Fuze Bug Reviews (Warning) FuzeBug Zapper Scam Complaints or Worth The Money?


Fuze Bug is a top trending mosquito zapper that uses a non-UV light to kill flying and crawling insects. According to the official website, Fuze Bug zapper is a compact, lightweight, and portable lamp that is exceptionally useful in summers, which is the most favorable time for bug invasion. It’s simple design makes it easy to use and safe, even for people living with young children and indoor pets that may be attracted to the light.  

Fuze Bug itself appears to be basic and user-friendly, but if this is your first time trying a bug killer, there are many things that you should know. Read this comprehensive Fuze Bug review to learn everything about it.  

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Most people enjoy changing seasons; winter is all chilly and cozy, pushing people to stay indoors while summer is the time when being in the sun is everything. Blooming flowers, warm sun rays, beachside vacations, and exploring the mountains sounds fun, but all of this comes with one small problem- insects. Interestingly, summer is not only favorable for humans but also for animals, mainly insects which is why you see plenty of them around you when the weather is hot.  

As much as humans enjoy being in the sun, bugs, mosquitoes, moths, and other insects also like it, but the problem is them attacking humans, exposing them to a number of insect-borne diseases, some of which could be deadly.  

Bug bites are common in summer, and most of the time, they are harmless. But there is practically no way to save yourself from a harmful bug that is possibly carrying a pathogen, injecting it into your body, and triggering a series of symptoms that may even lead you to a hospital bed. Picnics, beach, trekking, camping, and pool parties sound fun, but there is no fun in laying in your bed all summer after being diagnosed with an insect-caused infection, i.e., malaria, dengue, etc. so does this mean you shouldn’t go out and stay inside for the whole summer?  

Of course not; it is not a practical solution, and being indoors also does not guarantee protection from insects as these tiny creatures can fly anywhere. What you can do is to look for something that adds to your protection, such as the FuzeBug lamp that uses light to catch and prey on insects. Remember, it is an insect killer and not a repellant, and if you don’t like the idea of killing insects, you should try other preventive measures than using this lamp.  

fuze bug

All others who are sick of flying and crawling little bugs can give Fuze Bug a try and see how it helps them. The company has a refund policy for all unsatisfied customers; therefore, there is no harm in trying it once and experiencing its benefits. Let’s look at product features, how it helps, and information on where to buy FuzeBug mosquito device. 

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Fuze Bug Review – What To Know About It? 

Fuze Bug is a small device that protects all types of insects. Created with a safe, non-invasive technology, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It emits an aesthetic purple light that makes it look more of a lamp than an insect killer. This light can cover an area up to 375 square feet and kills all bugs that come within its circumference. For this reason, many times, people use it in their house décor, and no one even realizes that it is a bug zapper.  

It is a rechargeable device that means you can charge it once and take it with you anywhere you go. There are no wires or cords attached, making it a non-messy small device that is also travel-friendly. There is a coil inside the machine that is responsible for emitting the light and killing them in less than a second. This coil is unapproachable by hand, which is why it is safe for a household with small children as they can’t even touch the coil or experience an injury.  

There is absolutely no smoke, fumes, or chemicals used in the FuzeBug devicemaking it safe for people with extreme allergies and sensitivities. There is no fragrance that may trigger breathing difficulties in some people. All in all, there is nothing about this device that appears to be a concern for anyone in the house. Use it at your door entrance or anywhere in the house where you see insects coming.  

Either you can get one Fuze Bug lamp and move it as per your need, or buy one for every room and get complete protection from unwanted insects, flies, and mosquitoes.  

The company is running a discount offer these days, and you can buy more Fuze Bug lamps by paying less. Click Here To Visit The Official Website and Place Your Fuze Bug Order Today.  

How Does Fuze Bug Kill Insects?  

The market is full of shady products, and it is a common practice to do a background check before investing your hard-earned money into any. In case you are thinking about the FuzeBug device, here is what you should know before buying it.  

FuzeBug zapper comes with a LED light to attract the bugs, a coil that kills the insects, and a tray to collect the insect remains so that they do not fall on the ground. Let’s discuss each of these in detail.  

  • LED Light: The LED light in this FuzeBug device is to lure the insects. You might have seen insects flying around your light bulbs, tube lights, lamps, and LED lights in the ceiling that is proof that insects like this artificial light. The company making FuzeBug has used the same thing to attract them and bring them to come closer so that they can be killed.  
  • Coil– the coil inside FuzeBug is strong enough to kill any insect coming in close contact with it. After the insects are trapped by the light, they try to touch the coil where they are killed within a second, and their bodies fall into the tray beneath.  
  • Collection tray: lastly, you will see a tray-like part in the bottom chamber of Fuze Bug. This tray collects the bodies and remains of insects that are killed by the light and coil. You can take it out, clean it, and put it back to the main body before using the lamp again. Typically, you have to clean this tray once a day or once in two days, depending upon the insects around you. When used outdoors, the chances to kill insects are much more, so you might need to empty the tray twice or even thrice a day.  

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Directions to Use Fuze Bug Zapper  

The Fuze Bug mosquito device comes as a compact one unit that requires no assembling. Every Fuze Bug lamp is packed in a box that is enough to carry it as a whole. The user is expected to take it out, remove the protective covers, and charge it before using.  

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the FuzeBug insect killer.  

  1. Take the machine out of the box and remove the plastic covers.  
  1. Spot the USB charging port.  
  1. Insert the charging cable into it and plug the other end into an electrical source.  
  1. A red light on the machine indicates that the charging has started.  
  1. Give it some time to charge fully, and the light will turn green.  
  1. Remove the charging cable and push the main button on the FuzeBug device.  
  1. Place it or hang it anywhere around you and let it work.  

Bonus tip- if you are to use FuzeBug zapper in an indoor setup, place it in a corner, turn off lights, and all doors, windows, and ventilator points inside. Return after a couple of hours, and your room will be up to 100% free from all mosquitoes, flies, and bugs. Don’t forget to clean the tray after one whole round of usage. 

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What Makes Fuze Bug Zapper a Good Choice? 

Fuze Bug is not the only insect-killing lamp, and there are plenty of other products that appear to be the same. However, not all of them work the same way, and investing your money into a worthless product may cause a financial loss.  

Here are a few reasons to prefer it over other alternatives.  

  • Portable and rechargeable device 

As mentioned on the official website, Fuze Bug mosquito zapper is a small, portable, and rechargeable device. It means you can charge it like your mobile phone or camera batteries and take it with you anywhere you go. There are no wires involved, so you would not need a power source to charge it.  

  • Weatherproof design  

Fuze Bug mosquito killer is designed for indoor and outdoor usage, but summer weather is unpredictable, especially when near a water body or mountains. Hence the company has made it in a weatherproof design that is unaffected by heat or moisture in the air. It is water-resistant, but it doesn’t mean you can practically push it into the water and expect it to work. Save it from extreme weather conditions, and it is good to work anywhere.  

  • Easy charging  

FuzeBug has a standard USB charging port that connects to a Type-C charger. Even if you lose the original cable, you can use any type-c adapter to charge it. Its battery time is nearly one day if you use it smartly, so charging it once a day is enough to make it work all night and day, according to your requirement.  

  • Two in one role 

Although Fuze Bug is an insect killer, its minimalistic design and purple light make it look like a lamp. Some FuzeBug reviews by the customers show that they have been using it as a night light and lamp, adding to the decoration of their house.  

  • Risk-free and safe  

Fuze Bug is a risk-free product as it is least likely to cause damage to humans, children and pets. The coil that kills the bugs is unreachable by hand, and only small-sized bugs can reach it. The light that it emits is non-UV means it has no harmful effects on the skin. 

  • Easy maintenance  

Unlike other insect killers that you see in commercial buildings, Fuze Bug has minimal maintenance needed. First, it is portable, and you can pick it up, clean the area underneath, and put it back. Secondly, it comes with a detachable tray that carries the debris and remains of the insects. If you clean this tray on time, there would be no mess around it.   

Where to Buy Fuze Bug Zapper? Price, Discounts, and Returns  

Fuze Bug is currently available on the official website onlyThere is no other way to get your hands on this insect killer as the company has no middleman or dealer involved that is responsible for its distribution. All orders are placed online through the official website, and the company dispatches each of these from its warehouse to the address provided by the customer.  

Buying from the official website cuts the chances of falling for a scam or faulty product. Plus, the company offers time to time discounts that make FuzeBug even more affordable. 

Fuze Bug is currently in stock and at up to 50% off the price. You can’t find any similar device for this unbelievably low price, and there is no maximum to order. Here are the pricing details under this discount offer.  

• Alpha pack (One Fuze Bug) for $39.99 only 

• Beta pack (Two FuzeBug zappers) for $37.99 each 

• Gamma pack (Three FuzeBug zappers) for $35.99 each 

• Delta pack (Four FuzeBug zappers) for $33.99 each 

• Epsilon pack (Five FuzeBug zappers) for $31.99 each 

If you live alone or have a small family, one device would be enough to protect you this summer. But for those who have more than two people in the house and/or have children and often expect visitors, buying bundle deals of Fuze Bug is better. You can place one in every room, or an even better idea is to make it a permanent part of your room décor and use it as a lamp + bug killer. There is no need to remove it or pack it after the summer ends, as you can continue using it as a lamp during winter. There are no ‘side effects’ or risks attached to this product.  

Note: We suggest buying a single unit of Fuze Bug zapper to test first. If it works as per your needs, you may consider buying Fuze Bug in bulk.   

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FuzeBug Refund Policy  

All orders of Fuze Bug are backed up with a 30-day return offer. Under this policy, you can choose to return the product and get your money back if you are not happy with its working. It shows the company’s confidence and trust in its product that it is ready to experience a loss over customer satisfaction. 

The refund policy is applicable for the orders placed through the company directly. If you have purchased FuzeBug from other sources than the official website, the company will not cater to your demand, and your refund request will be immediately rejected.  

The company has an active customer care line that can be contacted through mail and phone. Provide them with your order details and give them some time to check and verify their records. Once your order details are confirmed, the refund process will immediately proceed.  

Email: [email protected] 

Phone- +1 (866) 466-2390  

You may have to return the product to the company. Also, the company will not pay for the return parcel, and you have to manage it on your own. Know all these details before confirming your order for Fuze Bug insect killer.  

FuzeBug Return[Text Wrapping Break]2345 Vauxhall Rd[Text Wrapping Break]Union, NJ 07083 

Additional Tips to Get More Benefits From Fuze Bug Mosquito Killer  

In most cases, a Fuze Bug lamp is enough to clear an area. But you can follow these additional steps to reduce the mosquito population in your house.  

  • Cover the dumpster, and don’t let the waste lie uncovered. This trash can be the favorite spot for mosquito and bug breeding.  
  • Don’t let water accumulate in or around your house. Whether it is inside the house or in your backyard, water bodies, including the pools, rainwater, and tanks, carry insect eggs and add to their population increase.  
  • Drain all water buckets and tubs when not in use and refill them with fresh water. Any stagnant water body can carry insect nests, even if it is a small bucket left in your lawn.  
  • Take out trash on time and never leave it uncovered or unattended for more than one day. If you have a big family, consider emptying your trash bin twice a day but do not let it rest in your kitchen.  
  • Use a zapper like Fuze Bug lamp to clear an area most likely to be filled with flies, mosquitoes, or bugs. Make your communal space safe and protected for the entire family.  
  • Fill all the gaps in your windows and doors that may assist in mosquito entry. Cover them with tape or add small pieces of wood inside to block the entry/exit point. More importantly, clean the house on a regular basis leaving no chance for the insects to breed inside the house.  
  • You may also use scented candles if you like. Some candles such as lavender can also help to reduce the bugs in the house.  

Fuze Bug Reviews Verdict  

Fuze Bug is a simple but practical device that lowers the chances of insect bites and insect-borne diseases common during summer. This is an insect killer and lamp that uses light to attract the bugs, trap them, and burn them with a powerful coil inside. There are no chemicals inside that may cause allergic reactions in any user. Additionally, this device is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  

Based on the Fuze Bug reviews online and from the details mentioned on its official website, it appears to be a good value for your money. The company is providing a full money-back guarantee for all orders, through which you can get your money back if this product fails to impress you. Due to high demand, FuzeBug is selling fast, and there is only limited stock available.  

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fuze bug reviews

Fuze Bug Customer Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions  

  • What exactly is the Fuze Bug zapper? 

Fuze Bug is a small light-based device that attracts and kills insects. It is a waterproof device that is lightweight, handy, and can be recharged as per need.  

  • What is the battery timing for Fuze Bug? 

One complete cycle of the Fuze Bug lasts between 20 to 22 hours. It means you can charge it once and use it all evening and night.  

  • Is Fuze Bug scam or a Legit product? 

Fuze Bug zapper comes with a money-back guarantee. It claims to immediately kill mosquitoes and other bugs using an electric coil inside. There are no chemicals or fumes used in it, and it is least likely to trigger an allergic reaction.  

  • Can you adjust the light in the Fuze Bug lamp? 

The Fuze Bug lamp emits 6000 lumens of a beautiful purple shaded light. You can adjust the brightness as per your liking; the options for brightness are 0%, 20%, 50%, and 100%. 

  • How to clean a Fuze Bug? 

FuzeBug requires little maintenance, and the user only has to clean its bottom tray where the debris from insects land. Simply empty this bottom part, clean it and place it back, and the device is ready to work.  

  • How many times does Fuze Bug take for delivery? 

All domestic orders are shipped within 48 hours after confirming the order. Based on the location, it may take up to 7 business days to receive this product. You can ask the company to provide you a tracking link or ID, through which you can keep an eye on your package.  

  • How to contact the FuzeBug company for questions? 

The company making FuzeBug has an active customer support line. You can contact them through call or email and ask questions. A representative from the company will help you with your query. Send an email to [email protected] or call at +866-466-2390 to get help.  

To learn more or to buy Fuze Bug mosquito device, visit the official website here.  

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