightweight and small, and the user will not feel any weight or inconvenience while wearing it. 

Noiseless Fan and Gentle Breeze: 

The Blast Personal Neck Fan is not noisy at all. This attribute makes it the best Choice whether indoor or outdoor. With a bladeless fan, the user will not have to worry about any noise.  This makes it suitable for the library, the cinema, or any other place where one needs to stay cool and calm.

Blast Auxiliary Fan Reviews: Pros and Cons of Blast Personal Fan 

Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage, and for this Blast Personal Fan Review, we covered both in detail.

Pros of Blast Wearable Fan

Can Be Adjusted:

For a preferred temperature, the users of the device can choose from three different fan speed modes (low, medium, and high). The fan can also be worn loosely but very securely. It is designed to fit over the user’s head and stay put even when the user is engaged in an exercise.

Returns Without Hassle: 

No quarrel, bickering or fight on return! Users not satisfied with the Blast Personal Fan can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. There will be no harassments or hassles of any sort upon such return.

Setup Is Quick and Easy: 

Blast Personal Fan is delivered to the user’s doorstep once the user has placed their order. It is quite easy to set up and use, and it works right out of the box. 

Very Easy to Use:  

The blast personal fan is a one-touch unit. The vents are completely customizable, and the user can easily enjoy reliable personalized comfort.

High Quality Guarantee:

Reliable, efficient, and trouble-free results can be counted on even on the hottest days and in stuffy environments. The Blast Personal Fan is built with the best technologically available materials: fan, plastic, battery, speed, etc. Users can always count on premium cooling services. 


Users only needs to wear the Blast Personal Fan around their neck to enjoy an uninterrupted cool flow of air everywhere they go. It has a long battery lifespan of up to 30 hours, so they will not have to worry about those irksome midday sweats again.

Blast Personal Fan Review – Cons

Hurry! Blast Personal Fan is Limited in Stock: 

as stated in the manufacturer’s official website, the increase in demand for Blast Personal Fan simply implies that the produced quantity will soon be finished because of the High rate of the product demand. Anyone who desires to have it is encouraged to do so early while the stock lasts.

It is a digital product:

it is stated explicitly by the manufacturer that it has not licensed any offline transaction of any sort. So therefore, there is no existing offline retail or wholesale store on this product. Be cautious of where and who you purchase from. This product cannot be bought or purchased from any other online store or website except the official website of the manufacturer. 

The discount is only valid for a few days: 

Anybody who plans to visit this product’s official website with a claim as to the current promotional bonus is expected to process their payment with immediate effect. Otherwise, the person may likely lose the discount. 

Where to Buy Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan? 

The Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan can be purchased at a reduced price on the manufacturer’s official website only. Those who wish to buy will save more money if they purchase more than two units of the personal fan. Here are choices available to buyers:

A personal fan can be bought for $49.99, which is a reduced price from the original price of $76.9. This package is called the personal cool pack

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Also, instead of $153.82, you can purchase two personal fan systems for $99.98. This offer/package is called the Too Cool Pack. 

Just $112.48 for three units. This is the Company Pack. Initially, three units were sold for $230.72.

Instead of $307.63, you can buy a Mega Cool Pack for $137.47. This offer comes with four personal fans.

There is an additional freight fee the buyer will be required to pay depending on the chosen package. However, the juicy part about it is that there is a money-back guarantee. Every purchaser has 30 days from the date of purchase to return a package if they do not like it or if they were not given what they bargained for and get a refund.

However, the condition remains that the box should not have been opened or tampered with, because there is need for a clean repackage if the return will be accepted. Therefore, before placing an order, it is necessary that you have the right information. 

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Customer Reviews 

Frankly speaking, many individuals have discovered that surviving the summer heat requires a personal fan. These categories of persons have embraced the Blast Personal Fan without delay. They are happy to be among the first set of customers who have bought and used the product to their satisfaction. Their reviews are listed below:

“At first, I didn’t actually believe this device could be that comfortable. I was mistaken. As a long-time allergy patient (cats, hay fever, cigarette smoke), I have found the Blast Personal Fan to be a vital part of my day. Whenever my allergies are triggered, this gadget always helps calm my symptoms. Thanks” (Anna C. Miami, Florida) 

“I work as an administrative officer in a sign-making shop. The ventilation in the office isn’t too good. I enjoy having my Blast Personal Fan with me whenever I am at work. It makes my personal space much more pleasant, nice and comfortable.” (Jason L. Hempstead, NY) 

“I purchased one of these Blast Personal fans after the last sweltering summer. Alongside the cleaner air, the coolant at the back was really refreshing, and I no longer dread having to walk outside in the sun or take the stuffy, hot bus to my job downtown.” (Heather M. Bakersfield, CA)

 5.0 out 5.0 Review! I use the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan daily. In my office, the ladies really like to keep the place warm and so does my wife at home. The Blast personal fan lets me set my own personal cool temperature. I like it cool, so I can have a clear crystal mind and give my best.  (– Bozeman, MO) 

“Blast Auxiliary Fan blasts the cold air like no other. I use it indoors and outdoors when I am walking my dog. Super cool and comfortable. Highly recommend!” (Nick R.  San Diego, CA) 

“This is a really Personal/Wearable Fan. It Looks like something from Star Wars. Lol! You simply wear it around your neck and its high-tech fans in the front cool you down freshly and nicely. It is a must-have summer device.” (Jim M. Livonia, MI) 

“It is the best device for summer! The summers where I live get overwhelmingly hot, so this fan is great for cooling me down on my commute home. I am the only one who isn’t sweating and panting through my clothing and fanning myself down! I’m really considering getting a few more!” (Carl M. Los Angelesey, California) 

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Review Frequently Asked Questions

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Reviews Frequently Asked Questions are answered below. This was gathered from Blast Personal Fan customers survey.

What does particulate matter mean? (Blast Fan Review)

Particulate matter (also called particle pollution) simply implies the solid particles and liquid droplets found at atmosphere. Good examples of this include smoke, dust, pollen, and smog. The Blast Personal Fan minimizes the impact of these small particles on your health.

Does Blast Personal fan feel warm on my neck? 

No, it does not, because the Blast Personal Fan blows pure, clean and healthy filtered air around you. It effectively drives away heat. You will savor the cooling sensation the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan provides on a hot day.

How does the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Work? 

 Blast auxiliary personal fan works as an ionizer by purifying the surrounding air. By electronically charging the environment’s molecules using negatively charged ions, you also help eliminate and curtail traces of harmful airborne bacteria and particulate matters. The dual fans and changeable filters also ensure that these contaminants do not get into your lungs.

What kind of batteries does the Blast Personal Fan take? 

The device has a 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery that is comfortably powered by a standard USB cable. No need to stock up on batteries. Charge it overnight and it is set for use all through the next day.

Where and who can use Blast Personal Neck Fan?

Blast Personal Fan is not gender sensitive nor gender specific. This means that anyone in dire need of a portable fan may use it. Including a child. This personal fan, unlike a conventional air conditioner does not need any special set up or fixing. Also, unlike the regular traditional fan, the best part of this product is that it can be used in different places some of which are:

Living Room: 

Watching television is fun and Blast Personal Fan will make certain of that enjoyment.


if someone buys the Blast Personal Fan, his/her summer sleep will no longer be a dreadful experience overwhelmed with heat and smelly sweat. The person is assured of a sound sleep with the blast personal fan next to them.


Work with ease and comfort with the Blast Personal Fan! Users of this device need not depend on the cooling systems in their office for cool air. What if someone’s place of business has no air conditioner, fan, or air coolant? Should such a person die of sweat and heat? No. Blast Personal Fan is sure to provide the person with an enjoyable office experience. 


In most homes, fans are not usually installed or kept in kitchens. It’s only few individuals who have pondered why and tried to innovate. However, it is time everyone made a difference! So, instead of experiencing too much heat and high temperature and sweating all over because you are in the kitchen, the Blast Personal Fan will cool the user while the person goes about preparing some delicious finger licking meals. Any user of the Blast Personal Fan will always look up to a wonderful kitchen experience.


Blast Personal Fan is also suitable for beach parties, picnics, and any other recreational activity. With this special fan, users simply need to relax and savor their evenings on the balcony like never.

Driving / Traveling

Blast Personal Fan is a trusted ally to all drivers or travelers on the go. Users can also take advantage of its small size and avoid depending on the planes or vehicle’s old air conditioning system! Bon Voyage.

Will the Blast Auxiliary pull my hair into the fan? 

No, not at all.  The Blast personal fan has a patented technology that keeps your hair or clothing from being caught into the fan.

Blast Personal Fan Review – Conclusion

Many people have repeatedly wished for a personal fan, yet they don’t know where to get one. It is proper to say that the thought of a personal fan (Blast Personal Fan) or air conditioner crosses everyone’s mind now and then, especially on a hot summer day when trapped in a home, an office or in a car without any coolant or sufficient air.

Many Blast Auxiliary Personal Review confirm that this wearable fan has served them this summer so far.

People oftentimes wish they had a fan or an air-conditioning system that can blow very cool fresh air directly at them, and even a better device that purifies the air around them at the same time.

Blast Personal Fan recently launched their superb and amazing fan device that hangs around the user’s neck and purifies the surrounding air while keeping the user cool and refreshed. So, the dream has been actualized.

The Blast Personal Fan is of a very high-quality. It is a product that every user will fall in love with on first contact. It is a must-have for everyone during the scorching sun and summer heat since it will also help the user breathe a fresher and cleaner air if they have allergies because it also reduces the number of bacteria, germs, and other air particles and pollutants around the users.

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The Blast Personal Fan is recommended for everybody. It has a 5-degree flex fit that makes it easy and flexible to fit in all neck sizes. This accessory is specifically designed for people who live in hot weather climates or in heavily polluted areas and are concerned about the quality of the air they breathe. 

This brand-new Blast Personal Fan keeps the users as cool as never before, unlike other devices that may appear to have similar characteristics but appears useless to the user at the end of the day. It comes with exciting characteristics that are an amazing improvement to modern desires and tastes.

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