ChillBox Portable AC Reviews 2021: the truth about the ChillBox Ac?

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The Chillbox Portable AC is considered the best-selling personal air conditioning conditioner, which is easily available at a reasonable price. The Chill Box portable AC is predicted to be the most selling personal AC in the year 2021. The best thing about this AC is that it is portable and comes at an affordable rate. You don’t have to spend several thousand to buy an air conditioner now. You can easily purchase a Chillbox Air Cooler, which is a type of personal AC. 

You can prefer to use this portable AC in the case of an emergency. We all know that every year around millions of customers face problems regarding the traditional central air conditioning units. When it is the case of warmer climates, then this becomes a major problem. You must have heard about heatstroke, which is a serious threat. If your Air conditioner is not working, then its maintenance cost and repair cost can be very expensive. Chillbox Portable AC can work as the best alternative in place of Air conditioner. According to the sources, it was found that more homeowners are referring to the purchase of chill box portable AC for their homes every year. This is increasing the demand for portable AC. 

 ChillBox is a personal air cooler that can chill up a small space efficiently. It is an affordable solution to the heat of the summer. Unlike an air conditioner, ChillBox Portable AC doesn’t need to be installed in a wall. It is portable and cordless. 

Considering how hot it is getting these days, you need a solution to beat the heat. Chilled glasses of juices and ice pops are not enough. You can’t spend your nights outdoors sleeping among the mosquitoes which are why you need a solution that is budget friendly and helps you pass your time in a pleasant atmosphere. 

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ChillBox Portable AC can serve as a reliable option. It does seem to have many promising reviews and is currently trending for its amazing features. To know more about this device, you can read the ChillBox review below. This review will be your detailed guide to everything you need to know about ChillBox. 

ChillBox Portable AC Review 

Tolerating the summer heat without any air conditioner is quite difficult. It takes a major toll on your health as your skin is affected by the UV rays of the sun and the aging process is accelerated. Did you know that excess exposure to sunlight can also cause skin cancer? If you live in an area there the sun’s heat is very powerful, then heat strokes must also be a common occurrence. These can be life threatening which is why you need to do your best to protect yourself. 

Unfortunately, the common man cannot afford a central air-cooling system. In fact, some people can also not afford traditional air conditioners. This is because not only are air conditioners a costly investment, but they also increase your build significantly. Top this up with the prediction that electricity will only get more 

expensive in the coming years. so, what can you do to stay cool in this hot weather? You can try out an air cooler which is a smaller version of an air conditioner. 

While air coolers cannot be compared to air conditioners when it comes to their cooling and cannot cool a large enough area, they are quite budgeting friendly. One air cooler that a lot of people are talking about these days is the ChillBox Portable AC. This device has awesome functionality as it has four different functions – it works as an air cooler, humidifier, purifier as well as a fan. so, when it’s not hot enough, you can always turn the cooling off and use this device as just a fan. 

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Exploring the Functions Of ChillBox AC 

We mentioned above that the ChillBox AC serves quite a few purposes. Now let’s take a deeper look at the functionality of this device: 

  • Cooler 

The primary function of ChillBox air conditioners is to keep your area cool. The good thing is that this device is able to chill up your space in a very short amount of time. As soon as you start the ChillBox, it blows out cool air so that sweat can be defeated. 

  • Fan 

When the weather is quite chilly itself and you do not need the device to blow out cool air, but you still need just a fan, this device can function as that. This means that it is not only useful in the summer weather but can be quite a good partner at bedtime for you during spring and autumn. 

  • Humidifier 

While an air conditioner sucks the moisture out of a room only blowing out cool air, an air cooler makes sure that the air in the room is humid. ChillBox ensures that the moisture levels in the room are optimal so that your skin doesn’t dry up and you don’t have to go through another dryness-caused health problem. 

  • Cooler 

Last but not least, this device also makes sure that the air in your room is clean. Before blowing out cool air, it makes sure that the air is purified thanks to the filters installed. In this way toxins and allergens are removed from the air so that you can breathe in fresh air rather than unnatural air. 

The Benefits Of ChillBox Portable AC 

According to the official website, ChillBox air conditioners are beneficial in many ways. Let’s learn about some of the ways this device is way better than the typical air conditioner below: 

  1. Portable, lightweight, cordless 

ChillBox air conditioner is portable unlike an air conditioner. The air conditioner is fit into your wall which means that it cannot be moved from one place to another. Even if you want to shift to one other house, you need the help of professionals to extract the machine from your wall so that it can be used in your new home. 

Furthermore, other air coolers that are bigger in size are also not portable even though they promise to be. The reason behind this is their bulky size. Despite having wheels, those devices are quite difficult to move from one room to another. Not to mention the wires attached to sockets add to the work that you have to do when moving such an air cooler from one room to another. 

On the flip side, a portable AC such as ChillBox is lightweight and compact in size. This is because it is made of plastic. You can easily carry it in your hands to move it from place to place. Since this device also is cordless and works on charging, you do not need to attach any wires to get it started. This means that it is truly portable rather than just being credited to be so for no good reason. 

  1. Affordable in many ways 

Another pro of this device over the traditional air conditioner is that it is affordable, as mentioned above. ChillBox is available at a price lower than $100 even which makes it multiple times more affordable than an air conditioner. Apart from being an inexpensive investment, this device also doesn’t have high maintenance costs. 

Unlike an air conditioner, an air cooler does not require you to call professionals for maintenance purposes. You don’t have to worry about any complicated parts getting clogged or rusted. In fact, the ChillBox can be cleaned at home conveniently with the help of a clean cloth and a brush. other than this, air coolers also do not increase your bills. 

If you keep your air conditioner turned on for a couple of hours every day, your utility bills will accumulate greatly. However, an air cooler doesn’t take up much power or require a direct electrical source when it’s working. This means that it doesn’t raise your energy bills to the extent that you have to bite your nails each month. 

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Getting Started With ChillBox 

As per, another great quality of ChillBox air conditioner is that it is quite easy to use. This means that you do not need a masters’ degree in electrical engineering if you want to get started with using this device. In fact, even if you’re an amateur who has never had any experience with any technology before, using this air cooler will be very simple for you. 

That being said, you need to follow a few basic steps before ChillBox Portable AC runs: 

  • Charge the device 

When you take this device out of its box, you do not need to assemble it in any manner. It comes completely assembled so all you have to do is charge the device. You can charge the device prior to using it so that you don’t have to worry about it running out of power midway or dealing with even a single cord. 

Thanks to this feature of charging, you can use ChillBox Portable AC outdoors as well since no direct electrical source is required. For instance, if you’re reading a book in your lawn, you can always take this compact air cooler with you so that you can enjoy the sunny weather without getting all sweaty. Once the device is fully charged, you’re likely to be indicated by an LED light of the device. 

  • Fill in the water tank 

Every air cooler comes with a water tank. Since this one also functions on the grounds of evaporation technology rather than any complicated procedure, you also need to fill this device with water. Make sure that you take out the water tank and fill it properly, making sure that no other parts of the device are drained with water. 

When the water tank is full, you can place it in its position again and adjust the curtain. Keep in mind that you should always fill the tank with cold water if you want to enjoy chilled air in the room. So, you might need to keep bottles of water in your freezer prior to filling them in the water tank of the ChillBox AC. 

  • Place the device correctly 

Once the water tank is full and the device is fully charged, you can adjust the settings of the device. But before that, you will have to place the device on a flat surface to make sure that it doesn’t slip off and fall to the ground. Damage would be inevitable in such a case, after all. So, for example, you can keep it on your side table or your study table, but always somewhere close to yourself. 

Also make sure that you place the device upright rather than on its side. If the device is placed on its side there is the danger of water entering into other parts of the air cooler, ruining its functionality. Moreover, place the device right in front of you with the grill directed toward your face if you want to enjoy a cool experience. 

  • Adjust the settings 

Now that you have followed all the major steps, you can easily adjust the settings of this device to finally enjoy cool air. There are four different power settings that this device has. You can either set the cooling to low, medium or high, as per your needs. 

If you merely want the ChillBox air cooler to function as a fan rather than as an air cooler, you can either set the cooling to low or you can fill water that is not cold enough in the tank. Turning on the device is quite simple as it doesn’t have many buttons. You can just take a look at the device and understand easily how you can set the cooling and turn the device on and off. 

In case you still struggle with getting this device to work, you can always read the instructions manual that accompanies your purchase. Know that even a charging cable accompanies so that you don’t have to spend extra on that. The only thing that you don’t get with this device is extra curtains. Once the water curtain has been used for enough time you will have to replace it. Water curtains need to typically be replaced within 6 to 8 months, sometimes in an even shorter time. 

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More Information on ChillBox Air Cooler 

While ChillBox has many exciting features, there are some downsides associated with it as well. 

  1. It cannot chill up a large area 

An air conditioner can only chill up an area as big as it is meant to, depending on the tons of it you purchase. Similarly, you cannot expect a small air cooler, such as this one, to cool up a very big area. Since an air cooler doesn’t use refrigeration technology and only works on basic evaporation technology, you can only expect it to be for personal use. 

Even if your room is small but has too many people in it, you cannot expect everyone to feel pleasant. This is because this device has been developed specifically for people who want an affordable solution and want to use this device for themselves. 

  1. You may need to charge the device and fill the water tank frequently 

An air conditioner comes without the inconvenience of having to charge it or fill water in any part. However, an air cooler requires you to put in some work as you have to regularly fill water in the tank. Moreover, you also need to make sure that the ChillBox air conditioner is always charged. However, this is not a very big issue since you can always charge the device while it is working or turned on. 

  1. The tank needs to be filled with cold water 

Another downside of this device is that you need to fill the tank with only cold water. This means that any available water will not be a good idea since if the water is warm, the device will not blow out cool air. Therefore, another thing that is added to your plate is that you will have to make sure that there is a water bottle in your freezer which can be poured into your air cooler’s water tank. 

Where to Buy ChillBox AC? Details on Pricing and Refund Policy 

If you’re interested in purchasing ChillBox, the best place to do so is from its official website – This way you can be sure that ChillBox AC is being offered at its lowest price available and the product that you will get it wouldn’t be a scam duplicate. 

As for the pricing, four different deals are available: 

  • You can purchase one unit of ChillBox Portable AC at just $89. A shipping fee of $8.99 is applicable. 
  • As part of the second package, you can get two units of ChillBox Portable AC at just $79 per device. Again, shipping is applicable. 
  • There’s a third package with three units of this device available as well. In this deal, the price of each device is further lowered to just $69. Shipping in this package is free of cost. 
  • Last but not least, there is a deal of four units of this device in which each is available for $59 only with no delivery charges applicable. 

At the end of the day, it is more sensible to purchase a bigger deal since it will lower the price even more and get you more units of the air cooler. If there are several people at your home, then buying one of the bigger deals would be a logical choice to make. However, if you’re a single person who has to use this device, you may want to just purchase one unit of it. All things considered, we suggest buying a single unit and giving it a test-drive before ordering in bulk. 

You can just add your preferred package to the cart, add your details and make your payment through any credit or debit card. Unfortunately, payments through PayPal are not currently supported. 

Also check out ChillBox customer reviews and consumer reports before buying. Does it really work as claimed? More info can be found at

Should You Buy a ChillBox Portable AC? 

Are you looking for an affordable solution for this summer season and the next that can beat the summer heat and keep you cool without raising your bills? Are you a single person who needs such a device to study or work in peace without having to worry about electricity bills? If so, it is a good idea to buy a ChillBox air cooler. 

A lot of people before you have bought this device and are very satisfied with its working and efficiency. You can read the customer reviews which have been shared on the website or try to get genuine reviews from people you know. Moreover, this device is also backed by a money back guarantee of 30 days which keeps your investment safe. This means that in case the device doesn’t satisfy you, you have the option to return it and get your money back. 

ChillBox Reviews Final Verdict – Is It Worth Buying? 

ChillBox seems to be a great investment. It is affordable as it is not costly, doesn’t have any maintenance costs, and doesn’t even require you to pay for installation costs. The device works to cool your area optimally. However, it is designed for a single person’s use and cannot be used for chilling up an entire or a big room. 

Since it works noiselessly and is cordless, you can enjoy maximum comfort and convenience. You can easily move the device from one place to another as there are no wires involved. Know that the ChillBox Portable AC is a fan, humidifier and air purifier as well. It makes certain that the air it circulates is moist and clean. Getting started with this device is also pretty simple since it doesn’t require be installing, assembling and the process of running it is quite simple too. 

If you want to know more about this device or purchase it, visit the official ChillBox website using this link. 

ChillBox Customer Reviews & Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does ChillBox make noise while running? 

Fortunately, ChillBox works silently without making any noise. The only noise you hear is of 52 decibels which is very easy on your ears. This means that you can easily work or sleep while ChillBox Portable AC is running. 

  • How long does it take for ChillBox to get charged? 

It takes between five to six hours for this device to get completely charged. However, you must use the original charger that comes with it for it to charge this quickly. 

  • Is ChillBox device water resistant? 

ChillBox offers some level of water resistance. However, this doesn’t mean that the parts of the device are safe from water in case it gets drenched. 

  • What about the design of ChillBox AC? 

Good thing is that this device also has an aesthetic design. The device is compact, sleek, and comes in a neutral color. It has an LED light too. This LED light ensures that the environment in which the device is placed is not completely dark when you turn off the lights. 

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