CircuBoost Reviews – Scam Customer Complaints or Real Supplement?


CircuBoost is a dietary formula that improves the overall health of a body, especially those who are in the late middle years of their lives. According to the official website (, it helps all people who feel that aging has started to hit them; he never feels the same energy and strength as he did in his younger years. If used timely, regular usage of this dietary formula can help to fix the damage, mainly caused by nitrate chemicals, and improve the quality of life, despite aging.  

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Aging hits everyone, and it would be a lie to say that it does not cause any medical issues in a person. The body becomes weak and fragile with age, and any changes to the environment, diet, or lifestyle can substantially affect it. Of course, the energy levels never remain the same, but sometimes people complain about being tired all the time or report a general feeling of weakness.  

These symptoms are often confused with aging symptoms, but they may also be a sign of nutrient deficiency, nitrate chemicals damage, or poor health.  


While many of the treatment plans require months to follow a new lifestyle or diet plan, some performance boosters like CircuBoost may accelerate the recovery and save the body from potential damages. This supplement uses 100% natural ingredients to maintain the Nitrates levels in the body. Unlike other supplements, it is a drinkable supplement that makes its usage even more convenient.  

Is CircuBoost legit or a scam? What are the chances it will turn out to be true to its promises? 

Find out how this supplement works and where to buy CircuBoost for an affordable price in this review.  

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CircuBoost Review – What is CircuBoost? 

Everyone is talking about CircuBoost, especially how it makes aging easier. It is an easy-to-use, drinkable dietary supplement that improves overall health and immunity. As the name may indicate, it improves blood circulation, blood pressure, cardiac health, cognition, and nerve function. Furthermore, it improves the temper and lowers stress, making the body accept the aging transition in a better way.  

Many people believe that health-boosting dietary formulas are useless and aging is a natural part of life, and it can not be stopped. Yes, aging is natural, but it is not always accompanied by medical issues and compromised immunity, which leaves older adults with a high risk of health impairments. Anything that could help avoid it is definitely worth something, and nothing is better than a product that you can drink or add into your morning smoothie or shake, making its usage even more easier.  

CircuBoost has a special blend called FermaPro, which is made from beetroot and Careflow mango powder, obtained from purest natural sources and fermented to get maximum benefits. This blend works on stimulating the Nitric Oxide levels all over the body, making it enjoy the active and energetic younger age for long.  

For those who do not know, nitric oxide is a gas that is naturally produced in the body and is responsible for maintaining the structure and function of the blood vessels. When its levels are imbalanced, whether increased or decreased, the blood supply to all visceral organs is compromised, and each function is at high risk of failure since blood vessels connect all organs and functions to each other. Therefore, using a supplement like CircuBoost fixes this issue and ensures stable cardiovascular health does wonders for the body, especially those who are already vulnerable to the damage, i.e., older adults.  

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Understanding the Working of CircuBoost 

Before jumping to find out how CircuBoost works, it is necessary to know about nitric oxide and how its levels affect your health. It is hard to believe that the body produces a gas inside the blood vessels, but it is true. Every cell produces nitric oxide that is responsible for various body functions, the most important of which is maintaining blood vessel health. 

Medically, it is called a vasodilator, which means it is responsible for relaxing the inner muscles of blood vessels, causing them to widen and make more space for blood flow. This way, it directly improves blood circulation all over the body, maintains blood pressure, and offers protective benefits for nearly all organs, especially the heart and brain.  

When the nitric oxide formation stops or slows down for any reason, the whole body suffers from its side effects. That is why maintaining its levels, either through diet or with the use of a supplement like CircuBoost, is vital.  

In addition to cardiovascular health, it offers the following benefits to the body.  

  • Prevents erectile dysfunction  
  • Regulates blood pressure  
  • Improves exercise performance  
  • Maintains cholesterol levels  
  • Boost cognition and memory  
  • Protects heart  
  • Offers sexual health benefits 
  • Delays aging  

Now, there are two ways to get nitric oxide; one is through diet, and the other is through supplements. 

Fresh vegetables with a high nitrate count (Celery, spinach, cress. lettuce, chervil, beetroot, etc.) and rich in antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione, polyphenols, etc.) and intake of amino acids like L-arginine and L-Citrulline can fill in this deficiency. Furthermore, adding exercise to your routine can pump blood and enhance endothelial function. The endothelial is the thin cellular layer that lines up the inner side of blood vessels. Nitric oxide is produced by these cells that are essential for blood vessels’ health. 

Now, this may sound like a lot of effort, especially for a person who is not immune-compromised and only needs something to ease the aging signs. In that case, taking nitric oxide-based supplements like CircuBoost is a better option. It does not contain nitric oxide, but its ingredients work on improving the natural production of nitric oxide. However, it only works when you regularly consume it every day for three to six months. Otherwise, the progress is plodding, or the results are not very much noticeable.  

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CircuBoost Ingredients List  

CircuBoost contains 100% natural ingredients that account for all of its benefits. The company ensures that they are taken from premium quality sources and mixed in an FDA-approved facility, leaving no mark to question its quality. The official website also mentions a few research studies explaining how these ingredients have proven benefits for health. However, the supplement is not tested as a whole in any clinical trial which is very common with dietary supplements like this one. Unlike medicines, it is rare for the supplements to go under a clinical trial, and if they are plant-based, their ingredient list is enough to guess their benefits and safety.  

The company has mentioned a complete list of ingredients for CircuBoost. These ingredients are even mentioned on the product label, but those who are concerned about the formula should not wait to get their order to view this ingredient list. Simply visit the website and read about the ingredients there and then decide about using it.  

Based on the information provided by the manufacturer, there are only two ingredients inside the CircuBoost drink, both of which support natural nitric oxide production. Here are the details about these two CircuBoost ingredients and their safety evaluation.  

  • Careflow Organic Mango Fruit Extract 

The First CircuBoost ingredient is the mango fruit extract, obtained from sources cultivated without excessive chemicals and pesticides. The Careflow Mango Fruit Powder is scientifically proven to contain ingredients responsible for producing nitric oxide in the body. The company mentions explicitly that it only uses mature and fresh mangoes to obtain these ingredients so that they can get the maximum value of its nutrients.  

When the body fills in for the deficiencies that are causing fluctuations in its NO levels, it starts healing naturally. The result is improved blood flow, heart health, and sexual health benefits. Lastly, Careflow Organic Mangoes are picked to be a part of the CircuBoost formula because of the quality standards followed by it. It matches the tolerance levels of human bodies and is safe to use daily.  

  • Ferraro Fermented Beetroot Powder 

The next ingredient in CircuBoost is the FermaPro fermented beetroot powder that offers more than double the value of nitrate oxide than any other dietary source. These nitrates are naturally found in the beetroot plant, and fermentation helps to get the most value out of these. Once consumed by the body, these nitrates are converted into nitrate oxides by the body and are utilized to maintain blood vessels structure.  

In addition to that, fermentation adds probiotic bacteria and certain digestive enzymes that make it more beneficial for the gut, aiding natural weight loss. Lastly, it also improves the absorption ability of the body, making all the CircuBoost ingredients more available for the body to pick.  

The CircuBoost ingredients list also contains sodium and potassium salts in it. These two salts are electrolytes that make it easier for the body to maintain blood volume and improve its circulation. Some evidence suggests that it also helps to regulate blood pressure, saving people from the complications of hypertension.  

The company follows a transparent approach towards its ingredients and hides nothing from the customers. Despite being natural ingredients, it is possible for some ingredients to go wrong and cause allergic reactions in some users, which makes it hard to consume a dietary supplement with a potential allergen for them. Having this ingredient list available makes it easy to evaluate a supplement, identify any potential allergen and choose a supplement that is beneficial and safe for a person.  

There are no artificial ingredients, harmful chemicals, and unnecessary fillers in the CircuBoost formula. If used appropriately, there are few chances for it to go wrong and lead to undesirable side effects. Still, some users may experience minor digestive distress if they are not used to any dietary supplement. This distress goes away on its own and does not require any medical help.  

For more details about CircuBoost customer reviews, its ingredients and their potential benefits, check the information provided by the official website. Click Here To Visit The Website.  

What To Expect From CircuBoost? 

Unlike other dietary supplements that target one specific function, CircuBoost offers a huge spectrum of benefits. It helps a person stay strong, retain the energy levels and maintain NO levels that otherwise decrease with age. There is no way the body starts maintaining these nitrate oxide (NO) levels on its own, without any help, which is why people rely on dietary boosters like CircuBoost to save their health.  

CircuBoost mainly helps to improve the natural Nitrate oxide (NO) production by the body. It uses a premium blend made with CareFlow mango fruit powder and fermented beetroot powder that offers numerous health benefits. Some of these benefits are as follows.  

  • Maintains nitric oxide levels for a long time  
  • Improves the microcirculation in the body  
  • Aids in lean muscle mass building  
  • Boosts stamina and strength of the user  
  • Supports faster muscle recovery after any strenuous exercise  
  • Increases the sexual stamina, strength, and performance  
  • Maintains energy levels despite aging  
  • Lowers stress and protects from stress-related disorders 
  • Defensive benefits for the heart  
  • Improves brain structure and function 
  • Retain healthy nerve function  
  • Regulate blood flow and cholesterol 
  • Improves immunity and prepares the body to fights against the threats   

When Should You Expect Results From CircuBoost? 

Individual results may vary. All the benefits of CircuBoost are only achieved when you use it correctly and regularly for a certain period. Make it a part of your everyday life by adding it to your morning smoothie or using its drink before breakfast.  

It needs at least four to eight weeks to activate and start working inside the body. And the noticeable results are shown after three to six months.  

There is no limitation on its duration, and many users continue to take it even after this six-month time. It maintains its results and continues to work for better health at this time. There are no addiction, stimulation, or withdrawal effects associated with it.  

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CircuBoost Customer Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How does CircuBoost taste? 

Several CircuBoost reviews online have pointed out that it has a fruity taste, and it has less than 2 grams of sugar in it. The users will feel a sweetish flavor, but it is not much of a value to disturb their calorie intake.  

  • Do you need a prescription to buy CircuBoost? 

CircuBoost is a dietary formula and not a medicine. Therefore, it does not require a prescription for its purchase.  

  • Who should use CircuBoost? 

CircuBoost is ideally designed for people who are near or above 40 years of age. This is high time when the body starts showing the aging signs and needs help to fix the damages. If ignored, this damage can lead to various chronic diseases that are often associated with older age, i.e., high blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, etc.  

  • Can women take CircuBoost too? 

CircuBoost is suitable for both men and women. No matter how a person sexually identifies, this supplement offers benefits to everyone. It contains no hormones, nor does it affect natural hormone production in any way.  

  • How to use the CircuBoost formula? 

As mentioned before, CircuBoost comes in easy-to-use powder form. The user has to take one scoop of this powder and add it into the water or any beverage of his choice. Make sure not to add it into soda, caffeine, or alcohol-based drinks.  

  • Is CircuBoost addictive? 

CircuBoost has nothing inside it that can get the user hooked on to it. All ingredients inside are non-habit forming and are fit for long-term use.  

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CircuBoost Side Effects and Precautions 

CircuBoost is generally a safe choice for everyone, but there are some situations where it may not be true. First, it is designed for people over the age of 40 and is not suitable for children and teenagers. It is also not suitable if you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother. People who are on any time of daily medicine or awaiting surgery should avoid it altogether. In case, talk to your nearest healthcare provider regarding information about supplement safety or discuss your case with your physician before starting any supplement on your own.  

Where To Buy CircuBoost? Pricing Details And Affordability 

If you have decided to give it a try, here is good news. CircuBoost is now available online for direct purchasing. It is currently in stock, and the company is taking orders for it. All the orders are placed through the official website and are dispatched by the company’s warehouse.  

Here is the Direct Link To The CircuBoost Sales Page 

For now, CircuBoost is not available anywhere, locally or online. It is impossible to find it at other sources, so save your energy and get your order from the official website directly.  

The price of one jar of CircuBoost is only $29.96, which is hardly $1 per day. What is better than spending $1 on your health and saving yourself from chronic symptoms later? 

The company is also offering discounted bundle packs that cut its price even more.  

Get three months supply of CircuBoost under the ‘Buy Two Get One Free’ Offer that cuts the per jar price to $26.63 only, plus one bottle free. It makes $79.00 for three jars, instead of the regular price that is $119.85. Plus, there are no delivery charges.  

Get a six month supply of CircuBoost under the “Buy Three Get Three Free” Offer that cuts the price of one jar to $19.98 only. It makes a total of $119.85 for all six jars instead of the regular price that is $239.70. Plus, there are no delivery or handling charges.  

Those who are new to supplements can start from ordering one jar of CircuBoost. But it is better to order in bulk as the company is running a limited time discount offer. Once this offer ends, these jars will go back to the regular prices that may not be affordable for everyone.  

The company is offering a 60-day money-back guarantee on all orders. All unhappy customers can contact the company and ask for a refund. The company will ask no questions and will start the refund process right away. However, it is necessary to complete this refund request within 60 days of purchasing, or else; the company will invalidate this request. 

Here is how to contact the customer care line for questions and refunds.  

Phone- 1 (800) 720-1245 

Email- [email protected] 

Orders purchased through the official website will be considered for a refund. Make sure that you are using the official website to complete your order.  

CircuBoost Reviews – Is it a Good Investment in Health?  

Aging is a natural procedure, but it is never an excuse to fall sick, become susceptible to diseases, and be confined to bed for years. While energy and stamina are often associated with younger age, there are many ways you can continue enjoying the same stamina and health even at an older age.  

A combination of a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and a dietary supplement like CircuBoost powder can make it easy to live a healthier life. This supplement improves and retains the natural nitrate oxide production in the body, securing it from cardiovascular damages and muscle loss with age.  

Being a natural and risk-free product, it is easy to add to daily life. The ingredients are taken from the purest natural sources, and there is no way they can cause a side effect in any user. There are no hidden or artificial ingredients, and the company takes full responsibility for its product by offering a 100% money-back offer.  

Either you will get the enormous benefits promised by this formula, or you can get your money back within 60 days of the purchase, as individual results may vary. It is a fair deal, considering the supplement industry is full of scam products, many of which do not even take responsibility after the sale is completed. For further benefits, try CircuBoost powder drink and share your experience with the company. In case of dissatisfaction or failure to provide any results, the company will happily return your money.  

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