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What is a Letterman jacket? 

The Varsity Jacket is also famous as the Letterman or Letter Jacket. Indeed, it is sports outerwear with buttons from top to bottom. Jackets are so-called because of the large cloth letter customarily sewn to the chest. Wearing Letterman jackets was a tradition in the Harvard University baseball team to wear letterman jackets. And, it also represented a sports uniform for baseball 

A person who wears a letterman jacket holds a very honored position in high schools and colleges. Also, students who put on these jackets are always the center of attraction. Indeed, they are very admired in the student community. The student after graduation keeps Letterman jackets as souvenirs. Moreover, to celebrate their high school athleticism, scholar, cheerleader, or band member’s successes.   

Background of the Letterman Jackets 

In the early 19th Century, the football and baseball players of Harvard University sewed the letter ‘H’ on their gray flannel shirts. Captains permitted brilliant athletes who played crucial sports competitions to keep the shirts. This started a trend of using the letters as a mark for excellence in a particular activity. 

To Commemorate Outstanding Students 

Letterman jackets honor the student’s outstanding participation in any kind of sports or individual activity. Also, these jackets are not gifts to everyone. The student has to earn a letter for his/her exceptional achievements in academics, sports, music, etc. Moreover, students who boost the reputation and prestige of the schools or colleges. Only high achievers are given these jackets. Indeed, this gives a sense of pride and accomplishment and encourages students to put in their best efforts. 

Design with Patches and Embroidery 

In the beginning, letterman jackets were letterman sweaters. They had a big alphabet sewed in the center of the sweater. However, with the passage of time and changes in fashion, the Gen Z generation are into stylish and colorful jackets 

Normally the High school or college presents the jacket to the outstanding student, with only the embroidered letter. Later the student buys the custom letterman jackets themselves and put the letter on it. The letterman jackets have various designs and options. 

Also, there are jackets for women as well. Depending on the design they may or may not have a hood. The educational institution prepares the design of the jacket However, many students change the placement according to their liking and trending fashion. For example, custom letterman jacket with leather sleeves made specially for people who prefer clothing made according to their choices. Many Baseball player fancy to have custom baseball jacket showing all the latest trends.    

The Colors of the Letterman Jacket 

The letterman jackets have two colors. However, there is an option of a single color. The official colors of the high school or college are the two main colors. The main body of the jacket have the primary color of the school, whereas the sleeves have secondary color. 

Material Used in the Making of Custom Letterman Jacket 

Real Cowhide Leather: 

It is inexpensive and widely available. It has toughness, durability, and resistance to water and dirt. 

Faux Leather: Leatherette or vegan Leather (alternative to genuine leather) 

Melton Wool: 

Thick and rigid cloth made of wool 

Cotton Fleece: 

It is a soft fuzzy fabric  

Polyester Satin: 

Polyester is a synthetically produced fiber made from petroleum. 

Main Body of the Jacket 

The main body of the jacket is of boiled wool. The inside lining consists of a thick quilt to keep the body warm. Depending on the weather some of the jackets also have a satin lining with inside pockets. Some manufacturers use synthetic and other materials to decrease the cost. Cotton fabric Jackets are the best for all seasons. 

Branded Stand-Up Collar 

Both men’s and women’s Letterman Jacket have high collars made up of spun nylon. Spun nylon has the soft feel of cotton together with the stretch of a nylon 

Name of School/College 

The school or college designer decides the placement of the name on the jacket. The school logo is made up of a soft fuzzy fabric called chenille patch or it can also be embroidery. 

Name of the Student 

The name of the student is in the chenille patch or embroidery on the front right side. 

Name of Sports/Category 

Displayed on the jacket is the symbols of the activity or sport in which the student excelled. The medal is also sewed on the jacket. For example, lapel pins depicting the symbol of their activity or sports. 

Monograms of School/College 

On the left side of the jacket appears the Monograms or first letter of the school’s name. It can be the first letter or both. Monograms and initials are in big, bold, and capital font. 

School/College Logo 

The school or college logo is also stitched on the jacket. All students have emotional attachments to their school. When students and teammates gather after graduation these symbols bring back school days’ memory. 

Year of Graduation 

There are two ways to display the graduation year. For example, by the last two numbers of the year, or by the entire year. The placement of this patch varies from the top of the sleeve to the area below the pockets. 

Banded Waist/Wrist and leather sleeves 

The wrist and waistband are of spun nylon. The sleeves of the letterman are of leather. There are two options, one is with stripes and the other without stripes. If you are stitching any number on the sleeve it is better to have a sleeve without any stripes. 

Snap Front Closure 

There are two options one is snap front closure or a zipper. If you prefer a zip, then you can opt for a half zip or full zip. Moreover, it depends on the weather condition of your region. 

Team Name and Number 

Some Lettermen are team members of the championship team. They put the name of their team at the back of the letterman jacket.  Uniform or jersey number is put on the front side or on the sleeves of the letterman’s jacket. 

Design Your Own Jackets from Scratch 

Today, you can choose to design your own jackets from scratch so that you can put the awarded letters in a stylish way. In fact, many vendors provide Custom Letterman jackets with a customized set of features. Moreover, these custom letterman jackets are made by the vendors to match the style and design of the customer’s choosing. Lot of high school students prefer to have their own customized jackets. They want to place their achievements on one single jacket. A great advantage of making custom letterman jacket directly from the vendor is that they cost less. 

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