Nine useful things to help those who work from home

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Working as a freelancer is not as easy as it seems. Especially if you are not equipped with a comfortable workplace, adapted for home conditions. We describes what items need to get to make your mini-office as convenient and functional as possible. If you are still in search of remote work, we recommend writing a good resume. Еру best helper for you is a cover letter editing service.

1. Transformer Desk

Not everyone has a separate table in the apartment, at which you can sit with a laptop. And if there is, then not the fact that it is comfortable and you want to work with it, because freelancing is associated primarily with freedom, including the freedom from office habits. And do not forget about the sofa, which beckons in his arms, even if not for recreation, but to work.

An ideal solution to the problem would be a desk-transformer, with which you can work anywhere. Sophisticated design allows you to place the table top in any place and at any angle: sitting on a chair, lying on the couch, pampering on the bed. The table is quite roomy despite its relative compactness: it accommodates any laptop with a diagonal up to 17 inches. Some models are additionally equipped with a cooling fan and a mouse shelf to make the work process as comfortable as possible.

2. Desk lamp

One of the most important criteria, which should be paid attention to when equipping a workplace, no matter at home or in the office, is the lighting. This point is particularly relevant if you are an “owl” and you work mostly at night. Too bright light, as well as work in complete darkness, causes headaches, overstrain and eye fatigue.

To avoid health problems and to keep a high level of productivity it is necessary to get a high-quality desk lamp with adjustable brightness and color temperature. In order for the lamp to perform not only a practical but also aesthetic function, harmoniously blending into the interior, it is worth choosing a stylish, concise lamp. You can pay attention to “smart” models with several modes, which can be controlled not only by a button on the stand, but also from your smartphone. This feature is not mandatory, but it makes the process of using the lamp as convenient as possible.

3. Universal OTG-adapter

The most common and universal means of input at the moment are touch screens of smartphones and tablets – no wonder that many people prefer to work from them rather than from their personal computers. However, they cannot completely replace a physical keyboard and mouse. But this is not a reason to refuse your favorite gadget, without which you can no longer imagine your working day.

Consider the universal OTG-adapter with three USB ports. It allows you to connect not only a keyboard but also a mouse to your mobile devices and use the remaining slot for a USB flash drive. Also, the adapter has a slot for memory cards, which allows you to quickly copy the necessary photos.

4. Posture corrector

Despite the fact that at school teachers did nothing but teach us to sit straight at the desk, this skill, along with the knowledge of chemistry and geometry, is a thing of the distant past. Now we slouch when we sit at the computer, leaning heavily forward. The result is back pain and spinal problems that could have been avoided if someone had controlled our posture.

With the new Posture Wizard gadget, this is possible. The device attaches to your back and remembers your correct body position. As soon as you start to slouch and lean forward, the gadget starts to vibrate, thus telling you to straighten up.

5. An Orthopedic Cushion

Even with the most comfortable chair or armchair, it is hard to sit through a full workday. Usually already in 4-5 hours after you sit down at the computer, your lower back begins to hurt and your back starts to sink in. It is good, if you have a desire and an opportunity to get up from the table every 50-60 minutes to spend a little warm-up – in this case the well-being immediately improves. But what if you have to work without a break?

A good solution to this problem will be a special orthopedic pillow. The product has anatomic shape made of foam with memory effect, which fully repeats the curve of the spine and ensures support for the lumbar spine. The main task of this pillow is to reduce the load on the back during the day, and it copes with it perfectly.

6. Stand for phone and tablet

It doesn’t matter which gadget is our main one. You can be a designer, a tutor, a manager, and so on. In any case you need a comfortable workplace. For example you have a meeting or you are writing a thank you letter after an interview. A stand is a great solution!

A great way to put order on your desk, and at the same time to save space there is a stand for your phone or tablet. This device will be indispensable for people who use a timer for work, often hold video conferences with partners and colleagues, like to have a movie playing in the background while working. The stand allows you to comfortably position your smartphone and not to hold it in your hands, and do not think, what you can lean on the phone, so it does not fall down. For convenience, we advise to choose stands with adjustable height and tilt.

7. Wall plate

This device will come in handy for people who are used to write everything down not in the phone or in a file on the computer, but with a pen on standard stickers. Wall-mounted perforated panel will not only save space on your desk, but also always keep important reminders and notes before your eyes. It has another plus – in addition to stickers you can attach cup holders for pens, pencils, felt-tip pens, hooks for wires and chargers, holders for photos and sheets of paper. And all this is at arm’s length, freely accessible.

Note: If you make a nice composition of items on the panel, you automatically get to decorate the work area.

8. Pillow with massager

About the back we took care of, now we need to pay due attention to the neck, which also stiffens and hurts if we spend a few hours sitting in a sitting position. The situation is unpleasant and there is no point in tolerating painful sensations. If you can not take a few minutes to warm up or gymnastics, pay attention to a special pillow-massager.

It is made in the form of a collar and visually resembles a pillow, which is used by travelers during long trips on the bus. The main difference between such an accessory is the presence of an integrated massage device. Depending on your needs, you can choose a soft or invigorating massage mode. Another option is to use the device as an ordinary pillow – in this case it will also have a positive effect, supporting the cervical spine and adding comfort to the process.

9. Cart

A three-level mobile cart equipped with wheels is useful for those remote employees who deal with a large number of documents, equipment, stationery, keep a lot of books at the workplace. If necessary, this cart can be pushed against a wall or under a desk, or put out of sight into another room to be used as a storage system. It can also be useful for people who prefer to eat or drink tea right at their desk – one of the three levels can be used to place a cup with a fragrant drink or a healthy snack.

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